Anti-gentrification campaign brewing against Eastside coffee houses

After holding noisy protests outside Boyle Heights art galleries, anti-gentrification demonstrators are now targeting  another symbol of what they view as unwelcome change: the coffee house.

In Boyle Heights, protesters have been seen in recent days chanting and holding banners outside the new Weird Wave Coffee Shop on Cesar Chavez Avenue. Meanwhile, in Cypress Park, a poster reading “You are the reason my mother, brother and sisters were displaced three times in the last two years” was slapped on the window of the Antigua Coffee House on Figueroa Street.

“We know the political, economic consequences of businesses like Weird Waves — hipster coffee shops — moving into an area that is currently being gentrified,” said a demonstrator on a video posted on the Defend Boyle Heights Facebook page. “We all know that Boyle Heights is facing a massive amount of displacement and gentrification, and we see this as another aspect of the problem.”

Get #weirdwaves the fuck out of #BoyleHeights! If you are watching this COME DOWN AND SUPPORT THE BOYCOTT

Posted by Defend Boyle Heights on Saturday, June 17, 2017

In response, a green poster in the window of Weird Wave says it is owned by Latinos and is working with Homeboy Industries to “give back to the community.”

On Antigua Coffee’s Instagram, a comment apparently posted by owner Yancey Quinones defended his business and roots in the neighborhood:

“When my mother migrated to this country in 1965 from her War Torn country of Guatemala to settle in Cypress Park …. She worked as a maid, went to adult school to learn English met my Mexican father in class. They both worked heavy hours and were met with adversary! These #antigentrification folks are attacking the wrong people. Learn the neighborhood before you trash your own.”

Apparently the #antigentrification movement target our homegrown Latino business to blame us for their failures. I guess when my mother migrated to this country in 1965 from her War Torn country of Guatemala to settle in Cypress Park. She worked as a maid, went to adult school to learn English met my Mexican father in class. They both worked heavy hours and were met with adversary! These #antigentrification folks are attacking the wrong people. Learn the neighborhood before you trash your own. I grew up in Cypress Park when it was gang infested and the real violence was taking out our children, friends and family members. I did the right thing and respected my parents, community and leaders. I graduated from my local schools and attended a University. It was not easy as a brown kid to complete college but I took the long road, 6 years but I got the DAMN BA! I opened Antigua Coffee Roasters of Cypress Park 90065 in my BACKYARD! I employee locals! We also provide High Quality Products ( ?just in case you were wondering ) We are here to make our Neighborhood with homegrown Pride you can try to destroy our heart ?but you will never destroy our COMMUNITY ?.

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  1. Ok. I’m setting the comments over/under for this article at 20 for a period of 72 hours. What are you taking? Place your bets.

  2. I find myself wanting to be on the side with the antigentrification people but they alway end up being stupid. And I have to wonder if thats why so many of them have been “forced out” of where they want to live. I only arrive at this conclusion because the point of view they express doesn’t make any sense, and isn’t articulate enough to get anybody to listen to what is they want to express.
    Hispanic people don’t own Echo Park, Highland Park, or anywhere else. They don’t have any more of a right to it than any white people who wish to move there for any reason. If they want cheaper places to live, I’d suggest one of two paths. Either go back in time, finish high school instead of having a baby and buy a place in the neighborhood you say was so much better then when it was very cheap because of violence, and diapers in the lake. Or convince hispanic property owners to rent their apartments or homes for a loss in order to benefit those who’d other wise be displaced.
    Obviously there are unfair burdens put on hispanic and black people (more so on black people) and we should be looking to address that as a society where we can, but for a group of people to blame small business owners just trying to get by in the same world as them is disgusting and simply stupid.

    • You read my mind, Sir! I was raised and born in Boyle Heights and am definitely tired of this bulls*t, Their rhetoric does not accomplish anything, they are just a bunch of hateful racist militant cry babies with too much time on their hands, whose parents must have listened to too much Aztlan Underground (yawn)
      they are sending a message that the community deserves to be stuck in their poverty stricken, gang infested, depressing state. I lived a few doors away from that business in a small studio years ago with my boyfriend and it was scary as hell, prostitutes and drug dealers were out every night. Why don’t they help empower the youth and community by renting their own damn business and set up workshops, classes, have pop up shops featuring the work of local artists, try to inspire and help the locals understand that they mean more and can be more than the role they were assigned and must play in the society?
      What about making the effort to make a better life for ourselves, finish our degrees, get decent jobs and try to get our parents and selves out of the “hood.” The point is not to stay and fight for our right to be poor, but to rise above the hand we were dealt and get the hell out. East Los depresses the hell out of me, I’ve been in and around the neighborhood for the last 20 years, nothing changes, it continually remains the belly of the beast in Los Angeles.

