Lifestyle Shift: Goodbye “Brooklyn lumberjack,” hello “Silver Lake shaman”

Quartz, the business website, reports on a shift in fashion and lifestyle that supposedly marks the decline of New York’s “Brooklyn lumberjack” and the ascendancy of the “Silver Lake shaman” among young consumers. This “easygoing wave” of culture and style that began in the hills of Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and Echo Park is “on the verge of becoming a global tsunami,” said Quartz.

So, what is this “Silver Lake shaman” look? Quartz describes the “neo-hippie aesthetic” this way:

“If the Brooklyn lumberjack was nostalgic for the 1870s, the Silver Lake shaman yearns for an imaginary era that melds the flowing gauze dresses and high-waisted dungarees of the 1970s with the minimalism of the 1990s. The SLS seems to long for a simpler life, where dyeing fabric with wildflowers or brewing coconut oil-based skin salves take precedence over dialing in to conference calls. (Same!)

While the tech bros of New York and San Francisco—and even the west side of LA, where Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube reside—embrace uniform dressing via Uniqlo, Bonobos, and this J.Crew gingham shirt, the east side shamans’ clothing is distinctly anti-tech, with natural textures, sun-bleached colors, and finishings that suggest a human touch.”

And don’t forget your “crystals, smudge sticks and essential oils” reminds the story.

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  1. Barf, barf, barf. More $6 vegan tacos and $14 avocado toast please!

  2. Anti-tech, until Apple unveils the puka necklace with chakra monitor at the WWDC.

  3. wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore

    We’re chock fulla disillusioned NYers sold on some idyllic version of LA.


  4. Love it! Bring it all back!

  5. Nice bit of trolling, Eastsider. ?

    • Leopold Stotch

      With all the s–t going on in the world, people here keep getting their Dickies in a twist over someone wearing a f–king kaftan.
      Just ignore it and get a life.

  6. These Echo Park Craft Fair folks seemed to be hooked in to the PR mill. There were a couple of similarly vacuous, laudatory articles in the NYT/”T” magazine around the time of the last fair (e.g., http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/05/13/echo-park-craft-fair-california-style-spirituality-rises-again/)

  7. People wearing clothes I don’t like? This is literally worse then hitler.

  8. I like LA a lot!

  9. What’s more played out than hipster culture, by orders of magnitude? Criticism of such. *yawn*

  10. Okay, shoot me.

  11. This should be dated 2013?

  12. I have been in Silver Lake for 15 years. Please kill me…

  13. Tahesha Knapp-Christensen

    Using the term Silver Lake Shaman as an official trend screams cultural appropriation to me. A shaman is an occupation for Indigenous peoples around the world in which most do not accept money for their services so I don’t see how the racist and privileged use of the term shaman applies here. Please just stop. You are on Tongva land. If you have any respect for Indigenous cultures and your local Native people, you will quit with the appropriation of terms like shaman and also stop selling sage. I know there will be comments like “shaman is a generic term.” Shaman is a term to denote a spiritual healer and there is nothing spiritual about this horrible attempt to gentrify a historically Brown and Gay ghetto in the continuation of what was once a site of Native and Brown physical genocide. Please respect your local Native shamans by not using this term as a selling point.

    • You’re really going to freak out when Shaman Ramen opens up in Echo Park. Cultural appropriation is a joke. Butt hurt millennial always looking for new ways to be offended. Btw Silverlake was not always brown or gay. Get a life.

    • The original Quartz article pokes fun at these stylish neo-hippies, and invents a mocking term for them while ostensibly covering the trend. The comment above derides the term of mockery, coined by the article, as being cultural appropriation, racist, and privileged. We must stop this cycle of mutually assured denunciation!

  14. Jared Mazzaschi

    This seems like a very cool on point trend. I look forward to seeing more of this forward thinking positivity. These are the values I want my neighborhood to reflect. Thank you east sider LA.

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