Saturday, April 18, 2015

Arts & Culture

Affectionately Yours, Babes


The default attitude for most adults nowadays is cynicism. So, it is refreshing that a group like Babes can unfurl an earnest pop banner and dance under it for all to see.

Silver Lake whitewash


SILVER LAKE -- The long-vacant Sunset Pacific Motel — aka Bates Motel – went from eyesore to international art project this week after being coated with a whitewash. Not only was the exterior of the motel coated with limewash, so was the property’s chain link fence and barbed wire as well as neighboring palm trees and a billboard.

Listening Station: Roses are a breath of new wave

Victor Herrera, left, Marc Steinberg and Juan Velasquez make up Roses

L.A. band Roses is a tincture of modern melancholy mixed up with hints of new wave, pop and perhaps red wine. The trio have created a consistent EP, It’s Over, which encapsulates a warm, saturated feeling that’s both danceable and worth listening to with a critical ear.

Kera and The Lesbians: Bipolar folk for the world traveler


Kera and The Lesbians function like a diesel engine, sometimes taking their time to warm up but always efficient at their craft. Okay, maybe a combustion engine is not the best analogy for this group. But consider this: the vocals and guitar can be loose at times and all the while expanding the core components with heat.