Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cypress Park stories, photos and more

Lost in Cypress Park: Chihuahua Yorkie Mix


Teddy escaped our house on Roseview Ave on 7/19 around 3:00 p.m. We recently moved to Cypress Park so he is not familiar with the area. He is 4 years old and has light brown hair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Contact: 3238954057 Want to ... Read More »

Councilman Cedillo blocks bike lanes on Figueroa


After several months of community meetings and deliberation, Councilman Gil Cedillo has for now indefinitely halted  plans to install  bicycle lanes on Figueroa Street in Cypress Park and Highland Park, a proposal that would have required the removal of a lane for motor vehicle traffic. In ... Read More »

With demolition near, a wake is held for old Figueroa-Riverside Bridge

Wake for old Figueroa-Riverside Bridge. Photo by Nathan Solis 6-8-2014 6-21-08 PM

On Sunday,  a group of locals gathered on  the old  Figueroa-Riverside bridge for what was  described as a wake for the  structure that  spans the L.A. River   between Cypress Park and Elysian Valley.  With demolition eminent, families picnicked on the bridge, mothers played tag and ... Read More »

New Riverside Drive bridge opens to traffic

One day after a city commission voted against preserving the old Riverside Drive bridge, traffic began flowing on the partially completed, replacement bridge being constructed next to the old structure that links Cypress Park and Elysian Valley. Traffic was shifted today from the old, L-shaped  bridge (pictured ... Read More »

Frame Monster


Custom Art & Picture Framing Design Studio serving LA’s “Eastside & NELA” Neighborhoods. (323) 982-5955 |  email | website The businesses and services in the directory have not been reviewed nor are they endorsed by The Eastsider. Users are responsible for taking care to investigate any ... Read More »

Figueroa bike lane meeting spins out of control


CYPRESS PARK — A community meeting over proposed bike lanes on Figueroa Street was marked by heated exchanges from persons on both sides of the issue, prompting Councilmember Gil Cedillo to scold the audience for its “cat calling” and “poor behavior.” The auditorium at Nightingale Middle ... Read More »

Councilman Cedillo comes out against saving old Riverside-Figueroa Bridge*

First District Councilman Gil Cedillo says a last-minute proposal to save the old  Riverside-Figueroa Bridge, which spans the L.A. River between Cypress Park and Elysian Valley,  is “not feasible” or a “fiscally sound decision” for the city. Cedillo’s position was made public after supporters of the ... Read More »

A veggie stack that satisfies now serving in Cypress Park

Cypress Park’s Antigua Coffee House, with its friendly, familiar vibe, vibrant decor and strong brew, is an easy place to love. Owner Yancey Quiñones treats every customer like he’s known them forever, setting a communal tone for the daily crowd of laptop-pounding and just-hanging patrons, which ... Read More »

The art of punk and the dive at Cafe NELA


Illuminated by the glow of a neon beer sign, David Travis crosses the checkered-tiled floor of Cypress Park’s Cafe NELA as a hardcore punk band plays on a modest stage. Patrons and performers come in all shapes and dress: tattered leather jackets with safety pins, women ... Read More »

Toddler dies after being hit by grandfather’s van in Cypress Park*

Screenshot 2014-01-26 at 5

An 18-month-old girl was killed Saturday afternoon after being struck by her grandfather’s van as he backed the vehicle down his driveway. CBS2 reports that the girl suffered major trauma after being struck by the van at about 1:50 p.m. in the  3500 block of Marmion ... Read More »