Council candidate Joe Bray-Ali reveals details about extramarital relationships & unpaid taxes

One day after losing major endorsements over his online comments, Council District 1 candidate Joe Bray-Ali today disclosed “the dirt on me,” which included sleeping with several women who were not his wife and that his former bike shop owes thousands of dollars in unpaid sales taxes, according to a story in the L.A. Daily News.

But Bray-Ali, in a posting on his personal Facebook page, said he would continue to campaign in the runoff election against incumbent Gil Cedillo.

Bray-Ali, in an email to The Eastsider, explained why he decided to expose his personal issues to the public:

“I chose to clearly state the things about me I am ashamed and embarrassed about to get them in the open now, instead of waiting for an opposition mailer (which are no doubt already prepared) to send shock waves through my life and distracting attention in this race away from the issues. I am flawed, I am human, and I am still the best choice in this election.”

This week, Bray-Ali said he was sorry for posting comments on controversial online forums, reports LAist.com. Bray-Ali made the comments on such online forums as “v/Niggers” and also those devoted to making fun of overweight persons, according to the story.

Last week,  Bray-Ali apologized for a nine-year-old YouTube video clip in which he posed a question to the “¡Ask A Mexican!” column.

On Thursday, the L.A. Times, in a rare move,  rescinded its endorsement of Bray-Ali after he admitted to posting comments on several controversial online forums. 13th District Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who publicly threw his support behind Bray-Ali only three weeks ago, also rescinded his endorsement as did the East Area Progressive Democrats.

In his Facebook posting today, Bray-Ali described his problems:

“Flying Pigeon-LA, LLC [his former bike shop] owes the State Board of Equalization for a failure to pay an audit and several quarters of sales taxes. The amount is ~$48,000 the last time I bothered to open the envelope
– I slept with several other women from 2011 to 2014. Not my wife. For a time I even had a Tinder profile.
– I painted bike symbols (sharrows) in the middle of the night with friends, and on camera with German documentary film maker.
– I have said many profane, rude, statements to people I’ve gotten into arguments with online.”

The runoff election is scheduled for May 16. The First Council District includes all or portions of Angeleno Heights, Cypress Park, Echo Park, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights and Mount Washington. Don’t Know What District You Are In? Go Here

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  1. He’s a terrible human being. He should just drop out of the race now and let the third place candidate run.

  2. Pretty much the most narcissistic statement I have seen in a long time. Pretty much a consistent list of characteristics of past and present councilmen, senators, congressmen, and presidents. Pretty much a politician through and through. Pathetic how he could fit right in.

  3. Damn… speak truth to power and it’ll destroy your life!

    Am I the only one who feels a tiny bit bad for this guy? Even the haters gotta give credit for one thing: when he’s called on his bullsh*t he owns it like a man. Whereas Cedillo just plays it cool, and gives a big smile for the camera while he lies through his teeth about his shady relationship with Chevron over the years.

    In my experience, those are the dudes you gotta watch out for.

    • robots don't dance

      i think it’s more than he’s a narcissist and likes the attention, positive or negative.

      • Perhaps, I don’t know the man. Just seems like the pile-on is a bit much. But I suppose nobody is forcing him to stay in the race at this point.

    • Owns it? Hardly, he wraps it back to him and why he is the best. Even in his “apologies” he’s arrogant. He’s a true politician. I feel bad for his family.

    • Is Corner Soul a sock puppet by Josef Bray-Ali? About the only person who feels bad for Bray is Bray at this point.

  4. We need to make sure we all vote. This guy reminds me of Trump.
    He lies, to the public and his wife He is a tax cheat .
    I saw him speak in person and he was mean spirited and a bully.
    And mostly he reminds me of Trump because he has rabid supporters that won’t listen to reason.
    This guy is bad he should not be voted in.

  5. I just want bike lanes! ;(

    • Good to know the bike people are racist enabling selfish jerks. Yet another reason to despise them.

      • The biggest racists in the world are the NIMBYs of LA, the majority of which voted for Trump and hate those bike riding hippy liberals. The truth speaks volumes. Also since Joe is indian, can he even technically be racist? He’s an oppressed person of color as well.

      • Area Man Decries Bigotry by Stereotyping an Entire Subculture

  6. What a complete a$$hole……..

  7. Wow. Just wow. How shallow the pool is? Is that what he’s saying.

    We deserve better.

