Eastside Stats & Facts

Highland Park presidential campaign contributions of $200
or more reported by Oct 19: $36,586

Median price of a Boyle Heights home sold in September: $280,000

Students attending the Edward Roybal Learning Center
(formerly the new Belmont High School): 2,808

Square footage of graffiti painted over in September in
Council District 1 by Central City Action Committee: 457,238

What you will pay at Han Cholo in Echo Park for a
large, silver ring of Chewbacca wearing a bandanna: $350

Number of times firefighters and paramedics at Station No. 20 in Echo Park responded to emergency calls in April, May and June: 535

Price of a 4-ounce bottle of Black Destroyer
(“alleged powerful oil…for rituals”)
at Botanica El Negro Jose in Silver Lake: $10

Number of people seen sleeping in cars parked
this morning around Echo Park Lake: 4

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