Police ask for help to find Echo Park murder suspect

Echo Park murder suspect

Echo Park murder suspect

ECHO PARK — Police today released a drawing of the suspect believed responsible for last month’s fatal stabbing at Echo Park Lake.

The victim, described as a male Latino in his 20s, and two friends had gone to neighborhood restaurants and nightclubs on Thursday night, July 21, before they headed to Echo Park Lake, said Lt. Joe Losorelli with the LAPD Rampart Division.

The group was hanging out near the park restrooms by Park Avenue and Lemoyne Street when a man with a shaved head emerged from one of the restrooms. The man, who was angry because he apparently thought the group was laughing and making fun of him, punched the victim, who pushed the suspect back. “The suspect then armed himself with a sharp metal object and stabbed the victim in the chest,” said an LAPD press release.

The victim was transported to a hospital where he died from his injuries.

The suspect is described as a male Hispanic, approximately 30-40 years old with a bald head and brown eyes. He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 180-190 pounds. He has tattoos on both arms. The suspect was wearing a black t- shirt and blue jeans.

The suspect was last seen walking northbound on Lemoyne Street towards Sunset Boulevard following the attack, which was reported at 10:39 p.m.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Rampart Homicide Detective Martinez at (213) 484-3642 or Detective Chung at (213) 484-3643.

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  1. Thanks, Eastsider, for publishing the drawing. I sure hope this man is identified soon and taken in. Thanks, also, to LAPD.

  2. Looks like a bald Clint Eastwood and behaves like Donald Trump. Perceives a possible sleight against him and flies off the handle and stabs someone. That’s awful that someone died over absolute nonsense.

    • You are the reason we get buffoon candidates like Donald Trump. Your hysterical exaggeration for the simple reason of making a point is why the people who support him grow more callous. Tearing down your opponent does not make yours stronger. That goes both ways.

      • Actually the reason why we get Trump is because this country is filled with millions of ignorant uneducated racist xenophobic simpleton meathead assholes who think being a cruel moron like Trump equates to strength.

        • Still missing the point (obviously) with your name calling. In the same breath you manage to name-call and label the people to which you disagree whilst by doing so show your inability to rise above that same behavior. At best, you are being hypocritical. At worst, you are equally a moron that simply disagrees politically with the same degree of moron, only from the opposite side of the isle.

          • Lol, oh please. Is it hard on your conscience to be a closeted Trump supporter?

          • I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m merely calling you out on what I see as a very common thread these days. Both sides think they are right and have legitimate points but the exchange immediately devolves into name calling; as if you are all still in the 7th grade. Frankly I don’t know how anyone could be proud to associate themselves with any political party these days. Too much religion and social conservatism on the right. Not enough honesty about personal responsibility on the left.

          • Please fill me in on Trump’s legitimate points.

          • Thanks for making my point.

    • You would be with “her”. Here we are talking about a murder suspect and you go off the rails and bring politics into this – because how else are you going to be able to bitch. I think I’ll vote Trump just to piss you off, or give you a heart attack.

  3. Looks like Jean Luc Picard.

    • Captain Picard would never commit an act of such senseless bone-headed violence. I stand by my love child of Clint Eastwood and Donald Trump, as much as closeted Trump supporters feign fake outrage over it!

      • Dude, you got severely owned in this thread. You look foolish. Anyone that disagrees with you is a “closeted Trump supporter”. You sound mentally unbalanced, and desperate to fabricate a fight.

  4. Please look at the sketch and contact Rampart Homicide Dets if you have any information or believe you may have seen this suspect.

  5. This looks sort of like the guy who is always hanging around Echo Park with his shirt off, doing push-ups, shaving in the sinks and screaming at random people. Used to see him around all the time, but haven’t seen him around this month. That guys seems like he weights more than 200 lbs though.

  6. They are going to put up a reward soon so if any of u have any info on the murderer pls let the detectives know he was a young father of two kids that were his life and now these kids will grow up without a father he was a victim of crime he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and all his family are really hurting and as long as this dangerous person is loose there will be no closure..pls any tip will help thanks the guy for ure info..

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