Sunday Shorts

Sunday Shorts: A Traveler’s Guide to Los Angeles

Early travelers explored the community of Westwood. They dined at a German Bratskellar, saw 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Fox theater, and walked the streets with the locals, discreetly checking out the opposite sex, although they were a married couple. They were hippies then ...

Sunday Shorts: An Early Dinner On York

Our favorite Mexican place on York is a good place to bring a baby. The people that work there are genuinely friendly or indifferent. But there is no eye rolling. There is no host who scans for the most hidden and undesirable table. No one throws down menus and flashes a Hollywood smile that I translate as “Enjoy your meal! Your cute baby is a pain in the ass!” On this side of town we are not better nor worse than the other customers. We are customers. Read More »