Friday, April 29, 2016

Showcase Ads – Active Eastsider

Advertising is sold based on impressions – the number of times an ad appears on The Eastsider:


* The cost of each impression drops with larger purchases

  • Ads rotate through the Showcase ad zone on the Active Eastsider pages and articles
  • Advertisers can publish three different versions of the same ad simultaneously; ads can be changed as often as once a month
  • Ads are displayed in random rotation

Ad Placement


Ad Specifications

  • Two versions of the ad – one for desktop/tablet computers and the other for mobile devices – must be provided for optimum display
  • Desktop/Tablet Dimensions: 300 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall
  • Desktop/Tablet File Size: 30 kb maximum
  • Mobile Dimensions: 250 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall
  • Mobile File Size: 15 KB maximum
  • Design Guidelines: No more than 9 words must appear in your ad
  • Advertisers must own or have the right to use any artwork or photos that appear in their ad


  • Ads must be paid for in advance
  • Customers will be emailed a PayPal invoice or directed to PayPal to pay with a credit or debit card. A PayPal account is not required
  • All sales are final

The Fine Print

  • The Eastsider uses Broadstreet Ads and Google DFP to display ads and generate reports on impressions. However, The Eastsider does not verify nor guarantee the figure
  • The Eastsider does not guarantee website traffic, clicks or any other results
  • The Eastsider reserves the right to review and reject ads for any reason
  • Prices and terms are subject to change



Desktop/Tablet Placement

Actual sizes may vary depending on device and web browser


Mobile Device Placement – Ads appear in the Section Ads zone on mobile story pages

Actual sizes may vary depending on device and web browser

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