      The world does not revolve around Boyle Heights or East Los but it does for these pendejos unfortunately (for them.) Don’t tell me we have to settle for the short end of the stick, my family were Mexican migrant workers who worked and lived in shanty towns in Ventura, they suffered injustices and poverty in the worst way, my family were constantly discriminated against, my brothers were terrorized by a group of cops who ran into our house one day and beat the hell out of them, because they dared to defend and talked back to the cops as they were attempting to arrest my brother Vincent, whom they tailed because he looked “suspicious,” Either you surrender and live and die in your circumstances or become wise and challenge the mindset of these protestors. Yes, you can, if you want it, it is within your reach. If I can do it, anyone can, here I am, a Chicana, a mother of two, my eldest son who happens to be severely autistic, divorced, at times I had to stretch out thirty bucks for a week for food. I struggled for years to finish Cal State, Los Angles, and I did, also finished my Masters at UCLA. Now, I have a stable teaching job at the local college.

      It is really all up to the individual if they want a better life, it’s funny how these protestors think the can be the saviors of the community, come up with excuses and select the blame for what ails and impedes their raza’s progress, if gentrification happens to make its way into the community then the Abuelo and Abuelita who live off of Mott Street will have to live with the sons and daughters in Whittier earlier than scheduled. And the man and woman who chose to have a big family because of their adherence to Catholicism will have to hustle and provide for their family in an alternative way. Change is an inevitable part of life, asi es la vida.
      What is the source of the problem?
      Certainly not some coffee house by an alleyway in Boyle Heights.

  3. Other people have probably said this before… but the anti-gentrification people are ironically speeding up gentrification by calling attention to the neighborhood. Their protests and posters just make Boyle Heights
    interesting and edgy and current, which in turn attracts the young people, artists and trend setters. If they just
    shut up about it, gentrification would happen much more slowly. As it is, they are contributing the the very thing
    they are fighting against.

  4. DBH is a racist hate group. They need to be called out as such.

  5. I used to go to protests all the time and my grandma would get mad. Shed say. “Si quieres ayudarnos a pagar la renta, ponte a trabajar.” She basically told me to get my ass to work if I wanted to help support the family. She realized back then that I didnt want my neighborhood to get trendy because living at home for free with grandma wasnt gonna cut it anymore, and I have to go to work.

  6. Just scroll through Defend Boyle Heights’ Facebook page to see the blatant racism underpinning their campaign.

  7. “Hipsters” is code word for white people. They should just drop the pretense. We all get it where they are coming from.

    • I think they dropped the pretense already when they twisted “Weird Wave” coffee into “White Wave” coffee on their posters – complete with octopus graphic. That is where it goes to straight up racism.

  8. I wonder how many of these DBH protesters frequent the two corporate owned Starbucks in Boyle Heights?

  9. It is a tiny group, doing all the protesting. They do not speak for all of Boyle Heights, not even for a small fraction! They say coffee shops are for hipsters but I live nearby and saw them protestors, and they were the only hipsters out there! One of them was a yt who was yelling at people. If you look at how they troll and bully online, you can see they have no real interest in social justice — the threats on the insta of the shop are amazing. This is not really about gentrification, it’s just a way to find an enemy and feel good about hatred. It’s about clobbering some guy who tried to open a tiny ass coffee shop. Pick on big developers, quit with the low hanging fruit. Also, if you’re not from Boyle Heights, stop speaking in the name of Boyle Heights. Get out my community. I’m serious.

  10. I’m gonna bring the crew to buy some coffee at this spot just on principle that small biz owners shouldn’t be bullied. Thanks for giving us an extra reason to support this spot.

