Monday, September 26, 2016

Garvanza stories, photos and more

A joy ride to Azusa on the Gold Line

azusa station

A day trip to Azusa is probably not your idea of fun. But the recent extension of the Gold Line inspired singer-songwriter Maura Murphy-Barrosse of Garvanza and her friend and fellow "train dork" Lynz Floren to take a train trip across the San Gabriel Valley to Azusa. Maura Murphy-Barrosse, accompanied by her 3.5-month-old son Declan, and Floren made a five-minute video of their journey set to songs they had worked on together. Read More »

The Suffragist House Grand Opening!


The year was 1887 when two fierce women, Anna Howard Shaw and Cora Pond Pope who became leaders in the National Suffragist Movement,made their way from the chill of Boston to the golden hills of southern California,making this robust Colonial Revival their home. Read More »

A new signal of safety on York Boulevard


HIGHLAND PARK — A new traffic signal at York Boulevard and Avenue 63 was welcomed this morning by a group of residents and city officials. The signal, one block of east of Figueroa near the new Starbucks and Highland Park senior center, was installed following several ... Read More »

Garvanza welcomes the revival of a neighborhood landmark

Saturday’s open house at the Dr. Smith Residence attracted a long line of people curious to see the interior of the Victorian-era home after an extensive renovation and clean up. Until renovation work began last year,  the 1886  home had been a forgotten relic hidden by ... Read More »

Neighbors rally to defend Garvanza olive grove

Garvanza Villa Grading-2

Only nine gnarled trees remain of an old Garvanza olive grove that some residents say was planted more than a century ago.   Under pressure from nearby residents,  a developer several years ago agreed to leave the trees alone as part of  an effort to build 16 ... Read More »

Found: White poodle mix in Garvanza


Submitted by Cynthia G We found this lovely young white poodle mix and she is now at the Pasadena Humane Society under A330696. I do believe she has an owner that might be missing her. I hope you’re reading this right now! Want to publish a ... Read More »

Pieces of the past returned to a Garvanza middle school


When Luther Burbank Middle School opened in the late 1920s,  the campus on the border of Garvanza and Highland Park was  hailed as “a marvel of modern architecture,” featuring a then-in-vogue pre-Columbian motif that evoked a Mayan temple. After more than 80 years, however, it’s hard ... Read More »

Brunch with a pan-Latin twist now serving at Garvanza’s

By Valentina Silva By all rights, Garvanza’s should be wildly popular, but its tucked-away location keeps it undercover. The neighborhood restaurant focuses on pan-Latin flavors with an emphasis on high quality local ingredients. The produce is fresh and seasonal, and the service is super friendly. A ... Read More »

Eastside Property: Garvanza Craftsman pushes the price barrier

It’s hard to find much wrong with this restored, 102-year-old Craftsman in Garvanza. The flippers who purchased the Highland Park-adjacent property in February for $251,000 have preserved and restored many of the home’s original features, including Douglas fir floors, a brick fireplace and built-in cabinets; and ... Read More »

Eastside Home: Renovating Highland Park homes for the long run

Highland Park has attracted many residents interested in old homes and classic architecture, including Andrew Ward. Ward, a 4o-year-old film industry worker, has rehabilitated properties in Highland Park – including the bungalow shown above  on N. Avenue 54 –  and is now working on one in ... Read More »

The fat spider of Garvanza

The Eastsider has been crawling with stories and photos of spiders recently, including the brown widows of Montecito Heights and a spider dangling over Silver Lake. Our most recent spider photo shown above comes courtesy of Lauren Crist of Garvana, who snapped a shot of the ... Read More »

The legacy of the Arroyo Guild lives on in Garvanza

The L.A. Times on Sunday took a look back at when the Garvanza section of Highland Park served as a hub of  the local arts and craftsman movement. At the center of this artistic activity was British painter and teacher William Lees Judson, who in 1893 ... Read More »