Thursday, October 20, 2016

Daily Archives: May 1, 2009

Until the lotus return to Echo Park Lake …

… we will have to do with photos and memories and wait several years to see what the rehabilitation of Echo Park Lake will bring. “This photo is not of a bloom but it is my all time favorite shot of an Echo Park Lotus,” said ... Read More »

Echo Park flippers hold firm

“We are going to definitely wait a few more weeks before doing anything,” Temple said. We are getting very positive feedback. A lot of people have commented on how home values in Echo Park have held up.” Other Echo Park properties are meeting mixes results. One ... Read More »

Fire breaks out near Dodger Stadium *

Late breaking fire and baseball news: A small fire broke out in the hills near Dodger Stadium during tonight’s game. “There appears to be a fire on the hill behind center field,” said Lindsey Meyer in an email sent at about 9:30 PM. “It was crazy, ... Read More »