Closure of Cypress Park Burger King stirs up rumors about what’s coming next

Cypress Park burger king


CYPRESS PARK — Starbucks? Dunkin’ Donuts? The closure of the Burger King at Figueroa Street and Cypress Avenue has some residents buzzing about what will move into the vacant space.

Neighborhood BK fans in the mood for a Whopper were disappointed when the restaurant closed a few weeks ago.  Since then, the Burger King signs have been covered in black plastic, windows and doors have been boarded up and the building has been tagged (and cleaned up). There are no “Opening Soon” signs to indicate what’s coming next, and online city records did not turn up anything new for that location.

Yancey Quinones, owner of nearby Antigua Coffee Roasters, has heard some speculation about the future of the restaurant from locals walking around the area.

“It seems to me that people begin to assume a Starbucks or even a Dunkin Donuts is coming soon,” said Quinones, who said he has observed the restaurant’s slow decline over the last decade.

Quinones isn’t worried if a chain coffee house does show up. He said he welcomes the competition and hopes he can benefit from its marketing.

Dunkin’ has been expanding its presence in California, where it opened a store in Atwater Village last year. Meanwhile, two former Burger King drive-thrus in Boyle Heights — one on Soto Street, the other on Marengo Street — have been converted into Starbucks in recent years.

The Eastsider reached out to Starbucks to find out if the rumors are true. But their media relations department told us that they have “no new store openings to announce at this time.”

With a McDonald’s and an IHOP down the street and no shortage of Mexican places nearby, what kind of restaurant does Cypress Park need?

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  1. Would be a shame if the old slow Burger King becomes Dunkin Donuts rather than a Starbucks, this area has a lot of potential, high traffic, neighborhood friendly area and in need for a high end chain like Starbucks. This neighborhood I feel is deserving something of quality after years of being underserved.

    • The Burger King in Lincoln Heights did turn into a Starbucks. They should bring an in n out

    • I’ll take Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks any day of the week. Doughnuts are our friends – plus I got about 7 bucks left on a gift card I need to cash out.

      • dunkin donuts makes bad donuts, shitty coffee and their explicity mission is to take out independent shops. per the la times:

        “Everywhere in the country is competitive now,” said Chief Executive Nigel Travis in an interview. “We’ve competed pretty well.”

        But it should be the stores without chain locations who worry most, Travis suggested.

        “The independents mostly don’t have the marketing clout of major chains,” he said. “Often we pick up share from independents rather than directly from Starbucks, McDonald’s or anyone else.”

        i’m not saying ‘team starbucks all the way’ but at least they have a better product and a less toxic corporate culture

      • LA is awash in quality strip-mall donut shops – it’s kinda our specialty. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what kept DD from expanding out here for so long.

  2. The CP Burger Kings was look shameful inside, event he counter to the register was falling apart. Still, Cypress Best Burgers is the only spot to get a burger the these parts.

  3. Starbucks please.

  4. That exactly what they should put across the street from a school, a Starbucks or another crap eatery.

  5. A starbucks would be a welcome addition, I suppose. It would do very well given location.

  6. cypress park community

    cypress park needs a Starbucks they will be making a lot of money from the school in font.

  7. Calm down everyone! Not going to be either of those things! I live 2 blocks away. Stop with the click bait you all have no idea what’s going on lol and wowwww @ those wanting a Starbucks. GTFOH ? We have 2 yum yum donuts less than a mile apart and a ton of coffee shops anyways!

  8. Needs a In N OUT

  9. Opening a Dunkin’s two blocks from the original Yum Yum Donuts (their largest competitor) would be a huge feather in the cap for their development department. That said, CYPRESS BEST POR VIDA!

  10. You people are hilarious. The last thing our neighborhood needs is another coffee shop. I live only houses away and I can tell you that the last thing we want is some overpriced trendy chain donut shop like Starbucks on the corner next to a Jr. High School. You think kids are going be drinking expresso all the time? Think again. A Starbucks only appeals to gentrification wahoos and people with a caffeine fix who want to sit in a corner of the place texting and grabbing a selfie with their iPhones or on their laptops doing thier homework for hours who don’t let the next person have a seat. I’d rather see a El Pollo Loco which our neighborhood lacks and all other neighborhoods have. CIAO

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