Saturday, February 28, 2015

Scenes and Sightings

Stormy sky over Silver Lake [updated]


SILVER LAKE -- Dan Gershon snapped a photo this afternoon showing some ominous clouds on the horizon. Better keep an umbrella handy. The ABC7 doppler radar indicated light rain falling north and west of Silver Lake.

A welcome sign for cyclists at Echo Park Lake


ECHO PARK – About a dozen new bike-shaped bike racks have been installed at the entrances to Echo Park Lake. While the new racks, which include a lotus stamped into metal, will be welcome by cyclists, bikes are still not allowed on the paths circling the ...

Romance without reservations

Echo Park Lake

Good luck reserving a restaurant table for a Valentine's Day dinner. But who says Valentine's Day has to be celebrated at an expensive and crowded restaurant? Curbed L.A. has mapped 14 Great Places for Making Out (or just holding hands for the shy) that are either free or probably won't be that crowded. Two of the spots happen to be in or near Echo Park.

Silver Lake furniture store moves out, taggers move in

Silver Lake furniture store tagged up 2-8-2015 2-45-12 AM

SILVER LAKE -- The Sunset Boulevard building that once housed Living Room, a furniture store that moved out in the face of a steep rent increase, has been leased to new tenants. But before those newcomers arrive, the taggers have moved in, covering the building's brown exterior, windows with a variety of messages and drawings. There are even some tags inside the building.

Iguana on Logan Street

Echo Park iguana | Katrina Alexy

ECHO PARK -- Why is this man wearing an iguana on his head? We don't know but how can you pass up on a photo of a man with an iguana on his head? Katrina Alexy snapped the picture of the man, his iguana – named Skinny – and child as they stopped to watch her work on a mosaic mural on Logan Street. Read More »

East L.A. mourns 14-year-old stabbing victim

Memorial for Steven Cruz | C.J. Salgado

EAST LOS ANGELES -- Steven Cruz, the 14-year-old who was stabbed to death in front of Griffith Junior High School on Jan. 23, was buried today following a weekend of memorial services and fundraisers.

Cruz, a student at Garfield Senior High, was headed home on a Friday afternoon when he stopped at Griffith Junior High to visit friends, the L.A. County Sheriff Department told EGP News.

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“That was a sunset!”

Photo by Martin COx

That was the reaction of Echo Park photographer Martin Cox as he enjoyed and photographed the sky turn a deep red and gold at the end of the day. Dan Gershon also enjoyed the sunset from his vantage point in Silver Lake. “It was pretty spectacular,” ... Read More »

PETA turns crash into Echo Park’s newest mural

New mural at PETA offices | Neel Parekh/PETA

ECHO PARK — PETA never misses an opportunity to promote its animal rights efforts – not even when a car crashed into its Sunset Boulevard offices. An anti-SeaWorld mural by the street artist known as Cache now covers the large gap that was created when an ... Read More »

Echo Park’s DIY bus bench gets a touch-up


ECHO PARK —  The simple wood bench that popped up last October at the northwest corner of Echo Park and Scott avenues  has proven popular with passengers waiting at the DASH bus stop. It recently got a new coat of teal paint thanks to Astrid Agustin ... Read More »