Inflatable dam planned for L.A. River; holiday shopping at the L.A. Coroner’s gift shop; Garcetti not running for governor

River Dam: A permit could soon be issued to allow the construction of an inflatable dam across the L.A. River next to Lincoln Heights. The rubber dam is part of a $10 million art and history project that includes a 70-foot-high water wheel. If successful, rubber dams could be installed along other parts of the river. L.A. Times

Coroner Gift Shop: Looking for Halloween or Day of the Dead gifts?  The Skeletons in the Closet gift shop at the L.A. County County’s Coroner’s headquarters in Lincoln Heights sells everything from body bags to crime scene tape and, yes, skeleton displays. L.A. Times

Garcetti: Mayor Eric Garcetti says he is not interested in running for governor but has not denied speculation that he could be a presidential candidate in the 2020 election. L.A. Times

Real Estate: Swoonworthy Atwater Duplex by bettershelter! (Sponsored)

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Morning Fog, Echo Park | Photo by Kelly Erickson

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  1. don’t believe mayor garcetti when he says that he is not interested in running for governor of california.
    he just doesn’t want to become a candidate if he can’t guarantee enough votes to make the run-off.
    without a doubt, garcetti would like to become governor or president – both are very good positions for a politician.
    both positions offer a good salary and provide 100% free housing and household expenses in the compensation package,
    this suits garcetti and his growing family since he sold-off his los angeles residential property following his election as mayor and susequent relocation to Getty House in hancock park where the city picks up all the bills

  2. i was surprised by mayor garcetti’s media announcement this sunday that he he won’t enter the race for governor of california.
    surprised because i wasn’t aware of anyone expecting or desiring that garcetti should seek election as governor.
    garcetti has always focused himself on leveraging political alliances and patronage to increase his electoral appeal and succesfully climb the political career ladder.
    therefore, the announcement on sunday contains nothing of significance to the general public, but is quite relevant to garcetti’s ambitious strategizing within the california democrat party.
    you may recall garcetti claiming that trump’s election has changed all the rules when considering the credentials required to become become a viable candidate for president.
    once again, don’t believe this statement from garcetti.
    he has serious aspirations to the white house and his top priority is building out a traditional resume required of a viable candidate seeking nomination within a major national party.

  3. mayor garcetti still needs to complete an absolute minimum 2 years holding position as california governor or u.s. senator to reach viability within a major party presidential ticket.
    A garcetti campaign for election to the office of governor of california in 2018 would predictably have eaten into voter support
    going towards lt. governor gavin newson.
    the prospects of ca state controller john chiang would have gained the most as a net result.
    sunday’s announcement by garcetti that he won’t run for governor is a strong indication that behind-closed-door negotiations have concluded, inside deals were agreed upon, and the political alliances for 2018 have been set.
    expect statements and actions by garcetti which indicate his support of gavin newson.
    expect a gradual build by garcetti which eventually results in official endorsement of newson’s candidacy.
    expect a similar pattern from garcetti culminating in his official support and endorsement of feinstein’s bid for reelection to the u.s. senate.
    lots of different scenarios could play out in the next few years which affect political alliances and alter candidate prospect.
    But if newson becomes the next governor and feinstein holds on in the senate, then don’t be surprised in a couple of years
    if feinstein announces her retirement and gov. newson selects garcetti to serve the remainder of her term.
    then look for garcetti to parlay all of his achievements within the party and his public accomplishments into winning selection to run for vice president on the democrat ticket.
    if then elected, garcetti would stand only one rung down from the white house
    and would have his family residence and household in washington provided at taxpayer covered expense within blair house.

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