New Shepard Fairey mural looms large over Echo Park

Photo by Kelly Erickson

ECHO PARK –– Thanks to Kelly Erickson for these photos of the  new, nearly three-story high mural artist Shepard Fairey recently painted on the side of an apartment building on Sunset Boulevard near Portia Street. It’s the same spot where a French street artist had installed a mural of an old woman a few years back.

Fairey, whose studio is located a few blocks east on Sunset from the new mural, said on Instagram:

“The crew and I just finished a mural on Sunset Blvd in #EchoPark and it is nice to have a big piece of art in our neighborhood. Echo Park is not as rough as it used to be, but some areas are still rough… specifically the brick wall we were painting on! The mural looks good in the end but it was very tough to get clean lines.”

Photo by Kelly Erickson

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. why do i have to look at this terrible corporate suburban graffiti?

    if someone wrote exp or ms13 it would be painted over, this should be treated the same

    total whiteboy crap and offensive to the neighborhood, same as his stupid other one off echo park blvd.

    these murals are better suited for the americana or the grove. i am sure rick caruso would approve.

    • I agree. However, I find all murals, especially those of this size, just as offensive as billboards. Art is a very subjective thing and someone else’s taste should not be forced in our faces.

      • The glaringly obvious difference is the commercial attachment to a billboard versus the benign or provocative characteristics of art.

        Either you are stirring the pot here, or you’re way to fragile and irritable to be living in the second largest city in the United States. If you don’t want to be exposed to anything you don’t welcome, go live in Nevada.

        • She’s an old soccer mom that hate hipsters, young people, and fun. Literally posts on every article like this insulting everyone.

    • Gang tagging should always br scrubbed.

    • They might be offensive to you and a very small minority of the neighborhood, but EXP, as a manifestation of hate and violence, is certainly more offensive to more people.. So i guess you’ll have to deal with it or move Randsburg with MinFran

    • Cry more about it

    • The difference is he got a permit to do so, and he is not destroying another persons work.This mural is not selling anything . It is promoting a social conscience, and reflects the views of many residents of Echo Park. Sorry if it doesn’t reflect you in any way. It belongs in this neighborhood just as much as the mural of Frida Kahlo , and Selena on the EP Fashion store. I was just as pissed when a worthless little pos tagged that one. Is ghetto bubble a thing?

  2. Nice. More murals please. And taggers have just a little respect for the art, tagging over someone’s work is just low class..it is your neighborhood too ya know.

  3. I much prefer the former mural, the one of the old woman.

  4. Yay more Illuminati crap shoved right in our face. Yay contemporary art

  5. I think the mural looks great. Always amazed by people posting negative comments about a work of art that brings life and energy to the neighborhood. Some people are just full of hate and love to trash beautiful things. Small lives and smaller minds.

  6. As a work of art with only two colors, plus black and white, it is absolutely stunning! I wish it was in my neighborhood, which is overrun with murals of too many garish colors to count. Shephard Fairey, come to Highland Park……please.

  7. Haters should move to Boyle Heights I hear they hate art too.

  8. Not really a fan of this guys art… but he does donate a good amount of money to charity, so kudos to him!

  9. Really ! looks like crap.

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