  8. And a side note, don’t get married. Ever.

  9. Is this Trump approach to winning? WTH already.

  10. What? Why did he come out and announce all this? I don’t get it.

  11. No business running for office. Should be running to church or counseling. Pretending to be something your not is never a good thing. More disturbing he is down playing his offensive comments, still skirting complete truth about himself and his radical bully followers.

  12. I didn’t know Joe was trying to get elected as our new saviour Jesus Christ jr. I thought he was campaigning for community issues! And this dude hasn’t lied to me yet, unlike that lying two-faced POS Gal Cebolla. Who answers a question with a question? Who broke promises to his voters? Who went digging deep into another mans personal life because he was to chicken $h!t to lose? To lose deals to fatten his wallet!

    I still have to go with the lesser of two evils in my eyes!! For what’s its worth I’m glad Joe ain’t given up yet, and it sucks to have people like Cebolla Inc, and voters/people who kick you when your down at your lowest, nothing that I hate more than holier than thou disciples, everyone lies, nobody is perfect, people change, help one another, have compassion and willingness to understand, and if not then to hell with it I guess, I mean we vote presidents in that have their hands tainted with the blood of innocent people, corruption, greed, you name it, and yet people here crying about affairs and unpaid bills and name calling, get real people! Some folks are just too damn sensitive ( most likely from growing up in bubble ) and to those who did let it be known ” This is a cruel world ”

    For what’s its worth, win or lose, Joe got some soul searching to do, not that he hasn’t started on that yet, I just got to give him credit for coming clean to the public and I don’t care for the reason why! This owning up to, brought on by greedy cebolla and company I’m sure is a major much needed turn around in the life of Joe and his family, time to regain focus, and heal and begin a new path…..

    …now only if greedy chicken $h!t Cebollas could follow suit and be a man and clean out his closet then that would make my weekend! Trust me though I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

    • Well, he’s not running as Jesus Christ Jr, but he is running as a guy whose judgment we should trust, and who has a track record of making good on those who put their trust in him. And all this crap is showing that he has bad judgment, betrays those who trust him, and is pretty arrogant about it.

      I haven’t watched​ his videos, but in text his responses come off as “I’m not perfect, and you’re not either, so get over it!” Which shows a real lack of humility. I was a strong supporter: I donated twice to his campaign and had a yard sign. His arrogant responses to all this turmoil sealed the deal to me: he’s a prick.

      We’re not asking for a perfect person. We’re asking for someone who has shown good judgment in how they run their business (not noted yet is all the money he owes to the companies who stock his store) and their personal life. Because that’s all we have to go on right now!

  13. Damn it! Now that I posted this stuff online I gotta keep a look out for cebolla and the rats from going through my trash looking to expose me……shame on you too cebolla, you ain’t no-better than the next man, you’re an ugly vato from the inside out.

  14. when Huizar cheated on his wife he did it in his council office on public time and it cost the taxpaying public. you want to see the future of gentrified development in District 1. Look at the latest monstrosity Huizar is pushing through ‘the plan for pillarhenge” in boulevrard sentinel looks like a prison, racism? how about the council president and colleagues redistricting that shut out Koreans and all Asians from viable city council districts for a decade or more! they said it was to ensure future black representation, HA! Then why reduce black population in all districts except Wesson’s? No it was done to preserve Wesson’s district. You can be horrified a fallible human dares to run and help develop your district out from under you or you can vote against developers. I got gerrymandered out of this district.

    • I remember that Huizar’s opponent got busted in a bar fight with a stolen police badge from a dead cop that he tried to pass off as his. A lot of people (myself included) chose Huizar as the lesser of two evils and not because we liked him. This election is similar in that the candidates both seem to lack integrity. Like the last Huizar race, voters will probably choose the shifty guy they know over the one they don’t. Bottom line, we have weak leadership in Northeast. It would be great to see people from the neighborhood councils running for city council because at least they have a track record of directly working for the community in an elected position.

      • couldn’t agree more; i voted for huizar also, not everything he does is bad; for cd 1, i’d go for the idiot over the crook; admired cedillo for years now; my frustration as a progressive in HP CD 14 these days is the imposition of candidates from union and Dem party forces over the grass roots – look what happened in AD 51 when Louis Lopez ran for an open seat but forces decided to move Jimmy Gomez to the district – they don’t care I am owed an explanation. Now Louis makes a deal with Jimmy to succeed him – and on it goes until voters wake up and stop it. Maria Cabildo founded a nonprofit, built low income housing comes in 3rd in CD 34 race her campaign most efficient in terms of $/vote. And we have to wait till 2020 for CD 14 to open up? I expect Sandra Hernandez to take that, or at least put up a heckuva campaign.

