Neighbor Spotlight: Glassell Park woman balances yoga, family and fun


Jessica Rosen and son Max | Sarit Photography

Jessica Rosen was about to turn 30 when she decided that she needed to make a change. That’s how she ended up opening a yoga studio, One Down Dog, in Silver Lake with a friend. But the change did not stop there. The friend soon dropped out of the business, but Rosen hung in there, moving the studio to a new spot in Silver Lake before opening a second location in Eagle Rock and now planning a third studio. Meanwhile, there has been plenty of change in Rosen’s personal life as well.  She and her husband bought a home in Glassell Park and started a family.

Rosen took time to answer some questions about her life, business and neighborhood via email.

How did you end up in Glassell Park?

Honest answer: we were priced out of Silver Lake where we wanted to buy originally. After about a year of searching for places, we decided to hold off and wait until we had enough money saved. In the midst of opening our Eagle Rock location, I found out I was pregnant, which meant it was time to stop waiting, buckle down, and buy a house. My husband received a push notification from Redfin about an awesome place, so I went to see it the next day. In that first tour through our home I knew it was the one: it’s close to all the things we love, has the greatest backyard and remains the perfect place to raise our babe in.

Tell us about what you do. 

Everyday I’m hustling. I am the founder/owner of the friendliest yoga studio around, One Down Dog. I am a mom to a 6 month old baby boy named Max (a full-time job unto itself), I am a yogi, an entrepreneur, and a small business owner.  Back in November of 2012, I turned 30 and spent 30 days leading up to the big day reflecting on my life and where I was headed. In that reflection, I realized that it was time to take leaps and make my wildest, craziest dream of opening a yoga studio come true.

How do you make yoga appealing to a wider audience?

We make it fun. We play music, we sweat our asses off (it’s not hot yoga, we just go hard on our mats) and we keep things engaging and playful. We are the Cheers of yoga, where everybody knows your name. Our community is strong and welcoming. It is our belief that yoga can be for every body (space intentional) and we create a safe space for all to feel comfortable and confident.

What’s your home and workplace like?

My life is organized chaos, which is reflected in my car and office (my house is clean because my husband keeps it that way). I know where everything is, but it might not always look like it. My office (where I spend a ton of my time) is out of our Silver Lake location. I have a large vision board/white board above my desk where I put pictures and images that inspire me, as well as my long term goals so I see them daily. I also have a lot of photos of my dog … he’s the studio’s mascot and a huge inspiration of mine.

Where do you like to hang out?

One Down Dog, obvi. When I’m not there, I love Jay’s Bar – yummy food (for real, it’s super good!) and a great beer selection. I have all of my meetings at Dinosaur Coffee – my favorite tea is winter sprout and I love that they have sandwiches from Sopressata. I love walking/hiking in Griffith, Angeles or Elysian; spending time outside is imperative for my sanity. I love walking on York and getting donuts at Donut Friend. I love Four Café and eat there at least twice a week.

What’s the biggest challenge of living/working here?

I can’t walk to work.

What this neighborhood needs is a ….?

I would love something nearby involving a food and kid space …like the set up of Golden Road [Brewery] that would be fun! I would also love nothing more than a great sandwich shop in the Tangs Donut space below us in Silver Lake.

What kinds of people have you met here anyone standout?

I have this weird tendency to meet people from Michigan …and lately from Texas. Being from the mitten, myself, it’s like finding long lost friends and I love it. Michigan people are good people.

Describe an only in Glassell Park moment.

We had people over while there was an open house going on across the street. A few of us went over to see what our potential neighbor might be buying, and of course, we ran into people we knew who’d just gotten married and were starting a family. Point being, it’s a super small world and Angelenos are catching wind of the awesomeness that is Glassell Park and want in on the action too!

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  1. Love Jessica Rosen and her contribution with One Down Dog in Silver Lake has been huge!! Keep it up!

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