Gunshots? Fireworks? Will Smith? Who was making all that noise last night in Echo Park?

ECHO PARK — There were a lot of booming going on across Echo Park Saturday night, with residents  calling police and taking to Twitter to report hearing what sounded like fireworks or gunshots at midnight. Some residents blamed the noise on the filming of the Will Smith “Bright”.  But police this morning  said there were no reports of any shooting or arrests made.

Police did investigate the reports of a shooting earlier in the evening, at about 7:15 p.m., near Glendale Boulevard and Temple Street, said Officer Mora at the LAPD Rampart Division, which patrols the area south of Sunset Boulevard. But Mora, who declined to provide a first name, said officers could not find any victims.

Meanwhile,  there were no reports of any anyone being shot or a shooting take place north of Sunset Boulevard, which is patrolled by the LAPD Northeast Division. “We didn’t have any incidents,” said Sgt. James Zboravan.

Here’s what folks were saying on Twitter:

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. I was driving near the ‘Bright’ location at the Alvarado Church of Christ and was stopped at the light, and it sure did sound like it was coming from the filming location. Never did get to see any orcs or elves. Yes, you read that right.

  2. Sounded like fireworks, to me.

  3. What about the heavy deep rumbling sounds that were occurring in same time period? Still heard at 2:30 am Sunday from area of Alvarado and Kent. Anyone have information?

  4. Again, does anyone know origin of deep Rumbling noises that I suspect are also associated with the filming?

    Why is a film company given permit to film middle of night in residential neighborhood when it known there will be resultant loud gunshots and possibly other noise?

    • Because they have tons of money, and a film that will make hundreds of millions doesn’t care about residents loosing a few nights of sleep

      • As they employ many LA residents filming in Los Angeles is GOOD for the economy. We need to keep jobs in LA.

        • Yes…but there are plenty of studio lots in LA that keep the jobs here, without making me think “the big one” is imminent all night.

          • Shonty, Very much agree. There are also plenty of areas that aren’t within residential neighborhoods.

            In addition, although apparently some homes received notice of the filming via cards on their doors, I’d really like to know how far around the site this extended.

            Our house is 1.4 miles south of the southernmost end of Lake Shore, and we thought the idiots with their huge fireworks were setting them off again.

          • Yeah there are studios. But in case you aren’t aware of the laws of physics, you might understand that they can’t construct an entire replica of Glendale blvd in a studio. Film keeps jobs in LA. Soccer moms and their tiny dogs getting upset don’t provide anything for this city though. I heard through the grapevine someone was sending DEATH THREATS to the poor guy in charge of dealing with you local idiots on this production… SCARY! Perhaps Revenge of the Soccer Moms will be their next film, starring the users of Nextdoor and The Eastsider as inspiration.

  5. The Eastsider and NextDoor are the only online sites where people on the Eastside can receive, report, and discuss news of the area.

    The grapevine isn’t always accurate, “in case you aren’t aware.”

    Your comments on soccer moms are pretty pathetic.

    • Sorry, I should have clarified “grapevine” to “people on nextdoor literally admitting to sending death threats because they’re that god damn crazy”

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