Large affordable housing project in the works for El Sereno

Site of 90-unit apartment complex

El SERENO — A developer is planning to build a 90-unit affordable housing project near Huntington Drive South and Soto Street, according to the city Planning Department. The four-story complex, which would rise next to an existing apartment development, is one of the single largest housing projects to be proposed in El Sereno in recent years.

Rosa de Castilla LP is seeking city permission to build a project that is taller and more dense than zoning laws would normally allow. The developer also wants to include less open space and seeks other exemptions in return for offering 88 of the units to low and very low income tenants, according to a Planning Department summary (the two remaining units would be for managers).

The development would consist of four, 4-story buildings,  68 parking space in an underground garage and space for social service agencies and a community room.

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  1. So 88 out of 90 units will be “affordable units” to qualify for a density bonus? What am I missing here?

  2. Really hope this doesn’t go through as currently proposed. Parking in that area is already a mess – largely due to the fact that the existing development doesn’t provide adequate parking to its tenants. This is also a food desert. The old Rancho Meat Market that will need to be torn down to make way for this development would better serve the community as a grocery store. Also, the commercial space that sits shuttered in the neighboring development ought to be utilized.

  3. First we already have about 6 low income housing in the
    Neighbor. I know we need them but why here Mr Hiuzar .
    Please explain.
    Second I don’t see any money from the city trying to fix
    the already existing Rose Hill project.
    Third the biggest project yet…..Stacking them like sardines
    That sounds very promising and positive.
    It’s a shame that the city will allowed this to happen.

  4. Let them build it, Ill be outta here soon to greener pastures. As they say there no fighting city hall especially when you have corrupt politicians who only give us lips service

    • This is a terrible idea. For anyone familiar with the area, it’s already population dense due to an existing apartment complex. Additionally, that specific area has a high concentration of 18th St. gang members, which I suspect will only be made worse by that much low income housing. Call me a classist or [insert derogatory comment here] if you will; however, as a home owner in the area, I’m adamantly opposed to this development.

  5. Thank you Jose Huizar! If you look up all the past corruption it’s no wonder this is being allowed and why El Sereno is in such a poor state of affairs. Jose Huizar is in his last term.
    I for one am thinking of running for office and cleaning up the district and not taking hand outs. Look for my name in the future.

  6. It’s already enough of a cesspool down there with all the ES18St. scum.

  7. If anyone would like to file a complaint maybe a good place to start would be with the city planning. The link in the article goes to a page with this contact info:

    Staff Assigned MONIQUE ACOSTA J
    Staff Phone (213) 978-1173
    Staff Email monique.acosta@lacity.org
    Staff Assigned Date 02/09/2017

    • Thanks for the info El Secreto, I’m sending a strongly worded email now!

    • el sereno resident.

      Los Angeles DOT has approved the application and has said that building a high density apartment would not impact the traffic in this area. Please call DOT also.

      City of Los Angeles
      Department of Transportation
      100 S. Main St., 10th Floor
      Los Angeles, CA 90012
      Phone: (213) 972 – 8470

      #Ipreferanabandondbridge #usemytaxdollarstoknockabridgefordeveloperstobuild #BridgesNOT100unitcomplex

  8. El Sereno Resident


    see link: https://www.theeastsiderla.com/2014/03/el-serenos-soto-street-bridge-may-not-have-a-historic-leg-to-stand-on/

    El Sereno Resident
    March 12, 2014 at 10:47 am
    I agree that the bridge should stay, the article mentions that there are other parts in the city that maintain the Electric Railway system, however NONE near the El Sereno Area of Huntington Drive. The article also states that in 2001 the bridge may have qualified for historic bridge restoration. but in 2002-2004 things changed. Let me be clear as to why this changed, DEVELOPERS ! as soon as the land across the street from the bridge started to be an attractive spot to continue to develop in El Sereno, the 100 complex unit “aka project style” it all of a sudden became a dangerous bridge. LETS BE CLEAR ABOUT SOMETHING. Had the development across the street not been built, we would have never been arguing over this bridge! WHO ALLOWED FOR A 100 UNIT COMPLEX To be built infront of this bridge knowing that its not pedestrian friendly and people in that complex would need to cross the street to school dangerously. THE POINT HERE IS THAT COUNCIL, DEVELOPERS Choose $$$$$ over safety at the cost of constituents of the area. LATER TO SAY It needs to be knocked down and claim its not safe. FOR THOSE READING? CAN you guess what the Market across the street will be in the near future an the surrounding area. MORE APARTMENTS COMPLEXES. Has the city planning or council of district nor recognized what responsible land use is. Here is an example of a good housing complex, the Senior Citizens home near El Sereno Park —- THATS RESPONSIBLE. Not th Seniror Citizens homes next to what is going to be the Dollars Store that was, “So called” Senior citizens home and now you see a sign calling for Section-8 applications. BE cautious of why this bridge is being knocked out. Ask the questions.

  9. What is ‘affordable housing” exactly? Anyone have the numbers? $ per unit etc.

  10. I oppose this development because its TOO dense and the parking ratio is ridiculous. The Valley Vista project next door has 72 units, but the has 2-3x’s more land space than this project. This project will pack more people in half the space. See an aerial view: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AmoR51ndv6s7hBMVP4JajzC1cUae

    That’s pretty bad, but worse is the 68 parking spaces for 90 units. That is a JOKE. Just drive by and you’ll see all the street parking taken because the Valley Vista tenants don’t have enough parking. This project will create a nightmare here. Other communities demand a 1.5 space per unit. El Sereno should demand the same. Affordable housing is nice, but not at the expense of the tenants and neighbors.


    at 4208 E. Huntington Drive, LA CA 90032

    City officials say it’s for veterans and low income families
    – but it’s NOT!

    It’s meant to move the homeless from SKID ROW
    so DTLA can put up high income condos!


    Show up at the meeting!

    JUNE 20, 2017 (Tuesday)
    6 pm – 8pm
    4760 E. VALLEY BLVD.
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90032

    If you can’t attend & want to voice your opinion – email: https://www.la32nc.org/contact-us/

    OR write to: Miguel Vargas (Chair), Dr. Tom Williams (Director) and Jorge Garcia (Community Stakeholder) at 4927 N Huntington Drive, Suite 111, Los Angeles, CA 90032

    Next Neighborhood Council meeting is July 5, 2017 at 6pm
    El Sereno Senior Citizen Center, 4818 Klamath Place, LA, CA 90032

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