Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eagle Rock stories, photos and more

Eagle Rock gets soaked


Rain. Lighting. Thunder. Hail. It has rained heavily across the Eastside for most of the afternoon, but it appears that Eagle Rock got hit with more than its fair share of wild weather judging by the photos and tweets spreading across social media. Here’s a sample: ... Read More »

Storefront Report: 199-seat restaurant seeks to satisfy Eagle Rock’s chicken wing cravings

A presentation on several new Eagle Rock restaurants included news on what may end up being one of Eagle Rock’s largest eateries, a 199-seat restaurant called Rockin’ Wings.  At the recent meeting of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee,  Rockin’ Wings Owner Jeffery Miller ... Read More »

Shopper & Diner: Cafecito Organico expands to Eagle Rock; vintage comedy and Italian eats in Atwater; & East L.A. grocer fails to check out old “sell-bys”

Cafecito Organico, the coffee roaster and cafe has come a long way since its humble beginnings roasting out of a back room at Mama’s Hot Tamales near MacArthur Park says the LA Weekly. These days the cafe, with stores already in Silver Lake, Malibu, and Costa ... Read More »

Does “Figueroa Plaza” sound like Highland Park to you?

The newly expanded Vons shopping center at Figueroa Street and La Loma Road in Eagle Rock is nearing completion, with a roster of  tenants that includes The Habit (grilled onions, please), Wells Fargo, T-Mobile and Supercuts, according to information posted inside the supermarket.  While some residents in ... Read More »

Fire damages Highland Park hillside home*

Eagle Rock fire. Photo by Matt Hartmann 2-7-2014 2-36-17 PM

It took 50 firefighters about half an hour to put out a fire that broke out this afternoon in a hillside home on the northern edge of Highland Park.  No one was injured in the blaze that began at about 1 p.m. in the 1900 block ... Read More »

The Polls Are Open: Vote now for your favorite Eagle Rock trash can logo


A new batch of trash cans will soon be popping up on the street corners and other litter-prone locations across Eagle Rock.  In addition to collecting trash, the cans will also help promote Eagle Rock and the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council, which will be paying part ... Read More »

Eagle Rock women’s club prepares for a second century of service


After years of fundraising and planning,  the women of Eagle Rock in 1914 saw the completion of their very own clubhouse known as the Women’s Twentieth Century Club (WTCC).  This weekend, club and community members will gather at the now century-old Craftsman-style clubhouse for a benefit ... Read More »

Auntie Em’s serves up a ham & cheese sandwich you can’t ignore

I’m not really a ham and cheese kind of girl. I like a good turkey or veggie sandwich for everyday and maybe an Italian sub when I feel like going for it, but I barely give a passing glance to ham and cheese on a menu. The fact ... Read More »

Shopper & Diner: Artisan cheese shop headed for Eagle Rock; Highland Park forecasts ‘Snow’; Atwater tavern now serving BBQ tacos

Screenshot 2014-01-06 at 11

A manager of The Cheese Store of Silver Lake will be opening Milkfarm,  an artisan cheese store in Eagle Rock that is taking over a former office space in the 2100 block of Colorado Boulevard. Leah Park Fierro said her store, which she plans to open by late ... Read More »

Neighborhood Fixture: The store that promised Eagle Rock “something out of the ordinary”

Kilty's in eagle rock 11-10-2013 5-35-14 AM

Customers to The Best Flowers in Eagle Rock enter the Colorado Boulevard storefront by walking across a colorful terrazzo floor with the word “Kilty’s” stamped in bold lettering. Who or what was Kilty’s?  The answer comes courtesy of Eagle Rock historian Eric Warren and the archives ... Read More »