Two bike riders shot in Elysian Valley; one in critical condition


ELYSIAN VALLEY — Two cyclists were wounded, one critically, after they were shot tonight as they rode with their family on or near the L.A. River Bike path, police said. One of the suspects was seen riding away from the scene with one of the victim’s bikes, said Lt. Richard Parks with the LAPD Northeast Division.

The two male victims were shot in the legs after a pair of suspects demanded their bikes, according to police. One victim was described to be in critical condition, the other in stable condition, Parks said based on preliminary information.

The shooting took place at about 9 p.m. in the southern tip of the neighborhood near Riverside Drive.  Photos from TV news crews showed a crime scene near one of the decorative gates to the path that runs along the river channel.

The two suspects remain at large, Parks said.

CBS 2 reports that the two men were riding with their wives when they got into an argument with the suspects before being shot.

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  1. I hope they get those a**holes. Shooting people to steal their bikes. Scum.

  2. It’s dangerous to ride at night particularly in one section when the bike path leaves Elysian Valley heading to Down town LA. Ride with large groups or ride during the day, folks. Such a shame because it’s so nice to ride at night after the sun goes down. I hope they get these guys!

    • Personally, I’d feel a lot safer on the bike path at night than riding most streets in the area.

      Sounds like a freak incident to me… Hope the victims recover quickly, and the police catch the suspects.

  3. They will be caught. The police probably have an idea of who they are if they know their ages and that they are gangbangers. Wonder what the altercation was about prior to the shooting. If your intent is to rob someone, I don’t imagine there would be much of an argument about it, especially where guns are concerned. Please don’t ever engage with these idiots, they are not worth your time or life.

  4. Its too bad that the west side is so unaffordable. I guess in LA, you have to pay a huge premium to live around civilized people…

      • Oh give me a break. Just because it has happened in the past doesn’t mean it’s just as dangerous. Do you really think the locals are sitting on Montana Street in Santa Monica, waiting to hold up an unsuspecting bike rider? The east side neighborhoods suck because there is a lot of uncivilized, uneducated people throwing their trash on the ground, letting their dogs run in the streets, and spray painting just about anything and everything – even the trees in the local parks.

        • I dunno I run through Boyle Heights, Highland Park and East LA regularly (not chased) and they’re really nice neighborhoods. The trash on the street is kinda more of a Skid Row thing, as is the tagging — kids tag the river course like crazy but it can only improve it.

          The bigger problem is abandoned or unkept houses, these do seem to collect trash around them but these seem to be really localized to some pockets of Boyle Heights– and frankly I’ve seen similar garbage situations in South Robertson and K-Town, it’s more a function of the abandonment than the particular people, and the city doesn’t have the resources to clean it up.

          I probably wouldn’t stay out in the dark in East LA but that definitely applies Mid Wilshire, Pasadena and Santa Monica too. Frankly I’ve had much more aggressive night run-ins with homeless people in Santa Monica than in East LA. Skid Row’s the worst but Samo really isn’t much better by comparison. I agree the “locals” won’t stick you up on Montana street, insofar as a “local” is someone who lives under a roof.

    • people have been held up for their bikes on the ballona creek bike path. same scenario, little gangsters.

      • Alex K., maybe if you would acknowledge that there is a problem instead of justifying crime with crime, things could actually get better – OR – Perhaps you are in the “Lets keep the ghetto, ghetto” camp.

  5. Crime is up in Nela past two years

  6. Stuff like this happens when you have desperation next to wealth. All of these yuppies need to suck it up or move back to San Francisco and New York City with their parents money,

    • Oh please… Sexxxyjo
      Gang bangers are Gang bangers and thugs are thugs REGARDLESS…. There were crimes before when the all community was low income or no income.. If anything it gets better when “yuppies” moves in… As the police pays more intention, unfortunately..
      Your rant makes no sense…
      Desperation next to wealth.. How do you extol in the crime of all of east and north east LA when there were no yuppies there yet??!?

    • Right, play the Marxist class disparity card to blame the victims for having the audacity to show off their ridiculous wealth and entitlement by going out on a family bike ride. What else are the oppressed and starving masses to do but shoot them for for their callous disregard of suffering and “desperate” people. You know, every time a windbag like you says stupid crap like this, a Trump voter gets its wings. How about YOU just suck it up and accept that the neighborhood is changing. You don’t have to like it, but you sure as hell can’t resort to violence to stop it – unless of course you want to go to prison for a long, long time. As they separate by races there, may be that would be your ideal Utopia.

    • Don’t kid yourself, muggings and shootings happen in SF and NYC. But just like LA, the risk is relatively low.

    • Your comment makes no sense. ‘Yuppies’ bring prosperity, new shops and vibrant streets. Crime goes down. In poor neighborhoods without money crime is high and people fear gangs and criminals. Even a four-year-old knows this.

    • It’s just a short matter of time until scumbags like Sexxxy Joe and his violent uneducated offspring will be priced out of the neighborhood they terrorized for years and we’ll be telling stories to our children who will never believe that the area used to be a war zone for dumb thugs who were too stupid to realize how good they had it.

      • Yuppies bring garbage. Keep insulting cos you know Im right and you are next. Have fun!

        • Instead of blaming other people for your problems, why don’t you go get a job and improve your community? If you lived in Appalachia, you’d be an angry Trump voter. But because you live in NELA, you’re an angry gang-banger. Same difference: refusing to take responsibility for your own life – always blaming someone else.

  7. Bottom line if a gangster ask you for something just hand it over you will get shot, thank god no one died. The lesson is nothing is worth your life it just stuff and these are mostly kids .
    Many of you came from the mid west and a big city is new to you, this is a good as it gets in Los Angeles we are enjoying a very peaceful time and it will be a long time till we see it again.

  8. I am producing a documentary on frog town & i am looking long time residents and I am especially looking for old videos & photos. Tell me your stories on camera or if you are shy Audio only. I am looking for stories how it was growing up in frog town from the 1900 to present.
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    I look forward to speaking with you.

    Julio Espino

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