Echo Park’s Pizza Buona gets a new lease on life


Storefront ReportECHO PARK — After being forced to close late last year in the wake of a steep rent increase, Pizza Buona has found a new location not far from its previous home of more than 50 years.

The neighborhood pizzeria plans to reopen on Thursday, Sept.  15 in a small shopping center at the corner of Alvarado and Montrose streets in Echo Park.

Faced with soaring commercial rents in Echo Park, the family-owned business had considered other locations outside the neighborhood. But the pizzeria’s new home – inside the former Coco International Foods restaurant – is one block south of Pizza Buona’s old home at Alvarado and Sunset, where the pizza parlor’s signage remains on the building.

Israel Palacios said customers can expect the same menu when his family’s restaurant reopens on Thursday. In fact, the new Pizza Buona will open with the same pizza oven and equipment. “Everything is the same,” said Palacios. “Just a different location.”

Meanwhile, Zach Pollack of Silver Lake’s  Alimento Italian restaurant is preparing to open a new restaurant,  Cosa Buona, in the old Pizza Buona location.

Old Pizza Buona oven in its new home | Courtesy Pizza Buona

Old Pizza Buona oven in its new home | Courtesy Pizza Buona

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  1. woohoooo! I love their pizzas!!!!! Great news;)

  2. So since alimento is opening up a new pizza place that will probably be 100% nicer in the old Pizza Buona building, who is going to go to this new location for this old business?

    • 2 Businesses w/different Business Models = Pizza for All. Congrats Pizza Buona Folks on the new location.

    • The new location is literally one block away from their old location, so the neighborhood that grew up on PB will surely tend to them as they find out they’re back… Alimento will do fine, but they don’t have a 50 year neighborhood history.. and will most likely be more expensive than PB.

      • No one who grew up in Echo Park live here anymore though, right? Once it reaches peak gentrification they’ll probably get their rent increased again in this new spot. Mine as well just move to Boyle Heights or something

        • I grew up in EP, and I still have a ton of family there. PB is moving into mini mall on Alvarado that has a insurance agent, coin laundry and party supply store– which is not a prime target for gentrification as most of that is happening on Sunset Blvd.

    • People who want a good solid pizza at a good price. People who don’t feel like overpaying for mediocre food.

    • The new Alimento restaurant is also probably going to be 100% more expensive than Pizza Buona, so there will definitely be people going to the new Pizza Buona spot.

    • I suspect Pizza Buona gets the majority of its business via deliveries. Our family ordered at least forty pies a year from PB before its closure, and will pick up right where we left off starting Thursday night.

    • Me! If you’re old school then you will support Pizza Buona. No mamby pamby gentrified high priced business who will probably fail in a year.

  3. Congratulations, Pizza Buona, we really missed you, and hope you may have a successful opening and future. We love the sandwiches and the Pizza.

  4. This is fantastic news. My family will be lining up for opening night. How we survived all these months without them is beyond me…

  5. It has a lease on life for 50 years till a company with a racist logo got in the way

  6. YAY! One of the reasons I moved here!

  7. Glad they are staying in the ‘hood! They will do their thing, and Cosa Buona will do the fancier pizza thing at the higher price point.

    Some days I’ll get one, somedays the other. I hope P Buona will have the same beer and wine list… and jukebox.

  8. Cosa Buona needs to find another name.

  9. Unbelievable. They’re ripping off Pizza Buona’s name, exploiting their forced move, by calling the completely unrelated place at the old location Cosa Buona.

    That ripoff makes me already not like them — I won’t deal with them, that’s slimy. They’re just trying to fool people into thinking it is the same place gone upscale. No, it isn’t, and that’s just a scam.

    Call it anything else – don’t rip off Pizza Buona. Pizza Buona spent many decades making that name worth something.

    • I doubt that— since “Buona” is just italian for “Good”,.. which is a very generic word.

      Besides, Pizza Buona’s original name was “Pizza Bozza”– but after Mr. Bozza died (sometime in the mid 1980’s) the family sold it to another family… who continued on without changing Mr. Bozza’s recipes or cooking methods.

  10. PB will have nothing to worry about if Cosa Buona is anything like Alimento… since Alimento will NOT serve pizza or sandwiches; they’re mainly focused on semi-exotic Italian fare at around $18-$35 per person.

  11. GOOD CHOICE! It’s nearby the old location and plenty of parking compared to the last place! I will eat there often now.

  12. Nice! I pretty much lived off Pizza Buona and Burrito King when I lived around the corner years ago.

  13. Alimento sucks and he is lame to piss on the grave of a neighborhood institution like that

  14. Return of the Garlic Breadsticks!! Hurrah!!!


  15. Got delivery from OG PB. It kinda sucked…… soggy as balls

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