Echo Park pastor detained by ICE

Noe Carias is the pastor of a church that holds services in a Temple Street shopping center

ECHO PARK — The pastor of an evangelical church was detained during a routine meeting with immigration officials on Monday, raising fears the undocumented Guatemalan immigrant will be deported.

Noe Carias is the pastor of Iglesia Pentecostés Cristo La Roca de Poder, a church that holds services in a Temple Street shopping center. After checking in to a meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Carias was taken into custody, reports the L.A. Times.

The 42-year-old Carias ignored a 1995 deportation order but has been granted one-year stays during the last two years, according to his attorney.

ICE officials did not say why Carias, who is married to a U.S.citizen and has two children, was detained. But his attorney, Noemi Ramirez, said ICE “decided to say he’s removable because of his ’95 decision.”

Victoria Carias learned her husband was being held as she waited for him to come out of his meeting with ICE officials.

“I thought everything was going to be fine,” she said, according to KPCC. “We were very hopeful.”

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  1. Focussing on the wrong person. ICE should look into Defend Boyle Heights group.. They have been harassing legal residents and destroying property.

    • Agreed, both the LAPD and ICE should focus on that group.

      However, re Noe Carias, the LA Times quotes ICE: “Mr. Carias is a repeat immigration violator who has assumed multiple identities and nationalities over the years in order to evade federal immigration enforcement,” the agency said. “During previous encounters with immigration authorities, his actions have established a pattern of misrepresentation or deception to law enforcement, resulting in his removal from the United States on at least three occasions.”

      He has broken our laws and sets himself up as a leader of the people, for whom he is a poor example.

      • Immigrants can not come to United States and hide behind any religion. The Gospel of Christ is America’s faith. Nada mas but Jesus and the power of his blood..

    • Unfortunately, they are entitled AMERICANS. If they were true immigrants, they would most likely be fighting for a better life for their family, not trying to keep the ghetto, ghetto for selfish reasons.

  2. NeighborhoodSniper

    What’s a Church Pastor gonna do? Doesn’t ICE have more dangerous people to detain? ICE is really abusing their power here.

  3. Nice poop throw, Tim! unga bunga!

  4. This is low hanging fruit. Any time ICE spends on detaining decent people the less time and resources they will have to go after violent gangs and drug dealers. I can see it now. With the cameras rolling, ICE moves in with AK 47s, knocks him to the ground, puts their knee on his neck, and handcuffs him. Then they find out he’s a pastor of a Pentcostal church preaching hope to his community. Oops! Doesn’t ICE have better things to do?

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