  11. In the background of the opening still image of the second video, you can see a billboard for a payday loan outfit. To me, this illustrates one of the many problems of the DBH approach. They are going after the most marginal targets with street theatrics and harassment – catnip for divas with bullhorns and adrenaline junkies who want to slap up stickers and or wear a mask and intimidate people. Why not take on a corporate force that has real oppressive power and malevolence? Because that would be hard and less visible.

  12. Dhb is a hate group. Real latino community leaders need to intervene quickly before these idiots do more than post racist memes on fb. Could one of their high school teachers step up and school them on the actual cause of high rent? (hint it’s low supply)

  13. DBH is a laughing stock and why they still get coverage by The Eastsider is even funnier seeing that Eastsider get its revenue from the paid advertisement of Nela and Boyle Hts. realty for sale.
    They are a hate group and were made to look the fool when they protested a self made immigrants gallery in The industrial area of Boyle Hts.. Since he is white I guess they thought he was a rich thieving invader, little did they know (which is common for DBH) the gallery owner literally had to swim across a river in the cover of dark to escape communism. The irony of these pretend socialist acting like a pudgy version of the gustoppo was not lost on anyone witnessing the debacle.

    Attacking Antigua is another feather in their cap of stupidity as the owner is local, a role model for other people from the neighborhood. He illistrates what not succumbing to “playing victim” looks like.
    These self proclaimed activst couldn’t tell you the first thing about what it takes to better themselves because its all about what they percieve is being done to them and they cannot envision a path forward. Maybe protest the gun/gang violence in BH or the epidemic of kids carrying guns and then being surprised when the police pop rounds into them. Coffee shops are not the enemy , lol. I wonder how many voted in any of the last elections that directly effected them? I’m calling for 0.

    • wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore

      Antigua is actually run by a community role model, yet these pompous children try to tear the business down? How come fancy coffee is only for white people? Don’t we get to have our own damn hipster coffee too?

  14. DBH is being ridiculous and racist. Attacking coffee shops make no sense. Maybe they should attack cleaner streets and better schools too? It is not ok for them to be so blatantly racist against white people either. Equality goes both ways.

  15. How dare DBH discredit a Vietnam Vet and make fun of him on Facebook live, DBH you should be ashamed.

  16. Satan Loves You

    Getting all my coffee here from now on. Upside down cross approved!

  17. The radical left is in a state of cannibalization. Protect your communities, demand equal rights etc. but attacking a symptom won’t cure the disease. Your neighborhood is pilfered with predatory pay day lenders, liquor stores and fast food.

    Fresh food, high quality products and independently owned businesses that are not the former should not be feared.

    • These kids aren’t the radical anything. They’re too ignorant to understand even basic political affiliation, let alone the actual reasons behind the changes in their community. They can’t even be bothered to find out who owns what business in the neighborhood, they just assume that only white people open coffee shops…which pretty much says all you need to know about their level of intellectual curiosity and their limited world view.

  18. Concerned resident

    Good for Boyle Heights

  19. The protesters are ridiculous. If they keep ratcheting up their hateful rhetoric something really bad might happen.


  20. I’m really happy and proud of DBH and I hope it sparks a wave of similar protests across the nation. So sick of seeing the urban poor getting displaced by yuppies who wanna slum it in the ‘hood for cred. $5 coffee is always the canary in the coalmine…fight it.

    • Really? Closing down a coffee shop will solve the problems of the urban poor? How many gang related shootings/murders have happened in BH this spring? Didn’t hear a peep from DBH then. Just call it what it is: bigoted, hateful, small minded, brown Trumps who won’t even show their faces. Weak.

    • None of the other real evils listed here seem to phase you laraza? Its pretty clear you are a member or at least a sympathizer of the group by your handle, one of the things I noticed on the failed Facebook live feed was the number of real local people who were like “what are these babies problem?” The answer? Abject racism and small world view. You want headlines go protest the Starbucks in Boyle Heights they are the ones diverted local dollars or the predatory pay day loans as someone mentioned. Jesus, the McDonalds that keeps diabetes the biggest threat the health of the Latino community. Maybe learn up on how to make real change in the community by learning to apply for historical status for older residences that are under threat of eviction.

      The real astonishing thing about DBH is the lack of education on display in coordination with the shouting down tactic that only makes them look like infantile children with grasp of reality or communication. Keep up the useless fight DBH, it makes great comic relief.

