Man killed in Echo Park shooting [updated]


ECHO PARK — One person was shot tonight near Mohawk and Montana streets, police said.

The victim was shot at about 9:30 p.m., said LAPD spokesman Sal Ramirez. He had no further information about the victim’s condition or the cause of the shooting.

Police units remain at the scene.

Update @ 10:52 p.m.: The victim, a male in his late 20s or early 30s, was pronounced dead at the scene, said Ramirez. No suspects are custody. No further details were available.

Update on Tuesday, Oct. 18 @ 5:15 pm:  Capt. Arturo Sandoval of the Northeast Division said that no suspects are in custody at this time. The investigation continues.

Update on Wednesday, Oct. 19:  The victim has been identified as 36-year-old William Perea.

It was Echo Park’s third murder of the year, according to the L.A. Times Homicide Report.

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  1. I heard a scream, then two shots and what sounded like a car speeding away.

  2. Pretty scary stuff especially because we heard the gunshots really close by to us.

  3. Did anyone die?

  4. Yes he died multiple gunshots

  5. Used to live on Mohawk and Reservoir and heard shootings pretty regularly. There also was a lot of tagging (our car got hit) at the time, but not sure if it’s calmed down. There was a house on Mohawk that was a bit of a flop/crash house for gangbangers.

  6. I live on the street. Victim was on a bicycle, 20-30 something Latino male. The shooters shot what sounded like four quick shots, They hit him in the intersection and he rolled 20 feet or so before falling. The body is still there now, investigation ongoing. Very sad, and scary for those who live in the neighborhood.

  7. I heard the gunshots, five or six in a row. I’m sad that a man died. Really scary stuff.

  8. Do we know who the victim is?

  9. I complained about all the foliage on the corner of Mohawk and Berkley after there was a shooting there. Our Sr. Lead from Northeast Division said the perp was apprehended and the neighborhood was safe. Sorry Officers Davis, I’ve lived in the neighborhood for many years. Despite the”gentrification ” it is not safe here. We need more patrol not Ghost Units.

    • Contrary to popular belief, horizontally stacked wooden fences do not deflect bullets…

      • Shouldn’t you be suing some small businesses because they don’t have wheelchair access or something?

        • No, I dont believe in frivolous lawsuits. Do you??

          • Sure you do, but that’s ok because once you lose your frivolous tenant lawsuit, you can either sue some other unsuspecting people in an attempt to force them to support you, or you can move into one of the newly constructed Prop HHH housing facilities (which will be paid for by “entitled” homeowners, not renters). Either way, you can continue on your path of forcing other to solve your problems.

            Oh, and although horizontal wood fences may not block bullets, when they start to appear, you know that the cops are close by which by default, makes neighborhoods safer for law abiding citizens.

          • @Jawbone:

            Are you saying that the cops provide better treatment for those behind horizontal fences??

            My only experience with these fences is that they are cheaply made and that the houses seem to cost twice as much when they reside behind one…

        • Careful, your bigotries are showing…

          Is that the perception of the horizontals??

  10. Thank you eastsider for reporting this. Sad situation. There seems to be a gang presence in that small area. Is that true? Is there anything that can be done? Stay safe.

    • There has ALWAYS been a gang presence in this area. Contrary to popular belief, people lived in Echo Park before the gentrifiers arrived.

      Educate yourself on the history of your neighborhood.

  11. Get a clue transplants – Silverlake, Echo Park and the rest are chock full of gang members from MS13 to Crips affiliations and more. None of these areas are safe at night – this is the big city people.

    • HipsterLivesMatter

      Why does everyone always assume transplants are naive and come from crime free areas? I’ve lived in Oakland and Vallejo, some of the biggest crime ghettos in the state. LA doesn’t hold a candle to the violence and crime in those towns that I escaped from.

    • Doesn’t matter, the only thing more terrifying than gangs would be walking away from your multi-hundred thousand dollar investments. No sane person is going to give it all up for a few dead gangsters. The Home Equity Locos are some tough Vatos. Word.

  12. Is there any updates on the victim? This is juat sad… Another young life taken

    • Hello. We have checked twice today with LAPD Northeast Division. So far are not yet ready to release any more details – including the victim’s identity – until further notice.

    • you guys are funny with wanting updates on the victim..once they confirm it was gang related..it will make y’all feel a lot better..haha

      it sucks that a life was taken..usually when it’s a gang member..very few of you feel sorry

      • Are you serious? Why would we feel sorry? This is a life they are choosing to live. We may feel sorry for the parents or kids but that’s about it.

      • I asked because I use to live there and I know people up there. Im hoping its no one I know.. And gang bangers are human beings too

  13. LAPD diverted patrol units from the rampart area to South LA to curb crime there… crime went down in South then up in Rampart… real smart… LAPD, abandon South LA it’s a lost cause anyway, come back to patrolling rampart again please.

  14. Ur Friendly Neighborhood Gangster

    Damn… There is no way they got caught that fast…. I think the victims told police who the shooters were #SnitchesGetStiches

    • Why wouldn’t the victims tell police who the shooters were? I’m sure they’d rather have stitches (nice spelling on your hashtag BTW) than get gunned down.

      • Uh, Alfred, I think you’re missing the point of Ur Friendly Neighborhood Ganster’s post – he is threatening anyone who might tell the police

        • No, I get it. My point was if you have the option of telling the police and possibly getting the killers locked up or staying silent, praying you’re not not the wrong place at the wrong time or mistaken for someone else, which would you choose?

  15. William Perea, 36, died at the scene, said coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter. Police were looking for two male suspects in connection to the shooting.

  16. So sad reading all of these comments the victim that died was my daughters dad. She is 15 yrs old. To answer all your questions no he wasn’t a gang banger. Just homeless. It’s never a fun thing when someone dies gangbanger or not there is always someone affected by their death.

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