Echo Park residents want Waze to steer clear of steep Baxter Street

Residents say Dodger game day traffic has worsened with Waze

ECHO PARKBaxter Street — one of the steepest streets in L.A. is back in the news thanks to L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez.

Lopez reviews the traffic congestion and accidents that residents of the narrow residential street say have increased thanks to Waze and other navigation apps. One resident said they requested that Baxter be removed as a shortcut on the app but Waze said no way.

Many neighbors blame Waze for routing motorists off traffic-choked Glendale Boulevard and into a quiet residential area. Congestion, which is worse on Dodger game days, began to grow noticeably three years ago, say residents.

Lopez said that residents are preparing to meet with Councilman Mitch O’Farrell today, Wednesday, April 4, to discuss possible solutions to this problem.

However, some of the solutions mentioned in the past — including installing  “No Left Turn” or “No Right Turn” signs of making streets one-way — have their own drawbacks,  traffic engineers have said.

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  1. How about getting infrastructure experts from Europe to optimize Glendale Blvd and Alvarado so that commuters don’t need to leave the throughfares.

  2. mario hernandez

    Speed bumps, Baxter is not the only street , how about Lakeshore Avenue

  3. Why can’t incompetent city employees “Mitch offerrel” do what a new jersey town did and get more money for the city
    To tackle congestion, Leonia is closing all non-local drivers from roads at peak times. If you live or work in Leonia, the police will issue you with a bright yellow tag to hang on your mirror. Anyone without the tag is banned from driving on Leonia’s roads between 6AM and 10AM, and 4PM and 9PM

  4. Drivers who don’t have a tag hanging in their cars can expect a ticket.
    It’s not just a $20 fine. “No, we’re talking about $200 — $200 has some teeth

    • Think about that concept for a second….. do that and you will have rich neighborhoods that poor people are not allowed to drive in…..

      • Think about that for 2 seconds it’s not to intend drivers not use the street it’s because of congestion I don’t think rich neighborhood s have that congestion problem? Traffic jams it’s downtown city workers that cause it .Besides you think city would just allow residents just because they want to close a street at a certain time they’ll do it believe me it took more than 1 year to get the street I live on to make it one way and signatures must complete all signatures required

      • Forgot that concept is called gated community.;-)

    • Leonia can get away with that because it’s a tiny, pretty much crime-free city that can devote its police to checking for window tags 9 hours a day. The LAPD can’t take people away from their regular jobs to hang out on Baxter Street writing traffic tickets during rush hour.

      • What’s the difference between that and when they stand there all day giving tickets when drivers don’t stop for crossing pedestrians?or when there is a minor incident and the whole station arrives on the scene?

      • Think about that for 3 seconds it’s only at peak congestion rush hours not 9 hours…………..wow really you must be one of the drivers that cuts through our neighborhood

        • LA is overpopulated. This one street is just one example of that bigger problem that we do not have the infrastructure to handle all the people there. I just moved one hour north from where I was into Ventura County and have no idea how I stayed down there for so long. I finally feel like I can breathe, and I can drive around without feeling like I’m in a state of constant warfare with all the other drivers.

  5. bathing at baxter

    Infrastructure experts wanted to finish the 2 freeway. Whilst not currently fashionable or politically correct, a lot of traffic would be passing by Echo Park.

    • Makes sense. Did you know that if we actually paved over all of LA and just made it a giant 4000 lane freeway there’d be no traffic at all? Experts agree that by eliminating all reasons to go to LA, traffic will pass by LA completely.

      • Robert “Monty” Moses strikes again!

        I’m usually not on the same page as you, but this hair-brained idea of yours actually seems to have some legs. Just 4000 lanes, starting from Glendale down to about Carson. That outta do it.

  6. Commuters drive through stop signs on Echo Park Ave right by Elysian Heights school to get to Baxter faster. Seen this multiple times. Same situation on Glendale South, people making illegal u-turns to get on the 2 north. Never a traffic chp around to ticket offenders. Bizarre the city and OFarrell has opted not to monitor these roads more seriously considering the pedestrian death on Echo Park, the schools and kids out during the afternoon rush hour, and the many accidents logged. Hopefully the bad press will get them to act.

  7. The fault lies with the LADOT for creating this mess with their “Road Diets” Their brilliant “Vision Zero” plan wants to take two lane streets remove one driving lane and put in seldom used bike lanes. They have done this all over LA and created a traffic nightmare. Their plan is to slow traffic to a crawl making pedestrian and cycles deaths Zero. Just amazing these six figure earning idiots have a job making decisions for us. Stop placing the blame on apps or the drivers who want to avoid traffic to find a less congested or faster way home. These are our streets we pay for to maintain and use too. And stop creating nuisance laws to try to prevent motorists from using your precious streets in your neighborhood to get home. Buy your street from the city and create a gated community if you feel you own it.

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