Echo Park’s The Whisperer restaurant goes quietly

ECHO PARK —  Less than a year after it opened, The Whisperer restaurant shut down last month. Now, a new owner is preparing to open in the same spot, which hasn’t been able to retain a restaurant for very long.

The Whisperer opened last February in a building at the southwest corner of Echo Park Avenue and Montana Street that had been vacant for more than a year. Red Hill restaurant closed at the end of 2014, after slightly less than two years in business.  Before Red Hill, the building had been the long-time home of Phoenix Bakery.

The owners  of the Whisperer, which featured  a “vintage radio style” and late-night menu,  said they “decided to move on to other projects and a new ownership group is coming into the space,” according to a Jan. 7 posting on the restaurant Facebook page.  In response to a request for more information from The Eastsider, the owners said they closed after receiving “a great offer to sell and are now in escrow.”

What kind of restaurant will have staying power at this location? Indian? Middle Eastern? Seafood?

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  1. Good. I wouldn’t even walk into that place based on the name alone.

  2. I guess my comment on February 17, 2016, nearly 1 year ago, stands. He burnt all his bridges in chicago, so no surprise he failed here as well….

    My quote:

    WOW…….This guy should pack his bags and head back to the windy city….

    Here’s a quote from Dion Antic (the co-owner of this spot) in Huffington post….if you want to read the full article, click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/31/my-chicago-dion-antic-on-_n_923403.html

    “What do you love about Chicago?
    I like Chicago’s diversity. I like its neighborhoods. I like its dining. I find Chicago to be a really unique city. I love the lakefront. People here are real. They get things done. If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. You don’t have that sense of work ethic or that sense of drive on the West Coast. When you wake up, and it’s 82 degrees and sunny every day, you don’t know a hard day. All you really know is that its 82 and sunny. In Chicago, we know hard days. We know days that are 25 below. When we have a 40-degree day, it’s like “Woo hoo! That’s great.” When it’s constantly around 82 and sunny, they don’t get it. They don’t have that edge, and you need that drive, that desire to get it done. Also, I’m known here. In L.A., you’re also as important as the last thing you did. Chicago’s got savvy, it’s clean, it’s nice, there’s a lot going on.”…..

  3. Good riddance… fewer gimmicks more great food please.

  4. This place was never open whenever I tried to go, even during the hours they claimed to be open. Seemed nice on the inside but clearly mismanaged.

  5. Dude, that location is cursed. They always seem to fail at that spot.

  6. i do find it strange that holloway has done alright..that place is probably the worst bar in the neighborhood..i guess it’s where all the bros feel comfortable

  7. Open up a really decent by inexpensive food joint – Mexican usually works – with alcohol. Comfort food and booze usually has staying power (e.g. El Coyote in WeHo). Just stop with the expensive gimmick food.

  8. How about a cool-looking bike shop? You know, one that “sells” outrageously over-priced bikes and is always empty. Couldn’t we use something like that in EP?

  9. I feel like they need to make it simple and just have drinks and easy bar food. maybe put some tv’s in there for sports games to attract customers. Seems to be working for holloway

  10. I really miss Red Hill. The food was great and the service always elegant. Too bad it folded. I went to the Whisperer once and found it to be pretentious and unwelcoming (i am 70 yo maybe that had something to do with it).

  11. Bring back the Phoenix!

  12. Bring back Red Hill!!


  13. I bet a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf would do really well there!

  14. God, good riddance. Red Hill was on the pricey side, but at least the food and the service there was great and it wasn’t half as pretentious as the Whisperer. Even the name was stupid.

  15. I ‘am thinking drive thru Starbucks!

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