Police shoot recent high school grad in El Sereno


EL SERENO — An investigation is underway in the police shooting of an 18-year-old man Thursday afternoon.

The LAPD’s Hollenbeck Division officers conducted a pedestrian stop at about 3:15 p.m. in the 4400 block of Turquoise Street, said Officer Rosario Herrera. At some point during the pedestrian stop, one of the officers shot the man.

The suspect was struck and transported to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries, said Herrera. No officers were injured.

A gun was recovered at the scene, but it is unclear what lead to the shooting. A description of the suspect and the officer was not available at this time.

Neighbors said the man graduated from high school this week, said NBC4.

Lucy Guanuna is a freelance reporter who has covered a variety of issues, including business, education and social justice movements in her native Los Angeles. Her work has been published in the Daily Sundial, L.A. Activist, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

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  1. A) The grammar in this article is atrocious B) Graduating high school is not some sort of accomplishment C) Who cares that he graduated? What does that have to do with the reason he was shot?

    • A) England is THAT WAY—->

      B) *Not in the devils world.

      C) Walking

    • A) Write your own news post on your own local news blog.
      B) Graduating is an accomplishment.
      C) “Who Cares that he graduated?” – this question belongs in part your part B. not C. This point probably has to do with the NBC news reference, you foolio.

    • You are atrocious! Graduating HIGH SCHOOL is an ACCOMPLISHMENT!!

      • No, it’s not, especially not now when a D minus is a passing grade. Not graduating from high school is embarrassing, both for the minor and the parents. Raise the bar.

        • Raise the bar? Hmmm . . . Why don’t you start your own News blog and and run for the school board- make it happen.

          • Its interesting how you’re taking offense to comments on a public blog. Thats what the comments section is for, i dont need to start my own blog. Also, your anger seems misdirected. You should fight for higher standards at our local schools so graduation isnt just a ceremonial thing.

        • Students don’t even need to pass the CAHSEE anymore to graduate, and there is no minimum requirement for teachers to follow when they create their curriculum. Many options schools and charters have lower standards for students and let them pass with less work. It’s truly depressing to attempt to maintain high standards for ones’ students when so many of my peers are giving students an easy way out.

  2. . . belongs in your part B*

  3. This is irresponsible garbage “journalism” designed to create a divisive reader response. Somehow, an unrelated detail is used to distract and delegitimization the actual story. The headline should read:

    “Police Officer Shoota MAN in El Soreno During Traffic Stop”

    And perhaps some mention of a recovered gun is in order, but the fact that he is a college grad distracts from the actual story and somehow makes it appear that the MAN was an innocent victim of police brutality….And here’s a factual statistic for you – Young men between ages 16-24 are most likely to commit a crime: https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/VIOCRM.PDF – As a recent HS graduate, I have to assume he between that age range.

  4. There was an earlier report that this kid was the brother of one of the murderers of the two young girls found in Debs Park. His name is Echeverria too. I’m sure this kid was on the cops radar – this wasn’t his first rodeo.

    • But he was a high school graduate! That in itself should allow him to be in the 18th Street gang and carry a gun without the pesky “police state” interfering in his business, right?

  5. The LAPD apparently does not consider Echeverria an “ex” gang member, as does his family who state he was “targeted and shot” by police. If targeted means that officers thought he was walking the streets armed, and had a recent previous arrest for the same crime, then perhaps targeted is an okay word to use. I’m glad the police are occasionally proactive, as in this instance, and that no police were injured or killed.

    A semi-automatic hand gun was recovered at the scene…glad the guy didn’t have a chance to “target and shoot” anyone with it.


    • Thank you for the additional information and providing an official link to support your statement!

      If the author of this post was less interested in spreading propaganda and more interested in promoting factual events of the story, perhaps the community could unite to stop this type of irresponsible violence and save lives of both the police and members of the community. Instead, the author uses identity politics to divide us – This type of “journalism” is irresponsible and dangerous; greatly diminishing the sacred responsibility the press has taken on to keep the public informed.

  6. Description of the officer? Ummm dark blue uniform and most likely not white ,in NELA. Nice race baiting insinuation though, like the officer should be treated as a suspect not someone protecting the public ;unlike a gun toting 18yr old out to do what? with a gun in his wsistband……community service?

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