Friday, July 31, 2015

Eagle Rock stories, photos and more

Pacific Organizing: Simplify Your World


Simply put, Pacific Organizing will help you simplify your world by sorting through, packing up and redirecting your belongings, so that you can live with only the things that you need and/or are important to you. We take away the extraneous and the clutter to give ... Read More »

Eagle Rock & Highland Park line up for Obama

Presidential motorcade on Yosemite Drive | Chris Ruiz

Streets were cleared of traffic and many residents waited to catch a glimpse of President Obama’s motorcade as he heads for an interview in the garage studio of comedian Marc Maron in Highland Park. We’ll be updating the story this morning with photos and accounts from ... Read More »

Lost in Eagle Rock: Older grey and white cat


Our female, grey and white cat, Puss Puss, has one brown eye, a grey chin and nose. She is 17 years old and tends to lick of the hair off of her belly area. She has been missing from our home near Figueroa and Crestwood Way. ... Read More »

Lost in Eagle Rock: Old orange/white cat


Oliver is 22 years old, a medium sized orange and white cat who is blind in his left eye. He needs daily seizure medication, so finding him is urgent. He has weak back legs and is a bit senile, but we love him very much. Contact: ... Read More »

WTF? Obama to pass through Eagle Rock and Highland Park for Marc Maron interview

Obama motorcade in Washington D.C. | White House/Lawrence Jackson

Looks like President Obama will be swinging through parts of Eagle Rock and Highland Park on Friday as part of a two-day visit to Los Angeles that begins this afternoon. In between fundraisers and other appearances, the President is scheduled to be interviewed for an hour in the Highland Park home studio of comedian Marc Maron for his WTF With Marc Maron podcast, according A.V. Club.

Who is responsible for the gentrification of Eagle Rock & Highland Park?

York Boulevard 2013 by The Eastsider 2-11-2014 4-16-44 AM

Is it the house flipper who sells the restored bungalow to a white couple? Or is the owner of the new cafe serving avocado toast responsible? It's neither. According to an Occidental College professor, you can credit (or blame) the past efforts of neighborhood activists and artists for turning into Eagle Rock and Highland Park into poster child examples of "stage model of gentrification."