Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dodger Stadium Express strikes out with fans

Dodger Express

Traffic has been a mess around Dodger Stadium during the first games of the season. But even fans who have taken mass transportation to avoid congestion have had a hard-time getting to and from the ballpark. On Tuesday,  fans were complaining  after the Dodger Stadium Express ... Read More »

D-Day: Opening Day arrives at Dodger Stadium*


Today’s season opener at Dodger Stadium did not begin until 1:10 p.m. but fans began arriving hours earlier for pre-game parties and picnics in Elysian Park. While fans will be focused on the Dodger-Giants match up in the ballpark, The Eastsider will be checking in on ... Read More »

LAPD won’t be playing around on Dodger opening day

Dodger Stadium, Elysian Park

ECHO PARK — With thousands of fans and their autos descending on Dodger Stadium for Friday’s season opener, the LAPD is planning to deploy its own team of blue to keep things orderly in the ballpark and surrounding neighborhoods, where opening day can resemble a cross ... Read More »

Party Shuttles? Transponders? Gondolas? Here are some ideas to speed up access to Dodger Stadium

The Dodger’s decision to reopen the Scott Avenue entrance has met with a lot of neighborhood opposition in Echo Park. But the team says it needs to open the gate to improve the flow of traffic into and out of the stadium.  The Dodgers have also ... Read More »

Solano Canyon braces itself for a new season of Dodger fans and fireworks*

SOLANO CANYON — Juicy hot dogs. Ice-cold beer. The crack of the bat hitting the first pitch. The sound of your screaming child and whimpering dog terrified by thunderous fireworks. The start of Dodgers season means different things to different people. And for the residents of ... Read More »

Dodgers prepare for reopening of Scott Avenue entrance this week

ECHO PARK — Residents living near Dodgers Stadium are supposed to receive placards and “neighborhood protection information” beginning today that will allow them to drive beyond police check points and barricades that will be set up on game days, according to Councilman Mitch O’Farrell. O’Farrell, during ... Read More »

Councilman asks Dodgers to postpone reopening of Scott Avenue entrance

ECHO PARK — Councilman Mitch O’Farrell asked the Dodgers tonight to postpone their controversial decision to reopen the Scott Avenue entrance of the ballpark on game days. With the season opener only about a week away, O’Farrell  made the request during a packed and often heated ... Read More »

Scenes & Sightings: Dodger Stadium is black and blue

New Dodger Stadium Black Top 3-21-2014 4-15-33 AM

The sea of parking lots surrounding Dodger Stadium are getting new blacktop and being restriped in advance of the opening day on April 4. The Eastsider took a few pictures after Jeanne Wyshak noted the work was underway. Parking on that new blacktop is going to ... Read More »

Echo Park residents feel shut out after Dodgers decide to reopen Scott Gate*

The Dodgers on Tuesday night hosted a community meeting to review their plans for the upcoming baseball season, including the reopening of the Scott Gate, which some Echo Park residents fear will worsen traffic in the primarily residential area west of the stadium.  The Dodgers have ... Read More »

Echo Park residents cry “foul” over Dodger traffic management plans

The Dodgers in the 1990s closed the Scott Gate on the western side of the ballpark to help reduce game-day traffic through a mostly residential section of Echo Park.  While the gate has been re-opened in recent years for especially popular games, the closure of the ... Read More »