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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Eastside Shopper & Diner

A random sampling of news of interest to anyone who shops, eats and drinks on the Eastside: A “jewelry event” Thursday night featuring handmade jewelry, a free card making workshop and live music at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park. Sunday beer brunch (burp) at Barbarella ... Read More »

The mass appeal of the Eagle Rock Target

For many years, the Eagle Rock Target has seemed to live in the shadow of its more swanky Pasadena counterpart a few miles east on Colorado Boulevard. While the Pasadena store is housed in the sleek, mid-century remains of a Robinson’s department store, the no-nonsense Eagle ... Read More »

From Spring to fire season

Visitors to Elysian Park on Wednesday morning found a clump of charred palm trees and evidence of a small camp fire that got out of control near Park Drive. There will be plenty of more fuel to burn as the weather heats up and dries out. ... Read More »

Dov Charney might be good for t-shirts but not for magazines

Who is to blame for the costly failure of Portolio magazine? Was it the bad economy, out-of-control spending or Silver Lake resident and American Apparel CEO Dov Charney? Several stories about the failure of the high-profile magazine mention Portfolio’s decision to put Charney on the cover ... Read More »

The Pole Patrol of Silver Lake strikes again

It’s a quiet morning at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Maltman Avenue in Silver Lake except for the roar of traffic and the sound of paper being ripped off utility poles. Bright yellow posters promoting a “Buy Local” sale; black & white photocopied flyers for ... Read More »

Eastside Crime Watch

Several violent robberies in the Figueroa Corridor in Highland Park and a trio of crimes on Soto and St. Louis streets in Boyle Heights dominated the LAPD crime stats distributed via EveryBlock.com for the week ending Sunday, April 26. Echo Park & Silver Lake (90026)Pretty quiet ... Read More »

Sparrow in Aisle 9

A few weeks ago Echo Park bird lovers were called upon to rescue a cormorant at Echo Park Lake. Today Echo Park resident Darrell Kunitomi informs The Eastsider of another bird in need of rescue – from the neighborhood supermarket “Bird alert – a (believe female) ... Read More »

Echo Park’s neighborhood council grows up – sort of

Last year’s bitter Echo Park neighborhood council elections symbolized for many the class and ethnic divisions that run through the neighborhood. President Jose Sigala defeated board member Christine Peters’ bid to head the council and his Unity Team of mostly Latino candidates ousted several other longtime ... Read More »

College may drop out of Glassell Park *

For years eight years now Los Angeles City College has been working on opening a satellite campus on the former Van de Kamps property on the border of Glassell Park and Atwater Village. But when the Northeast Campus finally opens it may do so without any ... Read More »

Less lake and more wetlands for Echo Park

In a few years when a planned overhaul of Echo Park Lake is completed, the neighborhood playground and landmark will feature some major changes above and below the water line. Hidden from public view, an underwater dam will bisect the lake and a new system of ... Read More »