The Rental Girl is Shiny and New in 2017!

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Our new Highland Park office

Lots of new and exciting things are happening at The Rental Girl in 2017, and you may find yourself asking what the heck are these girls up to? Well…let’s get you all caught up so you don’t miss out on the fun this year from your go-to LA leasing and sales agency. #YearoftheYes

Does The Rental Girl have new agents?

YES! We are so excited to introduce our two newest additions to the TRG family, Joaquin Joseph and Michelle Sackson! Joaquin has joined The Rental Girl Sales team, assisting LA homebuyers and sellers with all their real estate needs! Michelle has joined The Rental Girl Leasing team, representing La Crescenta, La Cañada and Glendale neighborhoods – where she personally grew up! Stay tuned for listings from these two super-agents!

Interested in joining The Rental Girl team? Email info@therentalgirl.com with your resume!

New agents Joaquin Joseph and Michelle Sackson

Does The Rental Girl have a new office?

YES! Last year we opened our second location in South Pasadena, and THIS year we’re almost done with final renovations on our third location in Highland Park! The office will be home to our Eastside leasing and sales agents, and will be part of a community space called the “Highland Park Real Estate Collective”, consisting of The Rental Girl office, our favorite mortgage lender Lend LA, and a new retail space called ‘Hood and Home. Which leads us to our next update…

Welcome to the Highland Park Real Estate Collective

Does The Rental Girl do retail?

YES! We are deliriously giddy to announce that The Rental Girl is opening its first retail store, ‘Hood and Home – an eclectic curation of home decor and outdoor accessories that celebrates your ‘hood and your home. For over 12 years now, The Rental Girl has lived in your neighborhood, helped you find your new pad and now it’s time to truly make it a home.

‘Hood and Home is a unique collection of local and globally sourced goods for inside and outside the home, and we aim to provide a quality product that celebrates the evolution of what our neighborhoods are and what comprises them, one piece at a time.

‘Hood and Home will have a storefront location in Highland Park, as part of the Highland Park Real Estate Collective, as well as an online shop so you can have the goods delivered straight to your front door. Stay tuned for our Grand Opening invitation later this month!

Thank you for reading about what’s shiny and new with The Rental Girl! We’re making 2017 #YearoftheYes, so if you’re looking to rent, buy or sell this year – The Rental Girl would love to help you make the move! Simply head to our website www.therentalgirl.com

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