You’re never too young to learn yoga in East L.A.

Two year old Anaya Villarreal does a downward facing dog pose | Aurelio Jose Barrera


EAST LOS ANGELES — For much of the week, when one walks into People’s Yoga in East Los Angeles, quiet,  peaceful, instrumental music plays while adults carefully align their poses. Sunday mornings, however, are quite different. Children and their parents moo during cow pose, bark during the downward facing dog position and reach for the stars while singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Welcome to the playful and kid-friendly Yoga Seeds class, lead by People’s Yoga co-founder Leah Gallegos. Families are welcome to the Sunday morning classes, which are open to all ages and all experience levels.

After about an hour of singing, dancing and yoga, the room of adults, teens and toddlers is quiet as everyone lies down in savasana (corpse pose). The children move peacefully as participants of almost every other yoga class do when class is done. The lessons they learn are used outside the studio as well.

“I encourage the girls to take deep breaths when they’re feeling angry or frustrated,” said Kamren Tringale of East Los Angeles, who attends the class with her husband, sister and two young daughters Anaya,1 and Luna, 2. “They love the songs and dance and have absorbed the poses more than I think. They’ll occasionally bust out a Cobra and three-legged dog and say, ‘Look, yoga!’”

People’s Yoga co-founder Leah Gallegos (center) leads parents and children during class | Aurelio Jose Barrera

Steven Villarreal holds his daughter Anaya Villarreal, 2 | Aurelio Jose Barrera

Joaquin Espiritu , 3, moos while doing a cow pose at the Yoga Seeds class at People’s Yoga in East Los Angeles | Aurelio Jose Barrera

Marlene Fonseca and her daughter Robin Caldillo,16, stretch during a Yoga Seeds class | Aurelio Jose Barrera

Brianna ,10, with mother Isabel Garcia | Aurelio Jose Barrera

Kamren Tringale (right) carries her daughter, Anaya Tringale, 1, as she begins a Chair pose | Aurelio Jose Barrera

Mateo Gallegos, 22 months, climbs on his mother’s back | Aurelio Jose Barrera

People’s Yoga co-founder Leah Gallegos (Left) and her sister Maya Gallegos and nephew Mateo Gallegos, 22 months | Aurelio Jose Barrera

A circle is formed at the end of the Yoga Seeds class | Aurelio Jose Barrera

Three week old Soraya Itzel Villarreal sleeps through her first Yoga Seeds class at People’s Yoga in East Los Angeles | Aurelio Jose Barrera

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  1. Stumbled upon this article after reading the Sounds of Music article. Both great reads. I remember when I did a Yoga article for TheEastsiderLA and People’s Yoga was one of my sources. Great people and teachers.

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