Eastsider Survey: Soccer field or dog park? How would you make Elysian Park better? [update]

Elysian Park


ELYSIAN PARK – If you had $12.5 million to improve Elysian Park, what would you do first? A new soccer field in Solano Canyon? Site security at the community garden? Maybe a new dog park and picnic area near a grove of carob trees?

That’s been the focus for the city’s parks department, which held a public meeting last month covering a list of possible improvements. Rose Watson, public information director for the Department of Recreation and Parks, said members of the community gave input at that meeting.

No cost estimates have been discussed yet on the projects, according to Fredy Ceja, a spokesman for Councilman Gil Cedillo. Ceja said the funding will come from the $12.5 million the L.A. Department of Water and Power provided in return for capping a reservoir in the park. Watson said the money will come from the Community Parks Enhancement Fund.

Here are the options that were discussed at the meeting. Which three would top your priority list?

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Update: As of Monday, March 5, the two choices were to hire new park rangers with security support and to build a new dog park and picnic area.

Other ideas offered up by readers included a bike skills park, skateboard park, more trash cans, fix the intersection of Stadium Way and Academy Road, trail connections and more crosswalks, use only native plants, repair the walking trail on the Echo Park side of the park.

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  1. Please, NO more dog stuff. 4/5 dogs I see in Elysian Park are UNLEASHED and it is NOT cool. I can’t walk the park safely with my own pet without worrying about your giant monster killing my small animal. Please leash your damn dogs. These people don’t deserve a dog park for their poor behavior.

    • ageeed — no dogs on thin trails. as a runner, i WILL kick your dog. especially if its on a thin trail and it runs in front of me. will not slide off a cliff to avoid your offleash dog sorry.

      also no homeless in the bushes, not safe for a park known for bodies popping up.

      also cut the grass, add water fountains and make bday parties by permit only.

    • I agree, definitely an issue. I’d advise carrying pepper spray. I do whenever I go running or walking, whether I’m with my dog or my kids or both. I’v only has it once, pit bull with no owner and no collar running directly at us when I was pushing a stroller without the dog. One eyeful and it took off.

    • Wouldn’t a dog park provide a safe area for dog owners to bring their pets to play off leash (if they wish) and help to alleviate your concerns?

  2. Put the money towards fixing all the broken down restrooms that have no working locks and lights, also Finish development of the Pedestrian sidewalks off of Boylston and Stadium way. Also all of the palm trees along Stadium way need to be cleaned up, the dead frawns that fall are sharp heavy and dangerous, shade sails over the kids play grounds for summer time, Some of the picnic areas seem to have never been finished developing, a small area for a Bike Skills Park would be a huge win in this area. Look at El Montes Mulhall Elementary School who built one on campus. It’s amazing! There’s plenty of dog parks but yeah one in this area would be cool too, and also I work here and let me tell you there are so many homeless living in the plants and hills, let’s get an Elysian Campground style area for these people to be able to stay at where they can shower, have restrooms, have bbq cooking areas, and best of all keep the rest of the park from going up in flames and not have them shower in our drinking fountains and sinks. A program where they can volunteer around the park return for food tokens and showers? And sure another Skate Park, a Bike Skills Park is the same liability as a skate park.

  3. 1. Community outreach, A letter in the mail is effective.
    2. Dodgers Stadium Comunity Relations director involvement.
    3. Kaiser’s Permanente new mental hospital Historical Comunity involment.
    3. Cross walk on Bernard and Stadium Way ASAP! Children, Families Dodgers fans, Seniors life’s are at risk everyday.
    4. ADA. Improvement all around the stadium. No side walks family’s walking on the road is uncalled for.
    5. Access from broadway to the Historical Central Park/ dog park/ soccer/ skate/ 35 acres.
    6. Lighting for the bridge at Stadium Way to Chinatown/ Yale St.
    7 . Help improve air quality major landscaping needed by the south 110 something called trees.
    8. Park ranger substation at the police academy. 8 ranger officers, not security.
    9. No excuse for the conditions of our Historical Comunity.

    There is no one there monitoring this!

  5. Just leave the Park alone! You people are always trying to make something better that was just fine the way it was. For every action, there is a reaction. Maybe like disturbing natural inhabitants, or entertaining some dog lovers to invade us Native Angelenos’ with more pilgrims. Or even entertaining some other people to come this way, who may not respect this beautiful nostalgic area, that has its rich history. Please if you want to spend tax payers money ask me and I’ll give you a 101 other suggestions!

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