Brush fires hit Lincoln Heights & Elysian Park [updated]

Firefighters have been busy on the Eastside this afternoon, knocking down a  brush fire in Lincoln Heights shortly before another fire began in Elysian Park near Solano Canyon. Ground and air crews were deployed to fight the Elysian Park fire, which was reported at about 2:22 pm, and had scorched about two acres, said the L.A. Fire Department.  The fire ... Read More »

One injured in York Boulevard commercial fire [updated]

HIGHLAND  PARK — One person was injured after fire broke out in a row of storefronts in the 5100 block of York Boulevard late this afternoon. It took firefighters about half an hour to knock down the blaze that began at about 4:30 p.m, according to the L.A. Fire Department. The fire spread to three storefronts, including a Metro PCS store ... Read More »

Fire damages Angeleno Heights home

ANGELENO HEIGHTS — Firefighters knocked down a fire that broke out in a two-story, Craftsman-style home in the 1000 block of W. Kensington Road this afternoon, preventing the blaze from reaching the attic. It took about 30 minutes to extinguish the blaze after it was reported at about 4:20 p.m., the L.A. Fire Department said on Twitter. No injuries were ... Read More »

Human remains found in Mount Washington home three months after fire

MOUNT WASHINGTON —  A demolition contractor found what appear to be human remains in the ruins of a giant hillside home that was destroyed by fire in October, the L.A. Fire Department said today. Crews, assisted by two large cranes and cadaver dogs, spent a week following the Oct. 20 fire trying to find the remains of the elderly man who ... Read More »

Ruins of an RV fire at Echo Park Lake [updated]

ECHO PARK — Visitors to Echo Park Lake on Friday were met with the burned out shell of an RV parked on Echo Park Avenue. It’s not the first time an RV or camper, often occupied by homeless persons, has caught fire while parked around the lake. BW Borden took the photo after the rains stopped. No word on what caused ... Read More »

Search for Mount Washington man’s body ends without remains being found

MOUNT WASHINGTON — The L.A. Fire Department this afternoon halted a week-long search for the remains of an elderly man who is believed to have perished in a residential fire in the 4000 block of Sea View Avenue. The fire department had brought in two heavy cranes and deployed cadaver dogs numerous times as part of what was described as ... Read More »

Firefighters continue to search ruins for Mount Washington man

MOUNT WASHINGTON — It has been nearly a week since fire destroyed a giant home on Sea View Avenue. But firefighters have remained on the scene as they meticulously comb through the rubble in search of the body of the 84-year-old homeowner who is presumed to have died in the fire.  Now,  crews are working ahead of a storm  expected ... Read More »