Viewpoint: Angeleno Heights resident says tree trimmers went too far

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ANGELENO HEIGHTS — I am deeply saddened to report the news of the desecration of the trees of Angeleno Heights. Over the past week, I have watched the trees of my historic neighborhood systematically hacked by so-called tree trimmers hired by the City of Los Angeles. The tree cutters came to Angeleno Heights armed with four heavy-duty trucks and multiple roll-off dumpsters – they used chainsaws and lifts to cut almost all of the branches off of the street trees. Now my formerly leafy street looks like a sea of concrete.

I have lived in Angeleno Heights for 12 years and have witnessed many tree trimmings in the past that did not brutalize our neighborhood trees in this way. These tree trimmers who arrived in the vehicles of a private contractor  had no consideration or care for the trees they were trimming. This was not an instance of carefully removing limbs that may fall in a storm. It was a hack job. This was an assault on a residential neighborhood – a historic enclave on the side of the freeway – a neighborhood that desperately needs its trees to clean the air!

This kind of brutal tree trimming is a tragedy for a city that desperately needs an urban canopy to make shade and clean the air. It is shameful for the City of Los Angeles to destroy its trees in this way. I ask the city to use a different contractor and plant more street trees in Angeleno Heights.

Lea Lion is an Angeleno Heights resident

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  1. This has always bothered me and frustrated me. The City hires contractors who are not qualified nor trained to trim trees, like Lea mentioned they just do hack jobs and could potentially kill the trees. It would be great of the City required tree trimmers to have some kind of formal training in pruning and tree trimming, because these people have no idea what they’re doing. If these were the trees by the freeway, they were planted there for a reason, they serve as a sound barrier and also help clean the pollution from the freeway, and block the sight of the freeway. I look around town and I see that the landscape designers do a great job, all the plants have a purpose, but then the City hires unqualified “gardeners” who turn every tree into a ball on a stick and make every bush a box.

  2. nothing to add other than i also live in angeleno heights and completely agree with you!

  3. This is what happens when the city gives contracts to the lowest bidder instead of doing a proper vetting process! Does the company come in on/under budget? Does the company finish the job on time? Does the company do a good job? Or is the company hired because the owner has an “in” with the city or the person in charge of the selecting the contracts?

  4. The way this city treats its trees is an outrage. Trees are a resource that should be treasured, not just managed at the lowest possible cost.

  5. Yes! Agree completely. They butchered the trees here.

  6. I saw them “trimming” the trees and slammed on the brakes of my car and got out and questioned them. The lead guy – who was supposedly supervising but was down the block from the actual trimmers, sitting in his truck on his phone – said that I had two choces: pay for and trim the trees myself, or, accept this tree trimming service. There is no “in between”? The trees in our neighborhood look haggared and it will be years until they grow back to the fullness they had before. From my observation, they cut away at over 50% of nearly every tree! It’s criminal!

  7. The trees will grow back , concern yourself with bigger issues like homelessness and the gross use of Air B and B in our historic neighborhood !
    …………..signed a 52 year resident !

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