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Engage readers with a story and photos about your business, product or service with sponsored content. The Eastsider sells different kinds of Sponsored Posts (see examples below) and other forms of sponsored content to fit your needs and budget:

Front Page Sponsored Post
These Sponsored Posts resemble stories that appear in our our main news column on the front page as well as in our  email newsletter and be mentioned in our Twitter  and Facebook feeds. Your Sponsored Post will also appear for up to 7 days in an ad zone in the top section of the home page, providing you with additional exposure in a high-visibility portion of The Eastsider.

Use the post to promote an open house, an event or share your expertise with our readers.  Text and photos are supplied by the advertiser but we can team you up with a copy writer and photographer for additional fees.


  • Price: $189 – $289 each
  • Maximum ExposureFront Page Sponsored Post + 7 days of promotion in exclusive ad zones that display only your message. Details
  • Text and photos provided by the advertiser
  • Professional copy writers and photographers available for additional fees


Associate your brand with our regular features – including our daily Morning Report and weekly Eastside Weekend – as well as frequent posts about pets and wildlife. We can customize these regular features to blend your brand and message with editorial content – as well as Facebook posts – that readers care about. Contact for details

Homes: Showcase An Open House Or New Listing

Events: Draw A Crowd With Photos, Video And A Story

Retail: Promote A Grand Opening, Sale Or New Merchandise

Services: Share Your Expertise & Customer Testimonials

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