    • If you don’t want a buy a “$5” cup of coffee, fine don’t, but it is none of your business if I want to buy one or someone else does. You really have a skewed vision of reality. Go back to school and learn something.

    • Um. The Americano on Ice is only 2.50

    • apennyadaymakessense

      It’s $1.50 for a coffee, not $5. I bought one today. Cheaper than Starbucks

    • wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore

      Not really what’s going on here, dum dum. Next time, read the article.

  21. Defend Boyle Heights is an insanely misguided group; I wish outlets like the Eastsider and LA Weekly would stop giving them attention, or perhaps write editorials exposing their folly. For one, they claim to fight cultural “violence” (as they call gentrification) with hate speech — singling out a group of people and calling them, in DBH’s own words, “the problem” is virtually never the solution. Even if we do define gentrification as violence, should we then fight violence with hatred and division? Secondly, as others have pointed out, they seem to do zero research on their victims; if you do want to target the gentrification of Latino neighborhoods, why in the hell are you targeting establishments owned by Latinos, owned by immigrants, and operated in sync with organizations like Homeboy Industries?

    I’m not saying that gentrification is a net good; it’s not — is a complex issue that comes with a whole lot of damage potential. Displacement is a real problem, and a hugely significant one. But why are we targeting new neighbors who, for the most part, have come to these parts of LA so that they can live (just barely) affordably, so that they can work as creatives, so that they can open local businesses? When it comes to displacement, why are we not targeting the root of the disease: The greedy property owners — many of which haven’t given a single shit about their Eastside properties for years — who take advantage of tenants by gouging their rents once they get wind of the neighborhood’s newfound hipness? Why are we not fighting instead for a rent control for all of Los Angeles county, to keep this sort of exploitation at bay? At the end of the day, your new “hipster” neighbor doesn’t control your rent; the property owner does. Infighting among neighbors while the (already wealthy) greedy folks at the top just keep getting richer is a disgrace.

    • DVT, your argument isn’t different than that of Defend Boyle Heights; you’re just pointing your finger at a different scapegoat, in this case, property owners.

      • You know what, you’re right. I apologize for that — though I admit that I’m personally frustrated by the money-over-humanity behavior I’ve seen exhibited by many local property owners first-hand, I don’t mean to generalize all property owners. Singling out a particular group is indeed sinking as low as DBH.

        What I mean to focus on here is the idea of targeting laws — in this case, campaigning for a fair rent control for all renters — that may actually help reduce displacement, which is what DBH claims to be fighting. It’s disheartening to me that these young people are channeling their time, energy and passion toward a misguided, hate-oriented activism, when they could apply that activist drive toward changes that may actually make a difference in the fight against displacement.

  22. I am going to frequent these coffee shops and tell all my friends. We have a huge network of foodies always looking for new and interesting places. I even think that we will see if Jonathan Gold, from LA Times would like to do an article on them. Yea….let’s support these businesses!! They are going to help these neighborhoods in the long run. There is NOTHING that DBH can do to stop progress. If they would turn their lazy protesting into actions that would benefit them (like getting educated, improved employment opportunities) they could join the adult, responsible world and actually buy property (what a concept).

    They are losing but are too stupid to know it.

    • wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore

      I wouldn’t call a coffee shop “progress” but DBH cannot stop the forces of capitalism. If the neighborhood wants the coffee, they will buy the coffee. The DBH clowns just made it so a LOT more people will be coming to their hood to buy coffee (and hopefully support other small businesses in the area!)

  23. Both sides are morons

    • “both sides”? actually there are many different perspectives on this. Not even sure what you mean by “both sides.” Pro and contra gentrification? The question is instead more along the lines of: who is responsible for rent hikes. A small coffee shop, who rents their space, in my opinion is less culpable than large developers. And I agree with the person above who asked why DBH doesn’t attack commercial property owners. it really makes no sense. If they don’t want a coffee shop, the owner of that building will rent the space to someone else, and they won’t care who else, as long as the renter can pay up. They will bully the coffee shop to leave, and then what? If you want a laundrymat, get a small business loan and open one. But that seems like a bluff because they told one of the art galleries they needed a laundrymat and the gallery agreed to put in washers and dryers and DBH said “No, fuck you, give us the keys to this space and move out.” But if they hand over the keys, that means DBH has to pay the rent on the space! People need to start speaking up and not let DBH control this conversation. It’s not even a conversation. They just want to shout everyone down and their only position is GTFO. But like I said, some of them are not even from BH, so how to decide who needs to GTFO? This whole thing is like bullies from high school, who needs this shit.

