5 Questions

Five questions for the new Executive Director of Heritage Square

MONTECITO HEIGHTS -- The painted ladies of Heritage Square welcomed Kori Capaldi as new Executive Director last month. Born and raised in Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley, Capaldi attended USC and worked for the USC School of Architecture at the Gamble House for 17 years. She ran public programs and organized events as well as oversaw fundraising aspects including the ancillary group, the Friends of the Gamble House Read More »

How noisy is your neighborhood? A Silver Lake mathematician might have your answer

Brendan Farrell and his wife were apartment hunting in Los Angeles a year ago. Although it was relatively easy to research crime and walkability statistics for L.A. neighborhoods, Farrell realized there was no way to determine just how noisy a neighborhood could be. So Brendan, an applied mathematician and former instructor at CalTech who lives in Silver Lake, applied his skills and expertise to the development of HowLoud.

A new home for Lucha Libre in a Boyle Heights; Silver Lake artist teams up with Forever 21; ruptured Santa Barbara & Atwater oil pipelines share same owner

MORNING REPORT: A Boyle Heights warehouse has been converted into an arena and TV set for show featuring Lucha Libre wrestling ... Langley Fox, a Silver Lake illustrator and model, created a limited edition line of clothing for Forever 21 that was inspired by "feathers and a bohemian free spirit" ... The owner of the ruptured Santa Barbara pipeline also owns the pipeline that spilled 10,000 gallons of crude oil in Atwater Village last year

Speaking in code with computer science prize winners America and Penelope Lopez

LINCOLN HEIGHTS -- Growing up in the Ramona Gardens housing projects twins America and Penelope Lopez did not know what computer science was, let alone coding languages like Python or Ruby. In January America and Penelope took home the top prize from the Women in Tech Challenge in Las Vegas, where they participated in a 24-hour hackathon, designing a body camera application that includes face-recognition technology.

Cypress Park woman seeks relief from church bells; Silver Lake man selling paparazzi-proof apparel; Atwater small business owners upset about Mayor’s minimum wage hike; Eagle Rock house fire

MORNING REPORT: Cypress Park woman continues campaign against noisy church bells ... Silver Lake music producer has created a line of clothing for celebrities that he says will keep the paparazzi away ... Atwater Village small business owners are among those who say that Mayor Garcetti failed to consult mom-and-pop businesses about his plan to hike the minimum wage ... Fire damaged an Eagle Rock home on Sunday afternoon in the 5000 block of Argus Drive

Five questions for punk archivist and author Alice Bag

As a child Alice Bag, born Alicia Armendariz, was shy and spoke very little English. In kindergarten, she sometimes would cry due to her frustrations with English, Spanish being her first language. As an East Los Angeles teenager Bag fronted the band The Bags in the early days of the Los Angeles punk scene. She eventually got down the whole English part just fine.

Echo Park church is blessed with a faithful repairman

ECHO PARK — Congregants of Echo Park United Methodist Church know that long-time church member 81-year-old Walter Elmer is the man to turn to for maintenance and repair. In 2010, he stood four stories atop the church’s dome to repaint it gold, and, as the chairman of the board of trustees, Elmer has solved numerous projects large and small with his team of handymen. Read More »

State park worker shares his love of the great outdoors with an urban audience

Luis Rincon is surrounded by upturned mounds of earth. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the scene, with views of downtown skyscrapers and warehouses, but this is a state park - Los Angeles State Historic Park just across the river from Lincoln Heights. But as a Park Interpretive Specialist, Rincon, 36, is in tune with the land, with the native plant life and he’s overjoyed at the renovation to the 32 acre park on the north side of Chinatown. Read More »

The guardian of a hill called Flat Top

MONTECITO HEIGHTS -- In high school Roy Payan ran the hills of Montecito Heights for cross country. He remembers being chased by road runner hens and a very green place with rabbits and lizards high above the city in a place known as Flat Top. Today, Payan, a 57-year-old retiree, walks the trail to Flat Top and the area is bare. Beer bottles and bullet casings also litter the ground. But the glamour of Flat Top can’t be denied, like a stage atop a hill with the citizens of Los Angeles below as the audience. Read More »

Highland Park artist Amy Inouye lights up Figueroa

Artist Amy Inouye is an agent of change, with tangible results that light up her neighborhood. As a graphic designer Inouye spends most of her days working out of Future Studio, her gallery space on Figueroa Street. She also spearheaded a grassroots campaign to relight two historic business signs that fell into disrepair, which can now be seen from all around Highland Park. But there’s one other thing that stands out about Future Studio and Inouye. She also managed to convince an entire neighborhood to adopt a giant chicken. Yes, that chicken or Chicken Boy to be precise. Read More »