Friday, July 29, 2016

Echo Park stories, photos and more

Historic Echo Park “mini-mall” now for sale


ECHO PARK —  Many of Echo Park’s older homes and commercial buildings reflect a time before the automobile came to dominate Los Angeles.  Most shops and commercial buildings, for example, provided no parking at all for customers. If they did, the parking was in the back. ... Read More »

For Rent: Dwell-Worthy Echo Park Hills Home


1527 Lake Shore Ave | $4300/month | Property Website This modern Spanish home sits in the Echo Park hills just north of Sunset. Large picture windows allow natural light to flood the common spaces as the sun rises in the eastern skyline. The living room, dining room ... Read More »

How much would you pay for an Echo Park parking space?

Echo Park Parking space

ECHO PARK — How about $100 a month? That’s what the owners of a small parking lot in the 1600 block of Echo Park Avenue are asking as parking becomes an increasingly scarce and apparently valuable commodity. A “Parking Spaces For Lease” sign went up only about ... Read More »

Will there be less lotus at Echo Park Lake this year?

echo park lake less lotus june 2016

ECHO PARK — Pink and cream-colored blossoms have already begun to emerge above the floppy green leaves of Echo Park Lake’s famed lotus bed.  But, only a few weeks before the annual Lotus Festival, large sections of the lotus bed in the northwest corner of the ... Read More »

Echo Park front yard oil wells to be sealed off

Screenshot 2016-06-08 at 2

ECHO PARK —  State regulators said they will permanently seal two oil wells left abandoned in the front yards of homes on Firmin Street after discovering they were leaking small amounts of natural gas into the neighborhood. The wells, which were drilled more than a century ... Read More »

Bike polo, anyone?

Bike polo player Melody Brocious | Sam Bennett

ECHO PARK -- If Melody Brocious invites you to play polo, expect to ride a bike, not a horse. The 30-year-old Echo Park resident is a bike polo player. After moving to Los Angeles, Brocious, an avid cyclist, sought out other bicyclists to ride with,” said Brocious. “One of the riders she met was a bike polo player who invited her to check out a match. Read More »

Ideas for a more bike-friendly Echo Park

Echo Park bike rider on Sunset

ECHO PARK -- Riding a bike is Vanessa Gray's primary way of getting around. That's not too surprising since the Echo Park resident is the executive director of C.I.C.L.E (Cyclists Inciting Change thru Live Exchange), a non-profit that promotes bikes for everyday transportation. How would Gray make her own neighborhood safer and more attractive to cyclists? Below is her wish list: Read More »

The artist behind the Echo Park Lake crocodile

Photo by madalyn rofer

ECHO PARK — The same artist who hung a large replica of a goldfish in Santa Monica is apparently the same guy who created the fake crocodile that floated briefly across Echo Park Lake this weekend. L.A. Taco said that multimedia artist Kent Yoshimura created the ... Read More »

Who put the fake alligator in Echo Park Lake?

Photo by madalyn rofer

ECHO PARK — Or was it a fake crocodile? Whatever it was, eventually two workers pulled the thing out of the lake this morning, said Madalyn Choate-Rofer. The guys who fished out the alligator/crocodile told Choate-Rofer that the interior is made from 5-gallon water bottles. “It also ... Read More »

A video journey to Echo Park’s colorful Randyland


ECHO PARK — The Phantasma Gloria, which is composed of hundreds of colorful, water-filled, glass bottles, is perhaps the neighborhood’s most well known and photographed piece of folk art. Now, the artwork and its creator, Randlett Lawrence, is the subject of a new video titled Randyland ... Read More »

Echo Park taco truck struggles to make the grade

arizas taco truck echo park

ECHO PARK — The L.A Times reports that food trucks fared worse when it comes to health safety compared to brick-and-mortar restaurants based on the county health department’s grading system.  Food trucks were even less likely to earn an “A” grade  than food carts. But do those ... Read More »