Thursday, March 5, 2015

Eastsider on the Go

Dunes are taking shape once again


Early on, Dunes showcased an appreciation for space, allowing vocals to bloom while guitars and drums sent out ripples in a steady pace throughout. Caught up in the harmonies was a certain haze, like an impressionist painting, fraying the overlap between singer Stephanie Chan’s vocals and the group’s instruments.

A modern take on Kansas City BBQ opens in Silver Lake


SILVER LAKE -- A new barbecue spot, Charcoal, on Hyperion Avenue is seeking to be the pitmaster of Silver Lake, reports EaterLA. It replaces the old Lago D'argento Pizzeria and opened this week. Charcoal touts itself as a modern Kansas City style of barbecue, with chef Jeremy Zimmerman in charge of a 1,700-pounds smoker.

Suffering from York Boulevard burnout? How about Glassell Park?

Habitat opens Friday | Jose Gomez

GLASSELL PARK -- When it came to time to expand into Northeast L.A., Jenna Turner, who operates Chango Coffee in Echo Park and owns Sunset Junction Coffee Shop in Silver Lake, skipped over York Boulevard, already brimming with new cafes and shops. That's how she ended up in Glassell Park, where she plans to open the doors to a new coffee shop, Habitat Coffee Shop on Friday.

The Juice wants to clean up Highland Park


HIGHLAND PARK -- Juice cleansing comes to Highland Park with The Juice on York Boulevard. The store is the second for co-owners Elizabeth Halpern and Melissa Cronkhite, whose first juice shop in Atwater Village allows customers to try and reverse their not-so-healthy habits with green apple, lemon, kale and triple ginger juice or chocolate almond milk if juice cleansing seems intimidating.

What’s it going to take to fill an empty Echo Park market?

The asking rent has been reduced on the former home of El Batey

ECHO PARK -- After El Batey No. 2 market closed its doors last June in the face of a steep rent increase, the landlord gutted the interior down to the exposed brick walls, put up a "For Lease" sign and waited for a new tenant willing to pay $4 a square-foot – or $5,960 a month - for the space. Well, apparently the owners are still waiting because the nearly 1,500-square-foot storefront has remained vacant.

RadioShack shakeup may lead to Eastside store closures


RadioShack Corp. has released a list of 1,784 stores that face possible closure after the struggling consumer electronics and gadgets chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week. The list, published in Quartz and other publications, contains three Eastside locations:

Makeover to begin soon for Highland Park’s “depressing” Starbucks

HIGHLAND PARK -- The neighborhood's first Starbucks - aka "The Most Depressing Starbucks in America" - is finally going to start seeing some of the changes the coffee store chain promised last summer after the outlet's design met with heavy criticism. Some residents have expressed their impatience by the lack of change at the York Boulevard outlet, a former hamburger stand that was converted into a drive-thru Starbucks last summer.