  24. These DBH guys are the worst. Several years ago we shot a short film in the neighborhood. Everyone treated us well and we bought food locally for the crew. We were incredibly respectful of the neighborhood and spread a lot of money around. Then in the middle of a night shoot someone came up to the producer and asked her, in a very threatening way, why there weren’t any “Hispanic” people working on the film.

    When our producer informed this individual that she was half-Ecuadoran and that the lead actor was half-Panamanian, and that there were, in fact, numerous crew members and cast of Hispanic descent this individual skulked off.

    But really, who cares if all of us were from Norway?

    The racism of DBH is unbelievable.

  25. I’m vowing to buy my coffee from Antigua! Thanks for the heads up. The owner of Antigua is a proud, hard working son of immigrants. Good for him! I’ll support that!

  26. Cal State LA is ranked number one in the country for upward mobility. I went there and am a child of an immigrant. Protesting folks, check it out….. it’s in yer hood!

    • Education allows you to get better paying jobs, which allows you to buy your own house. Nice going, Alex. I’m sure they’ll be picketing Cal State LA next.

    • I’m the child of Irish famine immigrants at the great-grandparent level. My own parents were the first (and sole) members of their respective families to get bachelor’s degrees, and where my mom got hers was, working her way through Cal State LA while nursing fulltime at the VA Hospital. Your comment is great, and good for you!!

  27. is DBH a hate group?

    Is DBH a hate group? Decide for yourself after looking at their FB page. I just did. Here is the most recent comment in their post on weird wave:

    Richard Vs Fuck this!!!!
    brick and bat alleys
    Windows are about to get smashed ….Locals Only Fuck off

    So “locals only fuck off,” huh? That’s why black families have been pushed out of boyle heights so brutally over the years–straight up fire bombed. They say it’s different, but it looks the same.

  28. These comments made me get my friends and family together and go to join the protesters in the next protest

    • interesting, they made me do the opposite. I will definitely go to that coffee shop.

    • Hilarious – and you should! Go out and protest, work as little as possible for minimum wage and get priced out of the neighborhood. Then, us educated folks with jobs can start improving the neighborhood and Defend Boyle Heights against crime and gangs!

  29. Note how they cover their faces to hide their racist identities. Just like the KKK.

    The coffee shop owners should call the police as many times as needed to eradicate these cockroaches. They are being blatantly harassed by a racist hate group.

  30. If it wasn’t for these said ‘hipsters’ a local Boyle Heights restaurant (Guisados) would have never been able to expand their family empire and open up multiple locations outside of the neighborhood. You’re anger is being expressed in the wrong direction. Crips not Coffee is a much bigger issue to focus on for the greater good of the neighborhood. Beans not Bloods.

  31. ¨A little learning is a dangerous thing.¨

  32. It’s definitely the small white business owners and art galleries who are to blame, not the billions of international money going into downtown and radiating extra high rents along all of its perimeters. We are getting extremely high profile international architects bringing lots of attention with them to downtown and arts district at the moment. Cities change overtime, areas get better, some get worse… there will be a highrise in Boyle Heights one day. Probably when I’m dead. DBH is extremely selfish and expect the growth to just go around them. Rents are already high in Boyle Heights along with the rest of LA regardless of this coffee shop, even if all the white stores leave, rents will still be high. But at the same time minimum wage is being raised until 2020 yearly… It used to go up like a quarter every year, now its a dollar. Why isn’t anyone complaining about that?Minimum wage goes up… so does your rent and everything else. The ratio will always be pretty close, I mean these politicians aren’t about to let us actually enjoy your extra money. People need to understand that when you rent. It’s never permanent so sacrifice 2-3 years to get a downpayment on whatever you can afford, even if the neighborhood is not that great, but you will never be forced out. So let Boyle Heights progress… Sorry for the rant.

