Tracy Do, “The Best” for Buying and Selling Your Home in Silver Lake

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For the fourth consecutive year, Tracy Do has been voted “The Best” in Silver Lake real estate, receiving her award at a recent gala hosted by The Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Tracy has worked in Silver Lake for over 15 years and says, “there’s no place quite like it. The geography, the variety of architecture. But mostly it’s the people. Whether you’re a newer arrival or longtime resident of 40 or even 50 years, you love Silver Lake for its beauty, location, and especially for its strong sense of community.”

Tracy affectionately recalls selling her very first home in the Moreno Highlands. When pressed on which of her hundreds of sales in Silver Lake was her favorite, she demurs. “They’re all great,” she says with a smile. “Because each has a story behind it. So many hopes and dreams are based around the sale or purchase of our personal residence. Home is about the life that has been lived in a specific place, or the life that will be lived in a specific place. My job is to help people through an important transition, and get them to where they want to be.”

Tracy and her team serve Silver Lake and its surrounding neighborhoods including Los Feliz, Echo Park and all of Northeast LA. Learn more about Tracy’s services and explore her current listings at tracydo.com.

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