York Boulevard restaurant changes name and menu only months after opening

Recess switches to Tavern 51 | Katrina Alexy

Recess switches to Tavern 51 | Katrina Alexy

HIGHLAND PARK — Recess Eatery, the large and ambitious restaurant that opened in January after lengthy delays, has undergone an abrupt transformation. Recess and its Mediterranean-inspired menu have been replaced by 51 Tavern, “a cross between a neighborhood tavern and a small town restaurant,” according to the restaurant website.

One diner who tried the 51 Tavern said the new concept resembles  The York, the Highland Park gastropub located down the block.

It’s not clear if Recess owner Sevan Abdessian is involved in 51 Tavern, which had a soft opening last week. Abdessian closed his Glendale restaurant, also known as Recess, after opening the Highland Park restaurant, which opened in a former pet store that underwent extensive renovations.

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  1. The space is beautiful and I wanted to like the restaurant, but the service was sub par for the prices asked. I’m willing to try the new place!

  2. Same. Service was not good and the food was not good.

  3. Good place was unaffordable for the community, these gentrified businesses won’t last long

  4. A lot of these “gentrified businesses” are doing just fine. sorry

  5. hmmm…….. lets see Ba, Elsa Bakery, Reccess, Chez Antoine,Schodorfs Luncheonette , Thank you Comics ……
    yea sounds like they are doing just fine ROFLMAO

  6. ” resembles The York, the Highland Park gastropub located down the block.”

    Isn’t The York, literally next door to Recess?

  7. I have not tried this chef Sevan’s new restaurant but his restaurant in Glendale was really beautiful. Great food, great atmosphere and great service. Funny thing I thought the restaurant would do better in a younger hip neighborhood. Now that he moved, I am sad to hear all these negative comments. Give the restaurant a try. He is a really talented chef and a really nice person. Meet him. Introduce yourselves. Honestly. Your comments are so harsh and you are so quick to to judge. Give it a chance.

  8. Uh……..Eta, highland park bowl, cafe birdie don’t look like they have a lot of people going. Eta cafe birdie are next to go bye bye

    • Just imagining this poor guy sitting at home on his computer watching hipsters walking past his house and going and getting so worked up has to make anonymous comments online… is such a hilarious mental picture. No day job, I take it?

      “B…b..but the new businesses will f… f…fail because I said so!!”

      Lol…. sad. Walk past the “new” old pizza buona in Echo Park, it’s got a sad half falling down paper sign and gets like two customers a day, meanwhile Mohawk Bend has like ten million people and the 15 new restaurants going in the Mohawk Collective displaced the last poor people still left. Bye bye.

      • What’s with all the cheerleading of struggling local businesses?

        Seems to me there’s demand for both the old school joints and the newer hipster ones. If only we made it a bit easier for mom and pop entrepreneurs to build and operate commercial property in Los Angeles (and a bit harder for all the bloodsucking chains and big box stores who suck wealth out of the community like a straw.)

    • Have you been inside the highland park bowl and ETA? I was just there a few weeks ago and it was packed. I understand that you are upset ,but you are just spreading lies.

  9. Oh you hurt my feelings NOT ROFLMAO I actually yell at the newcomers to get out of hlp, Funny thing there was a bunch of residents yelling at the customers at the new businesses a couple of weeks ago to get out. Loved it

  10. I actually live in Hlp and pass by fig everyday and those businesses are not busy at all especially eta and birdie the Hlp bowl has people but not packed and they open early like 10am

  11. Chasethemout? Lol , nice handle. Who? White people? This sounds like “DJ Mando Madino” repeating tired uneducated racist rants about “others” & “newcomers”. Funny , I know what Mando looks like from his twitter mistakes and op ed in the Beacon where he spreads lies about white people assaulting Mexican people.
    I have never sern him at any of the neighborhood clean ups in HLP or Hermon so Im not sure what community love he has .
    As far as businesses opening or closing ,thats called living in a free country that enjoys capitalism.
    The people behind Recess simply do not understand their demographic and have missed the mark again, and I speak for everyone when I say this. From the corporate logo to their last ditch attempt with a fn Hooka night before they changed names. They seem like control freaks and the wife just brings a tense vibe, don’t know if she’s still there but she needs to gtfo.
    The solution : Two words “sports bar”, with affordable drinks and food, There is NOT ONE sports bar on York.
    My bet is it will be closed within months.

    • There was a sports bar on York and 63. It was called Dusty’s and it went out of business. The building is now a bar called The Offbeat.

  12. Sorry Birdie (havent tried it yet) was full on the rainy Saturday night, full Sunday morning at brunch etc.

    Yeah must be a shitty life to just hope businesses fail because you think they are “hipster”.

    Shitty restaurants come in all demographics.

  13. Recess Eatery was really a sub par restaurant. Ownership did not and does not value the people that work for them (you can tell by the high rate of turnover) and thinks of their customers as fools who will pay top dollar just because the space is nice. Tavern 51 is unfortunately run by the same people and has practically the same menu, it’s a sham and a desperate attempt to re-brand after leaving such a bad taste in the neighborhood’s mouth.

  14. CitizenX you sound like you know what your talking about NOT I busted up laughing at your post can not stop laughing seriously . We need more of you in Hlp too funny

  15. lot of vitriol here – chill folks! We’ve frequented a lot of the new restaurants in HP but never Recess. Word of mouth the place wasn’t great. Regarding Cafe Birdie – pretty good food and great cocktails albeit pricey for the area. The bar in the back is great too. ETA has a great happy hour special. Hope they stick around as it isn’t very business the times we’ve stopped in.

  16. Who needs Yelp with the Eastsider around.

  17. Lol La weekly did a story on this cafe birdie is next with their $12 toast get outa here with that nonsense

    • Yes and you just shared that story on your facebook page Mando, so we know it’s you. Seriously, get a life!

    • If you truly want to keep things the same, you may want to reach out to all of the community in a way that involves everyone instead of being divisive.

      For a grown human being, you have the communication skills of a 5th grader texting their friends on their mom’s cell phone for the first time.

    • Have you tried that mushroom toast at Birdie? Suspend disbelief and treat yourself. No? More deliciousness for us!

  18. Mando,

    Troll smarter, not harder. #TeamNaco

    A quick scroll through Instagram brings up almost 2000 posts of the Highland Park Bowl. And most of those posts show people at the venue.

    Are you going to keep saying people don’t go there or are you just going to keep making shit up?

  19. He’s terrified of change. In the old days you could have gigantic fiestas with tubas blaring all hours of the night. Now your neighbors will call the cops on you. Used to be you didn’t need to walk your dog you just let your dog wander down the street to do his business wherever he wanted. Now you have neighbors picking up those dogs and taking them to the shelter. Used to be everyone just threw their garbage out the window, now new neighbors complain about that. Used to be blaring 90s rap and wearing baggy jeans was cool, now you just look like a sad overgrown teenager. People are threatened by change and don’t have enough world experience to know what it’s like to be around anyone different than them.

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