Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Open Discussion: LAPD needs to pay more attention to Silver Lake bike safety

View Larger Map By Victoria Yarnish I’m sure you’ve seen the police traps at Silver Lake Boulevard and Duane Street to catch motorists who make illegal left hand turns.  Several mornings I have witnessed the police diligently ticketing scores of cars.  I have several problems with this ... Read More »

Open Discussion: New school year brings new hope for East L.A. schools*

By C. J. Salgado With the end of summer come those yearly rituals for parents and school kids everywhere, a final hurrah before it’s back to school.  Some are thinking of where to find the best sale on school supplies. Others are already counting the number ... Read More »

Open Discussion: Medi-Cal cuts threaten patient care and community pharmacies

Joselito Pablo Marco is owner of Marco’s Farmacia in East Los Angeles. His opinion piece on the impact of Medi-Cal cuts on patients and independent pharmacies is part of a nationwide coalition organized by community pharmacies. Consultants with the coalition worked with Marco on the opinion ... Read More »

Open Discussion: Will East L.A. be left divided or united after redistricting?

By C.J. Salgado Every ten years, we are reminded to get a tetanus booster shot, to replace our home smoke alarms, and to return the U.S. Census form. Now, a year later, based on that census, we are in the midst of the redistricting process that ... Read More »

Open Discussion: Economic development needs to be addressed as East L.A. considers cityhood

By C. J. Salgado I was sitting at my barber’s shop in East L.A. listening to “Paco” tell me, as usual, about his youth in Zacatecas, Mexico, while getting a hair cut, when it hit me to ask him something that’s been on my mind a ... Read More »

Open Discussion: Watch out for potential Silver Lake area auto insurance scam artist

A woman named Emily  wants to warn Silver Lake area motorists about what she believes might be a potential insurance scam involving fake traffic accidents. The scam was mentioned by an insurance adjustor following the accident described below: My partner Andrew was the victim of a ... Read More »

Open Discussion: Would a “City of East Los Angeles” make economic sense?

By C. J. Salgado Apparently, it’s hard to be a city these days. In the last year alone we’re been bombarded with the bad news on cities, with the state and county seeking to dissolve the Cty of Vernon in response to concerns of abuse of ... Read More »

Open Discussion: Residents needed to weigh in on Echo Park development

An Echo Park resident opposed to the proposed 62-unit, Sunset Flats housing development want neighbors to weigh in on the project before or during Planning Commission meeting on Thursday: Tomorrow is the last day that the community can weigh in with the Planning Commission of Los ... Read More »

Global healing event in support of “Voices From Chornoybl”

Thea Pueschel, owner of Hypnotiq Solutions, writes about an event in support of the “Voices From Chornobyl” that took place on Sunday: Sunday April 3, 2011 2-4pm a Global Healing Event took place at Santosha Space in Atwater Village. Hypnotiq Solutions and Santosha Space sponsored the ... Read More »

Host families needed for students

Echo Park resident Holly McKee-Clark is looking for families to host international students who will be learning English in a new school in Hollywood. Here are the details: “Kings Colleges, an international school of English, is opening its first U.S. location in Hollywood and we need ... Read More »