Narcotics and gang officers conducting investigation in Silver Lake

Police detaining persons in Silver Lake | Courtesy Eastsider reader

SILVER LAKE — LAPD appears to be conducting a raid in the 2800 block of Sunset Boulevard.

One resident said officers in riot gear were outside a medical marijuana dispensary at about 1 pm. People were being detained outside on the second-floor but it’s not clear if any arrests were made or what businesses were involved.

LAPD spokesman Tony Im  said narcotics and gang-unit officers were conducting an investigation but had no further details.

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  1. Please follow up this story with a reason for this raid! By all account this is one of the most upstanding, knowledgeable medical dispensaries and this being 2017, marijuana is legal. Apparently California Caregivers Alliance goes by the book as well so I’m positive any news regarding the raid will be most appreciated by many. Terrifying.

    • Yes please follow up. This has been my dispensary for awhile and everything seems thoughtful and above board. One of the better ones.

  2. Disgusting. These are really good honest people selling a great product. Always thoughtful, and kind toward the sick people thy help. No doubt that disgrace of a human being and KKK lover Jeff Sessions is involved.

    • Dingus: I second that! Story REALLY needs a deeper look because we cannot afford nor tolerate this in a legal state. No way no how.

      • Would LAPD be involved if this was coming from Session’s office? Seems that would breach their firewall regarding the duties of the federal government. That would be up to the DEA, right?

    • If this had anything to do with Sessions, I’m pretty sure the Feds would be involved.

  3. This is quite suspect on many different levels. One would start with this strip mall’s past tenants. The strip mall’s cleanliness is also quite telling, considering the adjacent areas.

  4. from the photograph, it appears the police may have been targeting the Thai Massage business.

    • no they raided the dispensary, and shut them down, hopefully only temporarily. the handcuffed people are the awesome, caring women that work there.

      • I had just left CCA and was pulling out of the parking area onto Sunset when I saw about 10 officers approaching along the SW wall of Gobi Mongolian restaurant with 2 in tactical gear with shotguns ready in the lead. I circled back and saw the scene pictured. Called CCA a few times since, but no answer. Today, phone service seems to have been disconnected.

        These folks are kind, professional and appear to follow all regulations, so I wonder why the raid. Hope CCA returns with no long-term harm to the business.

  5. Agree that this story needs to be followed up on.

  6. I can find no other news about this. Seems like a dispensary bust would get some coverage somewhere?

  7. Best dispensary I have ever encountered. All staff kind and knowledgeable. I got my dogs cannabis oil here. It really helped him in his last years by limiting his seizures, and reducing pain. Please follow up this post!

  8. Per Yelp, they are reopening 4/13. Bogus? Maybe not. Love the shop, hope it opens soon. Good luck ladies!

  9. Major bummer and needs to be investigated thoroughly as I agree with all on here: one of the most stand-up dispensaries. No shadiness that I could ever perceive.

  10. This is the collective the adults bring the parents an grandparents to, I viewed a video, LAPD, FBI and Homeland security where on the scene. Taking all product and the money. These people did not deserve to be treated in this form, bastards just shut down the closest legal, accessible collective to me. Went straight to CD13, Still no call back.

  11. It would be great if the Councilman’s office would respond and let everyone know why the business was raided. Radio silence so far, unfortunately.

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