Echo Park boutique grocery opening a store in Highland Park

5600 block of figueroa

Storefront ReportHIGHLAND PARK
Cookbook, the tiny Echo Park Avenue grocery, is opening a second shop in the 5600 block of Figueroa Street, which is emerging as a Highland Park hot spot for new stores, restaurants and bars.

Owners Marta Teegan and Robert Stelzner announced the news in a brief email sent to customers and supporters. “We are super excited to announce the opening of our second store in the spring – Highland Park, here we come,” said the email.

Cookbook, which opened six years ago inside a small Echo Park Avenue storefront, has become known for a relatively small but high-end – as well as high-priced – selection of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and other groceries.

Teegan and Stelzner did not provide an exact location of their Highland Park store, saying only that it would open between avenues 56 and 57.

That stretch of Figueroa has seen a lot of activity as businesses that once catered primarily to working-class Latinos have made way for new tenants into renovated storefronts.  The block has seen the opening of the restored Highland Park Bowl, Civil Coffee and ETA cocktails. Meanwhile, the Highland Hotel is being renovated into lofts and Cafe Birdie and Homestate are planning to open restaurants soon.

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  1. Buena suerte, Robert and Marta, a natural and good move….no doubt a bigger space….this is absolutely “gourmet” and “high end” and “expensive”. But these owners are good neighbors who’ve connected with our changing neighborhoods–they’ve made donations to our school and provide a gathering place. .They meet a desire and provide great niche service!

  2. MAKE. IT. STOP.

    • Oh no, fresh produce… there goes the neighborhood!

    • Enough coffee shops and markets! More trash and 99 cent stores and gang shootings!

      • Quite revealing that this is what you associate with Latino culture, “I’m with Her.”

        • Can’t deny the strong correlation. If the shoe fits, wear it or change shoes.

        • It’s you who’s associating trash and gangs with Latinos, I didn’t say a word about race,

        • What exactly is “Latino Culture” in HLP? Did the latino community in have a master plan that was just about to go into effect but was foiled a couple years ago…a plan that has been in the works since the later 1970’s?

          Please share because in nearly 40 years, HLP has been synonymous with trash and gangs…….oh, and some pretty da#n good street food too.

        • Latino culture. Lol. That can range from California to Argentina. Gang violence is what a lot of people associate with lower class,1st generation,Mexican American culture.

          • You must have selective memory or poor reading comprehension. I clearly asked about “Latino culture in Highland Park”, not across the world.

            Since you decided to chime in on the conversation, rather than d fleeting, perhaps you can answer the question. What exactly is Latino culture in highland park?

  3. Yummmmm. Good luck to them! Can somebody please open an Indian restaurant in Higgland Park in addition?

  4. Poor Mando.? He’s losing his barrio. One block at a time.

  5. BIGBADMANDOMEDINA#checkingallnewcomers

    BIG BAD MANDO MEDINA is here. I see you keep making me famous , I am just glad the gangs are checking the newcomers now. I can just sit back and watch the action, ha ha roflmao Remember see something report it, and make sure you tell them gangsters its not cool to tag on their hipster fences.

    • Don’t feed the troll

    • Or to tag on mural representing their own culture and history.. Stoopid

      • Lol. Got to love the irony of Chicano pride Aztec warrior murals being destroyed by little uneducated Mexican gangs

        • Poor dude, look around you- SoCal to NorCal, Pre-colonial sybmols will always represented. Pick up a brush and a can of paint, show what you got. Bring it to the public. If you don’t like it, too bad. Sadly you’ wont be around and the same art will carry on in other minds.

          • I don’t know what your point is. And anyways, these anti-gentrification people have made it clear that they hate art

    • Do you mean just like when the gangs were checking the newcomer “paisas” decades ago by calling them “TJs”, wetbacks, preying on them, beating them up because they spoke Spanish? The only thing that needs to be checked is you are your own ilk…

  6. I think this will be a fantastic contribution to the community. I truly believe that there is a silent majority in the eastside neighborhoods of people who are desperate to have the ability to source healthy, fresh, and safe food for their families close to home and want to pay the more that it takes to provide the best for their children, pets, and loved ones.

  7. I will probably never shop at this place because like the new bowling alley, I can’t afford it. I like places like Scoops, Mi Vida Boutique or Book Show that have a unique character and are affordable. To me, that’s more in keeping with the spirit of the neighborhood. This store seems more at home in Silverlake.

    • Soobs,

      There will always be Calimex, Guerrero’s, El Super, Super A etc etc. tons of cheap, affordable places still in Highland Park…

      • I hope you are right but that doesn’t seem to be the trend when you look at other parts of Los Angeles/ New York/ Portland etc…. I’m not against the new businesses opening here, but it seems like the class disparity is growing and there’s less stuff for middle and lower income people to do and buy. Ideally, you’d have newer community members contributing without displacing and a range of classes coexisting.

