Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eastsider on the Go

Occidental College joins the York Boulevard scene

Occidental College Buys York Boulevard Building

EAGLE ROCK -- Except for a small green metal street sign, there’s little indication that Occidental College is only a short walk away from York Boulevard. But that’s about the change after the liberal arts college purchased a York Boulevard commercial building with plans to create a more visible gateway on York and also attract more shops and cafes further west along the street.

What’s in store for Echo Park’s bar-cade?


ECHO PARK -- From Venice to Downtown L.A., architects Rebecca Rudolph and Catherine Johnson have created some memorable and award winning restaurants spaces. Now, their firm, called Design, Bitches, is working to turn a former Sunset Boulevard Shoe Warehouse store into a bar-cade, a combination bar, restaurant and vintage video arcade.

Don’t expect any bargains shopping for an Echo Park Avenue storefront


ECHO PARK -- The red-brick Del Mor apartment building - aka Grafton Lofts - serves as the retail hub of Echo Park Avenue, with its ground floor tenants selling everything from coffee and organic veggies to hair cuts and evening gowns. Now, one of those spaces, left vacant by shoe designer Beatrice Valencia, has come up for rent. But prepare to pay a big price for this small piece of Echo Park Avenue store frontage.

Kera and The Lesbians: Bipolar folk for the world traveler


Kera and The Lesbians function like a diesel engine, sometimes taking their time to warm up but always efficient at their craft. Okay, maybe a combustion engine is not the best analogy for this group. But consider this: the vocals and guitar can be loose at times and all the while expanding the core components with heat.

Echo Park’s Jumbo Bargain ringing up last sale

Final sale coming for Jumbo Bargain | Cecillia Padilla-Brill

ECHO PARK -- With tiny homes selling for more than $700,000 and coffee going for $4 a cup, there are few bargains to be found in Echo Park these days. And it looks like deals are only going to grow more scarce now that Jumbo Bargain, a discount store located at 1555 Sunset Blvd., is scheduled to shut its doors in April, coin-operated Kermit car and all.

Calming Chants For A Crazy World

Have you had a rough week and need to recharge and spend time with your creator? Do you want a more mystical approach to your spirituality? Welcome. You’ve come to the right place. Echoes: A Kirtan Mass is a melding of east and west in a ... Read More »

Eastside Weekend: Monsters in Eagle Rock; Loteria in Elysian Valley; Golem in Lincoln Heights


Oh, No, Look, Out! It’s A Giant Monster! Actually, in this light it’s not that bad. In fact it’s hugging that building. And you know what, when you get down to it what defines a monster as a “monster”? Kaiju is Japanese for “strange creature,” and so a whole lot of artists are reinterpreting monsters at Supahchute Kaiju Show 2: Cuter, Better, Fatter, Stronger with original paintings, sculptures and figurines.