Will ‘Slow Down’ signs really slow down Atwater Village traffic?

Slow down sign in atwater village


ATWATER VILLAGE – If you’re driving through a neighborhood and you see a sign saying “Slow Down,” will you?

Residents of Atwater Village are finding out. The Atwater Village Neighborhood Council printed up and handed out 400 such signs to people in the neighborhood, at a cost of $1,500, according to Courtney Morris, co-chair of the AVNC.

“Since the dawn of Waze, our community has seen an uptick in people cutting through our neighborhood streets to avoid traffic and accidents, but not necessarily slowing down as they make their way through our residential streets,” Morris said.

The issue became a special concern for fellow AVNC member Weston Westenborg during his run for the office.

“When I was going door to door campaigning, the number one issue that came up was speeding cars, especially in Central Atwater,” he said. “Los Feliz Boulevard is routinely backed up at the Costco exit, and so many cars cut through on Revere and Seneca, often going 40-plus miles per hour and failing to stop at the neighborhood intersections.”

Weston said this sign campaign was inspired by a similar one in Santa Barbara.

But is it working for Atwater Village? While it’s hard to say for certain, Morris said the council has received positive reports from neighbors as well as requests for more signs.

The only hitch with the program so far: A misprint on the Spanish language version of the sign. The sign was supposed to say “maneje,” meaning “drive,” but came out as “manaje,” meaning … well, meaning nothing, really – in Spanish or English.

But for that, blame the whims of email communication.

“Weston had emailed the correct spelling to our printer in several email communications,” Morris said, “but in the day of iPhone autocorrect, one email with a misspelling slipped through, and unfortunately happened to be the email the printer used when designing the signs.”

With the demand for more signs, Weston said he plans to get more printed up, this time with a fresh design, corrected spelling on the Spanish side, and possibly a Tagalog version.

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  1. I can attest to the fact that cars (and bikes) just don’t stop at stop signs in the AV! On my way to work at the Sunnynook / Valleybrink 4-way stop, I just sit there watching people blow through Valleybrink without even hesitating, on a daily basis. But the absolute worst is the 2-way stop on Appleton and Revere. Driving through there on Appleton hoping cars stop on Revere is very tense. I almost nailed a bike rider there who was speeding through on Revere…we both stopped in time with mere inches to spare. Scared the crap outta me.

    I think the signs will help. I know that I do notice them when I’m driving in the neighborhood, and it does prompt me take a look at the speedometer.

  2. I generally laugh at these signs in the Silver Lake streets and deliberately try to take them out with my bumper when I can.

  3. Motorists are nuts in this city. Speeding, tailgating, no common sense. Some dude almost ran my family down crossing the street this afternoon… dude sped up on purpose. Aiming for my stroller. See @R Patton’s post above mine and you get the mindset.

    • I will address each of your issues
      I go as fast as I want according to the traffic around and in front of me speed limits are suggestions.
      YES. Slow idiots who wont move get out of the way or park .
      “no common sense”
      Sounds like most the idiots in my way.
      “Some dude almost ran my family down crossing the street this afternoon… dude sped up on purpose. Aiming for my stroller”
      Well I don’t even believe that happened. sounds like fake news to me.
      You sound like one of those entitled pedestrian who walk out in the street without looking expecting the world to stop for you.

      • Relax, take a deep breath… it’s going to be ok.

        • R Patton is dead on. people drive too slow and refuse to move. people blindly walk out into the street and expect drivers to slam the brakes. LA has the worst drivers, and it’s not the ones who “speed” or have no “common sense.” it’s the one’s who drive like they have no where to go (sounds like you corner soul) slowing everyone else down, change lanes like no one else is on the road, or sit through green lights because it takes their brain a full minute to tell their foot to press the gas. or they are just texting their bae some nonsense delaying everyone else.

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