Lincoln Heights to meet over converting parking lots to housing; Schwarzenegger talks Republican politics in Boyle Heights

Housing: Council District 1 will hold a community meeting tonight, March 22, to discuss a controversial plan to build affordable housing on city-owned parking lots in Lincoln Heights’ main commercial district.   The Coalition to Preserve Lincoln Heights says the proposal will hurt the business district and property values. The meeting begins at 6 pm in the Lincoln Heights Senior Center, 2323 Workman St.

Arnold:  Actor and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the Hollenbeck  Youth Center in Boyle Heights to inaugurate New Way California, his effort to revive the Republican party by attracting more moderate and centrists voters.  “Today we are the Titanic, after it hit the iceberg, but before the last bit of the ship submerged,” Schwarzenegger said of  the state party. “But unlike the Titanic, we might be able to save Leonardo DiCaprio before he goes under.”

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  1. Five public parking lots in LH are going to be taken away… from the residents, the stores and commercial interests, even the medical clinic my family goes to.

    Why do I care? There’s nowhere else to park.

    What will these businesses do when their clients can’t come spend money?

    Will I have to change medical clinics just to get a parking spot?

    Please don’t tell me to pack both kids and groceries onto a bike, just keep the parking lots as they are.

    If we need to house the homeless, how about that big empty park under construction at Albion and North Main?

    • The city doesn’t really care that residents and businesses will be disrupted. They just want to shoehorn in as many units as possible in neighborhoods that they think will give them the least resistance. The added housing will only result in more density, crime and traffic. I’m sure the city has loads of space in their beautiful office buildings downtown and though out the city – why not start building “affordable” units at city hall or, better yet, the neighborhoods that the mayor and city council people actually live in. I want to see THAT development.

    • Supposedly, all the parking spaces are to be replaced.

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