  33. You cannot stop gentrification. There is a critical housing shortage in Los Angeles and that is driving gentrification not some coffee shop. These businesses pop up in the neighborhood months or sometimes years after the new residents arrive. Wait until the new 6th street bridge opens up connecting Boyle Heights with the Arts District. Go to Redfin. There are many listings for multi family housing in Boyle Heights and all the descriptions in the listings say “up and coming”. Wait until the Ellis Act evictions start if they have not started already. So if you are a renter in Boyle Heights I would start looking to move to Pomona or San Bernaridino because you are going to be evicted eventually especially if you live in an apartment built after 1978 and not subject to rent control.

    • You got it right CityTerrace63 , the overall plan for Boyle Heights is far beyond the comprehension of these DBH clowns, there are multi international Canadian and Chinese firms cementing property purchases on both sides of the river as we speak. i just lost a shop space in the Arts District after a 200% rent increase and I didn’t whine like a little baby or picket , I knew gentrification would come, now its time find something cheaper or change my business model.
      These self proclaimed radical socialist obviously never built anything and have no idea what it takes to survive without living in Mom’s basement, how dare there chubby little asses protest SelfHelp Graphics or mom and pop coffee shops, or self started galleries. They don’t even see this as flawed, the whole “well it started a dialogue” is BS because all they do is throw tantrums when faced with the truth. I’m sure they would shit if somebody put poster glue on abulitas window but it’s ok to do to someone else property?

      • wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore

        Your comment is laced with not-so-thinly-veiled racist comments. Try to focus on the issue, here, not invoking “Abuelitas.”

        • So if he would have said grandma instead of abuelita then it wouldn’t be racist.

        • Take it as you like, DBH pulled race into the issue, the statement sympathetic to the idea that it is ok to label someones private property with glued on posters is is what is being countered, and by looking at the age of most of DBH I highly doubt they are living outside of their families house which is most likely grandma, aka Abuelita, not to mention one of the protesters posters actually says “they are kicking out grandma and grandpa for hipsters”. If “Abuelita” is not Spanish for “granny” Entonces lo siento.

        • Seriously? Get over this ridiculous identity politics BS – we are ALL guilty of racial bias at times, ESPECIALLY many of the Latino residing in the community of Boyle Heights.

      • To be honest I never knew this place existed until I read this article. Now I have a new spot to go get my morning coffee and pastry. Funny thing is that these protestors are giving this place free publicity. You know what they say: There is no such thing is as bad publicity.

  34. I only support starbucks, hope that helps out the protesters.

    • Me too…and Speedy Cash and the 99 Cent Only Store! I hate when these small business try to take away from the amazing corporate giants 😉

  35. Such a patronizing view of the people Defend Boyle Heights claims to be defending. That the renters in BH can not do anything to help themselves and must have their neighborhood preserved in stagnation in order to survive. Anyone with any self worth desires to progress regardless of adversity they face. DBH it’s you keeping your people down with your belittling view of the people you claim to be defending.

  36. I think that groups like DBH could make a positive impact by holding workshops that educate Boyle Heights residents on the details of the rent-control ordinance. I’m 100% opposed to their hateful rhetoric, and I think it’s utterly ridiculous and cruel for them to harass small-business owners, but many buyers of multifamily buildings in Boyle Heights and other areas in L.A. try to subvert the rent-control laws to evict lower-income tenants. It seems that most renters do not understand the ins and outs of the law, which leaves them vulnerable to investors who come in and exploit their ignorance to get them to vacate their units.

    A few years ago, my coworker (a T.A. and community-college student who worked in our school’s computer lab) told me his landlord asked him and his mother to vacate their apartment in Boyle Heights because the landlord wanted to move in a family member. After we established that his apartment was covered under rent control, I told him the landlord would have to pay him relocation, which was around $7000 (or more) back then. He ended up agreeing to vacate for a month’s free rent. That was his choice, but at least he knew the rules. Most renters don’t.

