Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Councilman favors lane change on Colorado Boulevard

A community meeting tonight will measure public sentiment in Eagle Rock for adding bike lanes to Colorado Boulevard, a proposal that would mean cutting down the number of traffic lanes to two from three in each direction.  The proposal has won favor among cyclists as well ... Read More »

The Plachinta Melt: A tasty Romanian twist on lunch

By Valentina Silva Not too far from Verdugo Bar, hiding under a “Bakery #1″ sign in a Glassell Park strip mall, is a breakfast and lunch spot that should be packed every day. It’s not, and selfishly I’d like to keep it that way, but I ... Read More »

Eastside Flower Power

A field of flowers blooms next to the train tracks in El Sereno. No need to head up to Antelope Valley or the L.A. County Arboretum for a display of spring-time blooms. A Saturday drive from City Terrace to Highland Park revealed that the Eastside was ... Read More »

New community garden grows in Elysian Valley

After more than two years of work, the Elysian Valley Community Garden will hold a grand opening garden party on Sunday, March 24 on the nearly quarter-acre parcel on Blake Avenue. The garden was the idea of Cyndi Hubach, a Silver Lake resident who owns the ... Read More »

Bruce Lee 1, Gil Cedillo 0

Photo by Martha Benedict Highland Park’s newest rooftop attraction – a Bruce Lee-like figure that stands atop a swamp cooler above the new Ayta Grill – seems to be taking an aggressive stance against a nearby billboard promoting First District Council candidate Gil Cedillo. Martha Benedict, ... Read More »

The tasty and the ridiculous now serving at Echo Park’s Brite Spot

A Burger For Breakfast at the Brite Spot/ Photo by Valentina Silva By Valentina Silva Drunk, ravenous and too late for anything else. For years, all three conditions had to be met for me to brave The Brite Spot. But, it’s a new day, and the ... Read More »

Glassellland disappears from sight

The Glassellland sign on Monday. The same spot (pictured at right) this afternoon. It was fun while it lasted. Only one day after it appeared on a Glassell Park hillside,  the “Glassellland” sign was gone this afternoon. A pair of men were seen taking down the ... Read More »

Eastside Property: How much would you pay to live in Echo Park? How about $922,000?

That’s what a nearly century-old, renovated and expanded Echo Park bungalow sold for this month less than 30 days after it was put for sale.  Despite a steep $849,000 asking price, Rudy Dvorak, who purchased the hillside house a year ago for $300,000 before flipping it, ... Read More »

Silver Lake street loses traffic lanes after being put on a “road diet” *

The detour signs, construction workers and traffic barriers were gone from Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake today after the fourth phase of a months-long  LADWP water pipeline construction project was completed. But there was something else missing: two traffic lanes.  Without much fanfare, Rowena Avenue was ... Read More »

New art from old glass debuts at The Judson Studios

New glass sculpture in front of historic Judson Studios/Photo from United Environment Architecture By Nicole Possert A new contemporary sculptural showpiece of old, massive colored glass and new metal was recently installed in front of the historic architecture that has houses The Judson Studios, world renowned ... Read More »