Can you recommend a …. ?

Is there a good doctor on the Eastside?

R. Bennett is in search for a good, nearby medical practitioner: “Does anyone know of a decent doctor in Echo Park, Silver Lake or nearby? A general practitioner in the area not involved with a hungry hospital.  Just an independent doctor.” Read More »

Seeking baby daycare center

From a new parent named Sydney: “We’re looking for a daycare program in the Silver Lake/Los Feliz/Echo Park/Atwater areas that accepts infants… everything I have found online is more like a preschool which accepts children 24 months and older, but unfortunately for us the economic reality is we both need to return to work a few months after our baby ... Read More »

Where to get hitched with bike-riding guests?

Kristen from Silver Lake is getting married next spring and is looking for a wedding reception location that is fun, inspiring and close by for her bike riding friends. My honey and I live in Silverlake & just got engaged! We are looking to have our ceremony in the Spring outside under some trees either in Griffith Park or Elysian ... Read More »

How do you find rentals in Eagle Rock?

Kathleen from Providence, RI needs help finding a place in Eagle Rock: Hi, my family and I may be relocating from Providence, RI in the very near future. Based on the commute (to Sylmar) and schools and neighborhood, we’ve decided that we like the Eagle Rock area very much. However, most of the methods we’ve used before in locating rentals ... Read More »

Looking for a family-friendly neighborhood near new school

— Christine from Studio City asks: I will have two children in the Los Feliz Charter school on Media Center Drive in Glassell Park off San Fernando. I need help finding a neighborhood that is family friendly, sidewalks, and safe that is close to the school but is also close to the Brand & 134 area (for work). I have ... Read More »

Might be moving to the area

Dear Eastsiders: I hope you might be able to help out me and my family.  We are East Coasters and may be relocating to the LA area.  We are not independently wealthy and have two children, one in high school and the other in middle school.  We are trying to find areas to live with good schools and somewhat reasonable ... Read More »

Good neighborhood pool?

Can anyone recommend a local neighborhood pool in the 90032-ish area? Any opinions on Highland Park Rec Center pool? Need a good place for my 4-year old to take lessons. thanks – Henin from El Sereno/Monterey Hills Read More »