Tear gas and Taser end Highland Park standoff


HIGHLAND PARK – A man is now in custody following an hours-long armed standoff in Highland Park Monday night that ended after police used tear gas and a Taser against the suspect, reports CBS 2.

Officers evacuated residents after receiving a report of a man threatening to kill his stepfather and acting erratically in the street near York Boulevard between Avenue 52 and Avenue 54 at about 10 pm. SWAT teams were called for assistance after the man, who was armed with a knife, barricaded himself inside an apartment, police said.

Tear gas and a Taser were used to end the standoff and apprehend the suspect. He was then taken to a hospital to be evaluated for any Taser wounds, said Officer Drake Madison with LAPD’s media relations department told The Eastsider.

No officers were injured.

Lucy Guanuna is a freelance reporter who has covered a variety of issues, including business, education and social justice movements in her native Los Angeles. Her work has been published in the Daily Sundial, L.A. Activist, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

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  1. chasehipstersout

    Highland Park never changes

  2. Highland Park has certainly had its up and downs these last decades. The eighties and nineties were certainly rough on our community. I have seen it change dramatically these past few years. I for one welcome all well-behaved newcomers no matter their background.

  3. How come every time there is a news article that comes out someone has to comment about highland park and hipsters?

    Anyway, I applaud the police for not killing the man. They had every right to, but you never hear about this in the media.

    • it’s literally one dude. he lives here and trolls comments sections every time. i know it’s a cliche, but the guy seems like he needs help. best to just ignore him.

      but also, shut up. the police don’t deserve applause for doing their job and you are literally reading “the media” right now.

      • “but also, shut up. the police don’t deserve applause for doing their job and you are literally reading “the media” right now.”

        When was the last time you had to risk your life on your job?

        Go for a ride along and see firsthand the scumbags and loony tunes the officers have to deal with on a daily basis and you might change your tune.

        I applaud the police for doing a dangerous and sometimes unappreciated service.

        Thanks LAPD. That’s one less perp on the streets.

        • Wow what a totally soporific, condescending and cliche point. If I said yes all of sudden you’d agree with me I guess? My dad’s a cop and risked his life plenty, it’s part of his job.

          Do you think they walked into the apartment without guns? No, they didn’t. They didn’t use the guns probably because the guy had a knife! This is how pretty much every encounter with a knife-wielding suspect ought to go down. I refuse to set the bar so low for our police that every time they don’t kill another human being we break out the banners and say “wow that’s a great job you did!”

          • HipsterLivesMatter

            Nah I kinda agree with Barney. I get what you’re saying, but until you’ve been there in that moment, facing down a knife wielding suspect who is unhinged, with all your adrenaline pumping, and people screaming, you can’t claim to know how hard that is or what it feels like to be in that situation.

          • Kermit the guy had a knife, if someone was coming at you with a knife where you can RISK YOUR LIFE., you have every right to shoot. However, they chose not to. That should be applauded because violence was not used when you have a right to.

            okay, I think I would rather have the troll hipster thread now.

          • @tenny

            You deserved to be condescended to.

            What part of naked guy running around with a knife threatening people while blasted out of his mind do you not understand?

            And by the way, I have/had several family members on the job as well.

            And thanks to your dad for his service.

          • the part where cops spend years learning how to deal with that exact situation! it’s not going above and beyond the call of duty to not kill a crazy person stuck in a room with a knife, my dad would agree. it’s exactly what you’re supposed to do.

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