  37. the leaders of the movement is this woman Elizabeth Blaney – she runs a group called “Union de Vecinos” also BHAAD, UltraRed, and the Tenants Union East Side. its like a hall of mirrors designed to make it look like a popular movement. (She’s also a homeowner and landlord ironically, daughter of Dodgers VP Charly Blaney).
    Anyhow her charity Union de Vecinos has a $400,000 budget and hey use it antagonizing art galleries, coffee sho;s – they are also at war with Self Help Graphics, ELACC, Alfred Frijo’s group LURN and just about anyone else in the neighborhood. They opposed the Gold Line, they oppose voting…

    • FINALMENTE someone speaks it on here. Some of the online hating on the art galleries and the coffee shop is by kids from an art school, Cal Arts. Click and follow, and you don’t end up in Boyle Heights, but w/ white kidz in …Valencia?! Who the fuck are they to say whether working people in BH need a coffee shop or not? it’s insulting. Also mildly racist.

      • Yes a good number of CalArts kids have been drawn into Blaney’s orbit… beyond that its remarkable how many of the little cadre are white – Blaney, Don’t Rhine, Walt Senterfitt, Kean Obrien, Maria Obrien are all white exhibiting artists! And Steven Rodriguez works at Side Street Projects and is off to Yale in the fall… Vanguards of the proletariat!

        • Ha steven rodriguez is A) not from boyle heights b) doesn’t live in boyle heights and c) actually lives in swank loft on skid row. hard to even wrap the head around all the contradictions. I thought we were supposed to be against gentrification? If so, why is he a gentrifier?

    Also, notice that this crew of white folks, in addition to some brown artist folks like Elizabeth Blaney’s partner in crime, Leonardo Vilches, also of Ultrared/LA Tenants Union/Union des Vecinos, are always trashing their POC peers in LA arts (like long time CalArts professor Charles Gaines, Wendy Yao, the people of Self Help Graphics) in their quest to center themselves and their “activism.” The f— out of here with all that. Self-serving attention grabbing garbage. This isn’t your little “social practice” art project, this is real life.

  39. Isn’t ironic that all these people are whining and complaining about new comers settling in the neighborhood, when Boyle Heights use to be a mostly Jews and Japanese. Funny how the the current residents had no problem moving in and setting up business’s, but when other do it, it’s so wrong. It’s called progress people, get on board or just get over it. If you don’t like it, just move like the Jews and the Japanese did.

  40. Galleries close all the time ,usually when Dad’s money runs out. These mouth breathers claiming it as a victory are hilarious, it’s like a Portlandia skit.
    Yes Boyle Heights we are laughing at you, you are a show of irony in itself. the link claiming victory and citing the PUBLICLY FUNDED Pico Gardens community as an “at risk” group is a complete joke. You know all of LA pays for that right? So you can dictate who comes in and out of the industrial area that has ZERO residents part from the old houses that exist just before the hill. You guys are a laughing stock. Why didn’t you protest WhiteCap when they opened up? Because you’d get your ass beat by contractors trying to work thats why, go for the soft targets I guess.

    Yes, WhiteCap who actually sell the building supplies that WILL gentrify Boyle Heights, The breweries will come, the “White Devil” with there clean yards and loved dogs will start moving in. You’re going to see a lot more Korean and Chinese people in the hood and there is not one thing you can do about it. Diversity is good, change is good , keep fighting the stupid war DBH.

  41. My wife and I grew up in Boyle Heights and are now raising our 2 kids in the same home I grew up. I can tell you as a current and long time BH resident that we need change and we need it fast and since we the Hispanic occupants of BH did not and will not bring any positive change then lets support the other people who are and will. I feel unsafe taking my babies out for a stroll at night, when my wife and I want to go take our kids out we have to drive out of Boyle Heights because we simply have nothing here. We the residence of Boyle Heights are tired of the old dirty streets filled with trash and gangs and crimes. We are starving for change and we will embrace it, we are all tired of the same Mexican restaurants and taco stands. We want choices and we want change. Look at the new Panda Express on Soto and Whittier blvd the place just opened and its packed with Mexicans all day and night because we want and need variety and we are all starving for options and new choices to be able to live a better life.

    Instead of trying to push this Coffee shop out of our neighborhood or any other new stores and keeping our neighborhood a run down hole in the wall we should be supporting them otherwise we will have less option for our people of our community. I grew up with nothing in our community and I dont want my kids growing up in that same environment.

    As a Mexican American that was raised in Boyle Heights myself and my wife totally support any new busineses that come to our communit including this coffee shop, as a matter of fact I will be going to this coffee shop this weekend to enjoy a drink with my family.

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