  15. Typical liberal progressive. All for more taxes but will try to get out of paying his own. But calling the guy a racist for what he said on the internet is rediclulous The guys a racist,really?? He’s Indian,White and married to a Mexican. OK

    • You should google caste system in India. It’s a pretty racist messed up country.

    • cedillosucksball

      it is possible to racist and also ethnic- think about it. the term as about generalizing and marginalizing people with stereotypes. it’s not only white men who can be racist….

    • More like typical secret Republican. After all, the guy was a registered Republican until just a few years ago, presumably when he realized it was politically expedient to register as a Democrat in order to run for public office. He can’t even be bothered to open the envelope.

  16. Now that everyone is laying the cards on the table perhaps its time for Cedillo to own up to his BS!

  17. The guy has not paid tax for years obviously. What a douche bag republican thing to do.
    He clearly is a bad business man ,
    which is his only supposed qualification.

    Face it people, Bray Ali is not qualified.
    But what about all these crazy supporters that are still going to vote for him.?
    (Just like Trump.)
    Are they men who think its fine to lie to wife s?
    Women should definitely not vote for this awful man

    I want bike lanes too. We can get them. Its not a big deal.
    . It really is not enough to base a campaign on.

    • I keep reading about how voters should forgive Joe’s “lapse in judgment.” Which lapse? The $48k in unpaid taxes to the State? The years of Tinder that has embarrassed family and friends? The online comments? In person Joe has a tendency to talk right past people who are right in front of him. He loves a mirror to a disturbing degree. How many long winded selfie videos can one city endure? Sorry wishful voters but JBA is not the vessel in which to plant your idealist flowers. Concerned CD1 voters, I’d quickly get over this narcissist who managed (for a little while) to charm some voters. Best to shift focus to holding the current Council member to account.

  18. We need to elect more women into office. It is shameful that L.A. only has one council member who isn’t a man. It is also shameful how deplorable so many of these men are. Mike Bonin and Mitch O’Farrell seem to be the exception in that they listen to their constituents and understand that their job on the council is to act as public servants not self servants. That being the case perhaps we ought to be electing more gay men into office in addition to more women.

    • Yeah gay men and women are naturally more moral than straight men. It’s in the Bible and Einstein proved it too.

      • Not necessarily more moral but possibly more inclined to think about other people and not just about themselves. There is no question that politics attracts a lot of men with damaged personalities. I don’t see any harm in trying something else.

        • I cant believe what i’m hearing! Unbelievable, this is the kind of pompous rhetoric that fueled the rise of trump.

    • Hear, hear!

  19. “I am flawed, I am human, and I am still the best choice in this election.”

    LOL GTFO dirtbag

  20. The dirt on Joe is really bad and he is not going to win. I’m not sure why he’s still running. It seems like a waste of money. I wish Cedillo was a viable option to Joe, but he is not. He has been lackluster at best. He doesn’t get much done, is backed by corporations and he’s been letting the poorest neighborhoods descend into crime ridden slums.

    I guess I’m not voting for anyone in this election because I can’t in good conscious support either of these candidates. I’ve been living in Lincoln Heights for 17 years. We’ve seen so much violence here. I thought for a moment it might be getting better, but it hasn’t. My girlfriend witnessed a man murdered in his SUV right before her eyes. He was blown away by gang members, his body slumped over the steering wheel as he crashed into a house. I was personally in the cross fire of TWO different shootings by gangs that occurred in our street right in front of our home. On one particular Sunday, in the middle of the day, my good friend’s car was shot up when he came to visit us. He was parked in the street and two drug dealers open fired on each other while standing next to his car. I feel like I have to warn people if they come to visit me now. On another incident, my next door neighbor’s car had a stray bullet fly right through the window and embed itself right into his dashboard. CEDILLO has done nothing for places like Lincoln Heights. Just look at it. Gangs are everywhere. Murders happen all the time.

