Frogtown bike shop is now also full restaurant

Spoke’s outdoor restaurant | Courtesy Greg Rogers

ELYSIAN VALLEY — Calling itself “the first combination bike shop/cafe in Los Angeles,” Spoke Bicycle Cafe has expanded its menu into a full-service restaurant.

Located along the L.A. River bike and pedestrian path, Spoke Bicycle was opened by avid cyclists Laurie Winston and Richard Latronica  as a bike shop and events venue, with just some refreshments on the weekends, according to their web page. But now Spoke has dramatically expanded its cafe operation.

Spoke Bike Cafe, overseen by chef Laurie Parsley-Gonzales (formerly of Kitchen Mouse in Highland Park), has begun offering breakfast all day, sandwiches, salads, bowls, and snacks. Dinner service is expected to begin sometime in June.The drink selection includes wine, kombucha, almond milk, and beers that LA Weekly notes are “100 percent local.”

Spoke also, lest we forget, offers bike rentals, repairs, tune-ups and tire changes.

Spoke Café is located in the 3000 block of N.Coolidge Avenue in Frogtown, right along the bike path.

Open-faced breakfast toast | Courtesy Greg Rogers

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  1. wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore

    What’s sad is the TERRIBLE attitude the owners have. They are always so damn unpleasant whenever I’m in there. They’ve been lucky about the lack of competition in the neighborhood for now, but they’re going to get blown out of the water once La Colombe opens. Cannot wait for the market to correct itself on this one!!!

    • Smile for chrisssakes!

      Duuuuude!!! My sentiments exactly. I was just there this past weekend, and it was almost as if they were being held at gunpoint. They have ZERO concept of service. It’s insane. I had to ask the woman working the register if she was having a good day. WTF?! Not a friendly gesture/attitude in sight. At first I thought it was because I am brown skinned but noticed this was the attitude generally. Just terrible. I hate places like this, where their attitudes really kill the atmosphere. I don’t need someone kissing my ass, but COME ON. Look at me in the eye and acknowledge that I’m a fellow human being paying you money for your food and service. It’s a choice I made, willingly, and I assume you did also in opening this business. JEE-ZUS. Smile or something. Made me consider opening my own place there that is much more welcoming. Anything would be better honestly.

      • wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore

        Sad! Very bad service, which is a shame, because their chef/the food is actually really good!

        It’s not just you — everyone I know who has been in there has commented on the same attitude “problem.”

        • Somehow it feels better to know it wasn’t just me that felt like there was a lack of enthusiasm with the front counter service. It was as if my order of a cup of coffee was interrupting their day. It took FOREVER to get it delivered to the table. Then it was put down on the table with a grimace on the face of the server. The new decor is festive, the food looked delicious but it is going to be good service that will keep people returning.

      • If you’re anything in real life like you are with this comment, I wouldn’t want to talk to you either let alone smile at you.

  2. glad to see the neighborhood is becoming a more comprehensive mixture of places to sleep, work and eat.

  3. I went this weekend for the first time while on the river ride and had The best time!! The food and coffee were to die for (I had the chopped salad and an almond latte) and the live music really made the experience.

  4. My favorite place in LA has food and beer now and I don’t even have to get off my bike, couldn’t be happier about the expansion. One of LA’s true local businesses in my own hood.

  5. Surely WheelHouse downtown was “the first combination bike shop/cafe in Los Angeles”?

  6. Not sure what the negative nells are talking about. This place is awesome and the people that work there are so warm and friendly! The veggie burger has to be the best one I have had in town. Its such a cool, kickback place to go and chill by the river.

    • The voice of reason

      This site has the worst trolls I’ve ever seen anywhere in the comments sections. Plain and simple.

  7. I am so happy to have a low-key place for dinner that I can walk to in the neighborhood…finally. I have found the service to be warm and helpful and the food is great! I would recommend this place without hesitation. Keep up the great work Spoke.

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