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Daily Archives: March 17, 2009

Another memory of Edendale passes

Coy Watson Jr. was only nine-months old in 1913 when Hollywood came calling. But back then it would have been more accurate to say that Edendale was calling. Edendale was the name of the village that straddled the border of what is now Echo Park and ... Read More »

A walk down Figueroa turns deadly for two Highland Park teens

Carlos Hernandez would have turned 16 yesterday but but there was no celebration for the Highland Park teenager. Instead, there was only grief and many unanswered questions as to why Hernandez and friend Alejandro Garcia, 16, were gunned down on Figueroa Street on Friday afternoon. Police ... Read More »

Wisteria Hysteria hits Echo Park

I knew this would happen. We leave town for a few days and our wisteria vine explodes. A cloud of lavender and pale white blossoms hangs above our backyard deck and brushes up against the back of our house. I noticed that the vines up in ... Read More »