    Concerning the parks, aside from the Corn Field, what has he done? The Flat Top/Radio Hill has the opportunity to be something great and one of the BEST parks in all of Los Angeles. It is a unique and special place. What is Cedillo doing about it??? Nothing!! Now there is word that the whole place might be sold to developers. Thanks Cedillo! Way to squander the most premium bit of open space left in this city! And I’m not going to touch on the 5 housing projects that will completely remove ALL the parking in downtown Lincoln Heights. I’m actually not opposed to having those developments here. But I think there should be a compromise. Can we have 3 structures instead of 5? Can we keep just ONE public parking lot? Why does it have to be all or nothing? I don’t get it. Cedillo does not seem to be the brightest bulb in the box, because I just don’t see how it is good for a community to remove every single public parking space available in a downtown region. Cars will be forced to park in neighborhood streets which will eventually cause residents of the surrounding homes to apply for permitted parking laws, and then we’ll have another Silverlake on our hands where there is basically no parking, anywhere at all.

    Anyway, enough of my rant. We’re damned no matter what we do in this election. Both these candidates suck.

  21. Joebray claims he hooked-up with several other women from 2011-2014.
    that’s an impressive resume.
    the flying-pigeon is a real stud.
    how many notches on the belt in 2017?
    its not easy to turn away every eager, enthusiastic, star struck campaign volunteer competing to get intimate.
    the confession takes a lot of wind out of joebrays campaign sails,
    but this cloud could have a silver lining
    he can always try working the sympathy angle to fly some bed down time with another hen back at the pigeon coop.

  22. Pumpkin Sweetydoo

    Nobody available except Cedildo and Pray-On-Us-Ali?

    C’mon son these two are both trash we need new faces

  23. Both Bray-Ali and Cedillo are horrible choices. I refuse to vote for either.

    We need to band together and find a viable write in options and keep these two corrupt losers out of office! Who are our write in options?

  24. Joe Bray has revealed the CA State Board of Equalization is on his case for approx. $48,000 due from his bike shop business.
    Here is what is really stunning about this revelation:
    As many small business owners are aware, the bureaucrats at the CA State BOE and the CA State FTB can be extremely reactionary in the estimation models used for tax levies and they are quite vindictive in their penalty assessments.
    And i wouldn’t doubt that Joe Bray’s delinquent bill is harsh and excessive.
    However, Joe Bray’s statement is worded to give an impression that he has decided to ignore the tax debt remaining from his business – rather than making any effort to deal with it.
    Joe Bray specifically said that he still owes for several quarters of sales tax he failed to remit to the state.
    Bray was supposed to collect sales tax added to the retail price charged for all taxable items. If he forgot to add it, then he still owes the state.
    In Los Angeles County, we have additional sales tax approved by the voters to fund transportation projects.
    Among the projects funded by the transportation sales tax are bicycle related enhancements and improvements, including bicycle lanes and dedicated bicycle pathways.
    Joe Bray has really left us hanging.
    He has created a reasonable assumption that he collected sales tax for items sold to customers while operating his business, that a portion of that sales tax is meant to pay for bicycle lanes
    and Bray simply kept it for himself.

  25. Whether it be that Silverlake Pilates instructor on Sunset or Bray-Ali, I’ve never been so naive to believe that people aren’t just as “flawed and “human”. The underlying prejudice and bigotry of many posts on these message boards are self-evident. What makes it particularly insulting is that they hold these beliefs and one must assume act on them behind a facade of being “liberal” or “progressive” or simply “hip”. It contributes to distrust and skepticism between neighbors who share more common cause and needs than with those beyond our NELA neighborhoods. Ultimately, Bray-Ali disqualified himself with his candor(?) and must be rejected as unfit to lead or govern. Trump was bad enough and E-Nuff((!). If we can’t even stem that vicious tide in L.A. then there is only so much those targeted by this brand of pedestrian bigotry will take before the simmering begins and irresponsible attitudes and behavior prevails. That would be tragic for an L.A. that’s never been as relatively harmonious as the present. Not in my lifetime. As for Bray-Ali, I don’t hate him for being human. I’ve heard plenty of other people spout similar veiled, blatant, and narrow-minded opinions about others but he can’t represent or lead any L.A. community. That is no longer an option for somebody that at least 50% of the city can’t afford to trust.

  26. the guy is toast. Wasting his money, (money that should be paid to his taxes and I would bet credit cards)) on this campaign just shows his ongoing inability to make good decisions. ” Just being human” is code for “give me a pass no matter how badly I screw up and hurt other people, mismanage my life or act like an insufferable jerk…I’m just being human.” No…you’re being an irresponsible human who hasn’t learned to act like a responsible adult.

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