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Table cloth by the pound &  rolls of oldies at this Saturday’s Oilcloth International Warehouse Sale. Highland Park Xoia Vietnamese Eats opens today for dinner ... Read More »

Eastside Shopper & Diner

Mishka LA opens in Echo Park this Saturday with mens’ street wear (pictured above), accessories and an octopus chandelier. A new cook takes over the ... Read More »

Eastside Shopper & Diner

Valentine’s Day is  this Sunday finds Echo Park filled with dinners and deals for lovers and friends: All you need for love: Chocolate, champagne & ... Read More »

Eastside Shopper & Diner

Photo by Greg H./Foragela.com Pork belly sandwiches and locally grown greens now serving in Silver Lake. Affordable indy-designer womens’ fashion in Echo Park. Store closings ... Read More »