        • There are still a lot of options for lower/middle income families and I don’t see them going away any time soon. As far as changing demographics are concerned, there is one small thing some of the businesses with liquor licenses can do to flow with the tide while still keeping their model. It’s craft beer and a decent wine selection. That’s really it. It just takes a phonecall to their sales rep and there you have it. I’ve done it with my business. Cali Mex and Superior in particular should do this.

        • If you are so worried, go buy a home in the city of San Bernardino. It’s cheap and no fancy, shmancy stores are going to be moving there anytime soon. Problem solved.

  8. Does it seem a tad Columbusy to declare Highland Park the “hot spot for new stores, restaurants and bars” in Highland Park when it’s pretty consistently been that since the end of Prohibition; back when it was still Pasadena Avenue/Route 66? For that matter, has there ever been another street in Highland Park, since the 1880s, that rivaled “the Avenue” as the “hot spot” of the neighborhood?

    • ^^I meant “Figueroa Street” when I typed the first “Highland Park.” Sorry!

    • They mean it is becoming a destination for upper middle class people who like nice amenities, not just a trash row of pawn shops and cheap grease food

      • I think most people who lived or live in the community would (rightly) dispute your description of: “just a trash row of pawn shops and cheap grease food.” These generalizations are inaccurate and unproductive.

        Because lower income people surely don’t like nice amenities… we should do all we can to replace those (brown) people. Please go back to Tustin or wherever it is you came from if you can’t handle people not seeing things exactly the same way you do and then resorting to saying they like trash and crime.

        Do you really wonder why some might be opposed to having more people like you in the community?

        • They are telling us they dont like nice amenities when they protest art galleries, coffee shops, boutique markets, and these “mando medina” types literally cheer on gang violence in the hopes it will scare away newcomers.

        • LOL “Tustin” is a great burn, I’ve been using “Iowa” but nice to have an option closer to home.

      • Instead of “I am with her” please change your handle to reflect your trumpist tendencies…

  9. This is not an everyday kind of place but looking forward to yet another walkable option in my neighborhood, where I can get something healthy and delicious to make for dinner. If I can ditch my car on the weekends that’s definitely something I can get behind.

  10. I’m skeptical about this. Cookbook has done well in Echo Park, but that neighborhood has very few other grocery store options. NELA has great other options for grocery stores that are a hell of a lot cheaper than Cookbook: Super King, Super A, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Fresco, La Tropicana, the list goes on. Why spend $6 on a package of berries that you could get 2 miles away for half that price?

    • Cookbook has done well in Echo Park because there’s a demand for that kind of upscale boutique market, not because there are few other options. There’s A Grocery, La Guadalupana, El Rancho, Lassens, Vons, the new 365 Market by Whole Foods, etc. all within 2 miles, all offering different variety, price-points and quality.

      So I think they’ll do just fine in Highland Park.

  11. HipsterLivesMatter

    *Scrolling though articles* *Sees article with almost 30 comments* OH BOY, HERE WE GO AGAIN!!

    • No kidding! If I was a commercial real estate investor and saw how many comments HLP generates I’d know exactly where to put my money!

  12. Easy simple solution which every race and color and sex and age can do


  13. Cookbook is a great Echo Pk shop and you guys in HP will be happy to have them!
    Nice folks, great products, good service. Wish much success to them!


    • Oh boo hoo. Sorry if can’t be greasy tacos and 99 cent stores everywhere you go. Embrace a little diversity why don’t you.

    • Says the guy who always comments about “racist white folks”..

    • Yeah Sexxxy Joe! It’s our version of “reconquista”. Get used to it, we cannot be stopped!
      All joking aside, there are lots of folks of all shapes, ethnicities, economic levels and cultures
      that are happy to see what’s going on. So enjoy, it’s gonna be huuuuge!

  15. Congrats Cookbook.. the owners are really awesome.. the EP location has a lot to offer considering its small footprint.. hope all works well for therm in HP..

  16. They’ll go out of business, if YOU REAL PEOPLE DONT SHOP THERE! BOYCOTT THEIR ASSES.like we boycott the Juice place that replaced El Batey! Always open, nobody there!
    Real people don’t shop hipster!
    Spend that dollar at the mom an pops!

    • You don’t like it don’t go there. What is the point of telling a bunch of people who said on this post they’re pleased that it is opening, to not shop there? Go tell your peops in the gutter that. They’d probably wouldn’t even shop there in the first place. Your post does nothing.

    • Lol it’s not a boycott if you can’t afford to shop there

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